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Name Buy Cost Sell Cost Description Where Found
Bang 1,000 400 Hits all monsters in the room Various Dungeons
BigRoom ??? 300 Changes the floor to one big room Various Dungeons
Blank 9,000 2,500 Able to change into any scroll you have used Various Dungeons
Bread 200 100 Changes an item into a bread Various Dungeons
Chance ??? 5000 Has a random effect. More Magical Dungeon
CurseOff ??? 400 Removes curses from any equipped itemsVarious Dungeons
Defense 1,000 500 Lowers the defense of the monster in front of you.Various Dungeons
GlueDown ??? 100 Prevents you from picking up items on the floor you are on. More Magical Dungeon
Gold ??? 5000 An explosive attack affecting all the monsters in a room. Causes a scroll to appear on every floor.Floor 50 of the More Magical Dungeon
Haven 6,000 1,000 When placed on the floor, provides a spot of invulnerability Various Dungeons
HearAll 200 100 Lets you see the location of all monsters on the floor Various Dungeons
Identify ??? 150 Identifies all the monsters in the room you are in.Various Dungeons
ItemPull ??? 1,000 Pulls all items on the floor to you. Angers gargoyles Various Dungeons
Monster ??? 300 Floor 27 of the More Magical DungeonVarious Dungeons
MouthSeal???100 Seals mouth for one floor. More Magical Dungeon
Outside 500 250 Warps you out of the dungeon Various Dungeons
Paralyze 1,000 250 Paralyzes the monster in front of you. Various Dungeons
Pause 3,000 150 Paralyzes all monsters in the room Various Dungeons
Plating 2,000 500 Makes your sword and shield permanently rustproof.Various Dungeons
Prayer 1,000 500 Increases the uses of a pot or staff by 1. Various Dungeons
QuickSave 200 100 Brings an interrupt point when you leave the floor Start with in any dungeon with interruption points
Radiant 200 100 Shows you the entire map of the floor Various Dungeons
Retry 200 100 Lets you redo a floor Various Dungeons
Revive ??? 500 Resurrects monsters from their graves. More Magical Dungeon
Scrap 100 100 There are no more Golden items on this floor. Continue your search on a different floor.Anywhere there was a Golden item
See-All 200 100 Shows you the location of all treasures on a map Various Dungeons
ShinyHarp ??? 500 Summons monsters all around you. More Magical Dungeon (Floor 30+)
SpellBook ??? 500 Can be given the name of any spell you have learned before.Various Dungeons
StepGuard 200 100 Prevents damage from spikes Various Dungeons
TieDown 500 250 Stuns all monsters in the room Various Dungeons
Trap ??? 250 Sets more traps on one floor.More Magical Dungeon.
TwinHits 500 250 Increases the plus on your sword by 1 Various Dungeons
Typhoon 1,000 500 Summons Wind More Magical Dungeon
Upper 500 250 Increases the plus on your shield by 1 Various Dungeons
Vacuum 4,000 1,000 Sucks all of the items out of a pot. More Magical Dungeon, Given by Banker once you have deposited 1,500,000 gold.
X-Ray 500 150 Identifies an item for you Various Dungeons

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