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After you defeat the Darkevil chest, you can change your job at Remi's Magic Shop. You can be a Merchant, Mage, or Warrior.

Merchant Class

The Merchant class is what Torneko is normally. They can equip and use everything, read scrolls, but cannot learn spells or skills.

Warrior Class

The Warrior class can not equip rings, nor can it waves staves or read scrolls, but to make up for it a Warrior can learn skills. There are a total of 100 warrior skills, 40 shield skills, and 60 sword skills.

Each sword and shield can have 3 skills set on it, and once you set a skill to one item it can't be set on another. Skills are set by the type of equipment, so for example if you set Escape on a Copper sword, all Copper swords can use that ability until you leave the dungeon. When you use a skill, it reduces you belly, so be sure to bring lots of bread.

Setting skills on your equipment makes them breakable. If your equipped sword and shield has one or more skills set on it, then it may break if you step on certain traps (Land Mine, Falling Boulder, Flying Rock), they also may break if you get hit by a brutal hit. This is why you should always swing your sword before making a step, to reveal traps so you can avoid them. Also try not to let monsters with that Charge Up ability hit you with a brutal hit.

With the right skills, the Warrior is easily the most powerful class. The problem is obtaining all those skills. You shield fairly easily be able to obtain about 30 skills, the rest can be tricky to get. Numerous skills have a random chance to get, sometimes that chance is extremely low (less than 1%).

Mage Class

The Mage class can not equip a sword or shield, and the damage done bare-handed does not increase past level 1. Basically this means that other than slimes, and other little monsters, a Mage can not stand up to monsters on their own. To make up for this large drawback, Mages learn spells that they can cast. There are a total of 50 spells that a Mage can learn, however you can only know 30 spells at any given time. One other advantage Mages have is that they don't get hungry.

When you enter a dungeon, the only spells you know are Blaze and Sacrifice. Every time you go up a level as a Mage you learn a random spell (or two, sometimes you won't learn a spell). Since the spells you learn are random you need to rely on luck to get the spells you need.

When you cast a spell it takes a certain number of HP. The more powerful spells taking more HP. With spells taking HP, and Mages having extremely low defense, you really need to be watch you HP carefully. Be sure to make good use of Super Herbs and Healing Pots.

Whenever you learn a new spell that you've never known before it gets added to your spell list in the Exploration Log. If you have an item called a Spellbook, you can write the name of a spell you know on it, and use the Spellbook to cast that spell. This can help reduce the reliance on luck of getting the right spells.

The Sacrifice spell that you start with can sometimes get you out of tough situations. When you cast the spell you have a 50% chance of immediately dying, or slaying all monsters on the floor. You even get XP for the monsters killed. If you're in a tough spot, you may want to try Sacrifice.

If you encounter a Mage type monster, you can be in some trouble. Torneko's damaging spells will only do 1 damage to a Mage monster. However utility spells such as Sleep and Disperse still work, as do instant death spells such as Beat. If you run into a Mage monster (and you will run into many of them), you can't rely on damaging spells to defeat them. For weaker Mages such as Derangers and Druids you may be able to defeat them physically but anything tougher and that's not an option. Hopefully you have an instant death spell (Expel, Beat, Defeat, DefeatMax)

If Torneko is hit by a magic attack you may also lose a random spell you have learned, some traps make you lose spells as well. This can make Mage monsters even tougher. The Stopspell spell can prevent Mages from using there magic attacks, so if you've learned that be sure to use it.

Of course, you don't have to rely entirely on spells. Be sure to make good use of any items you have. Just remember that Mage monsters will be your worst problem, other monsters you can use spells to deal with, so try and save your best items for use against Mage type monsters.

One item that is extremely helpful for a Mage is the Heal Ring. This item will restore 10 HP a turn, which can allow you to cast spells much easier. It's drawback is that it makes you use food faster, but since Mages don't get hungry, that's not a problem. Life Rings and Guard Rings also work well. The Life Ring increases your HP by 50, which lets you cast more powerful spells, plus you restore HP a little faster, and of course you can take more hits from monsters. The Guard Ring increases you defense by 30, earlier on this can be a real lifesaver.

Also since Mages don't get hungry, you should try and stay on each floor until the wind comes. This way you can hopefully be a high enough level, and learn enough spells to make it through the dungeon. Once you learn 30 spells however, it's probably best to just run through the rest of the floors. By that time you'll have enough HP, and since you can't learn any more spells, leveling up won't have much of an impact. You may want to try and level up to get more HP, but it depends on how easily you can defeat the monsters.

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