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Gustave and the Pirates
The General's Memories

Johan the Assassin
Fighting the Megalith Beast
Laubholz Ghost Tower



Gustave and the Pirates


This quest will start out with Mouton giving some crazy report, talking about production, and uh, illegal cutting, and uh...yeah. So Gustave can't seem to stay focused. So...Mouton construes this crazy plan to help out Gustave's little health situation by kicking him out of the mansion for a few days. Graaaavy. As he's being pulled out, he overhears Kelvin and a soldier saying something or other about Pirates. Hmm.

Now you can move. Go to the bar, and you'll see some 'sailors' harassing the lady bartender. Gustave wiull sit down and talk with the other bartender. Long story short: Gustave defends girl from sailors, kicks ass, then leaves. One outside, go to the right side of the village and talk to the pirate that resembles the one you just saw. Now, exit the screen to the right. You'll see one of the not-stupid pirates talking to a captain. Go up and talk to him. Now, leave back to the main town screen. Go back to the pirate you talked to earlier, and he'll let you talk to the leader. The leader starts talking about the Silver Sails Fleet, and how...blablabla..Neptune Crystal Orb, blaaablaaablaaa...Watch out for Bart...blaaablaaa...talk to these guys for info...blablabla. Yeah so ANYWAYS, when you're ready, go back and talk to the captain of the Silver Sails Fleet. Gustave successfully infiltrates the ship, and meets Bart.

Now, on the ship,as soon as you can control Gustave again, Go in under the deck and try to talk past the treature chest, then go back to the deck and talk to the captain again, and you'll get the chance to ask about the ship that sunk recently. The captain will verify it as a rumour, and head under the deck. You can ask the other pirates on the deck about the treasures and the Baron's Ship, too.

Anyways, now head back under the deck and into the captain's room. Try to follow him; the door will be locked though. Leave the room, and you'll hear about a slime on the deck. Go up and kill it. Bart will compliment you. Ok, back go BACK to the captains room, and you'll see Neptune's Crystal Orb sitting on the desk. Talk to the captain. After a short conversation, he'll ask you about the map on the wall, and what you feel when you see it. The nice answer is "It excites my adventurous spirit." Anyways, the captain will say a little more to you. Now go back to the deck and talk to Bart. Now, it beeoms a bit obvious that thes pirates didn't kill the Baron...but ya still don't know why they have the Orb. Anyways, go below the deck. The rest of the below-deck area should be available now. Go down the ladder and exit the screen. APproach the two pirates and talk to them. After a short conversation, they run away...and you'll notice that you can hear the conversation in the captain's room from there! Yay. You'll hear a little conversation between Bart and the Captain, which varies depending on what you told the Captain about the map. Anyways, the ship then suddenly crashes into monsters. Crap. A pirate comes to fetch Gustave. Up on the deck everyone is fighting. Gustave will see Bart fighting, and in doing so, gets attacked by a Slime. Afterwards, Gustave decides that now is the best time to steal the Orb.

You can move again. Head under the deck, down the ladder and into the next screen. In this screen, head up the ladder. In THIS screen, enter the door on the right side of the room. You'll be in the Captain's room. Examine the map, then go back to the previous screen. In there, examine the compass, and choose to solve the mechanism. The solution to the Puzzle is:

1. South, 3 days
2. Southeast, 2 days
3. East, 1 day
4. Northeast, 2 days.

Success! But, after you figure it out, Bart and the Captain, noticing that you're gone, will know that you're up to something and come down to find you.When they cath you, they begin to scold you...and suddenly, the slimes arrive and kill the Captain. They also injure bart as well. Gustave will realize the error of his ways, and save Bart before he dies. Basically, to do this, you have to fight two slimes. Nothing you haven't done before, whee. Afterwards, Bart puts his doubts behind him, and Gustave and Bart save the day.

Back at Wide, the people have heard about the pirates. The colour has treturned to Gustave's face and he is allow back in the castle. That concludes this event.



The General's Memories


This even starts in Hahn Nova, at about 1264. General Nebelstern pays Gustave a visit, and tells him that he is going to die soon. Nebelstern had decided to pay Gustave a visit while he still can walk. Nebelstern and Gustave talk about the first time they met. Nebelstern tells Gustave that he was much like him when he was young, and that he travelled along for a long time bfore he bacme a general. He then begins to narrate a time hwne he journeyed through the continent interior all by himself...

Gruegel, 1228. You'll be controlling Nebelstern for this eveny. Anyways, there really isn't anything you're gonna need in Gruegel, so just equip some spells for the tools equipped to him already, and a good spear tech, then leave off to the continent interior. Now, while Nebelstern has high HP, he really doesn't have the best defense. In fact, it's HORRIBLE, and chances are, if you're gonna get into a fight, you'll lose. So, try to avoid fights. The continent Interior is an easy place to get lost in, so follow these instructions:

When first you arrive, go west into the next screen, and then go left and up (Exit up). You should be on the third screen by now. Go up and to the right, and exit the screen on the upper right. On this screen, head Up, all the way up to the edge of the cliff, and then head left. You should exit left, as high up on the screen as you can go. From here, just follow the straight path until you get to the screen with the lake on it (Like as in you can walk up to the lake). On that screen, just exit left, and you should be at Vogelang. Whew.

Once in Vogelang, head into the shop on the far left side of town. You'll see Cielmer there (Recall that this is the past, and Cielmer and Nebelstern don't know each other). Talk to him, and Nebelstern will mention that he came throught by himself, and that he'll be going back by himself too. Cielmer then offers to join you on the way back out of concern; let him join. Cielmer mentions that he came with a friend, who is waiting at the bar. Go to the bar and talk to his friend...who is Narcisse. Narcisse will argue with Cielmer, AND Manage to piss of Nebelstern. Cielmer scolds Narcisse, and tells Nebelstern that sometimes, you have to work with people you don't like. Anyways, now, Narcisse, joins, and you can head back to Grugel. With Cielmer and Narcisse in your group, you should be able to handle fights pretty easy now. I'll also assume you know the way back.

Upon your arrival in Gruegel marks the end of the flashback. Nebelstern decides to leave now, and Gustave gives his final thanks to Nebelstern. End of Event.



Johan the Assassin


This event throws you IMMEDIATELY in control of a man named Johan. He hits very hard, but has low HP and LP, so it wold be wise to avoid combat at all times possible. First, make it to the other sode of the bridge, and down the stairs, to the left. Note: I won't bother writing the story stuff, which is the majority of this event. So, I will just write Storytime.


Now, in the mountains, head down and around.


Now, in Weissland, head straight up and jump off the cliff.


Now, in the continent interior, head past everyone, and from the lake, head straight up.


Now, finalyl, in Hahn Nova, head down the stairs and off the screen to the left. Now, the Red Scorpion will catch up to Johan and try to kill him. Gustave noticed them, and they dissapear. Gustave and Ventarbre help Johan off to Hahn Nova. End of Event.



Fighting the Megalith Beast


Condition: Any time you can go to Weissland.

Basically, at Weissland, start to travel to the Ice Megalith. When you reach the entrance, you're given the option to fight him. There really isn't anything to gain from this; it's just something you can do. The neat thing is, you can fight it with many different parties. But, really, there isn't much to this. Just be pretty strong, and you'll win. :P



Laubholz Ghost Tower


Condition: Any time you can go to Laubholz.

Go to Laubholz, and once there, head right at the fork and it'll exit the town. Now you can go to the Tower. This place is pretty rough, and I'd pass it up unless you're at about 400-450 with everyone, and have some nice techs. Just a heads up, every person in here is actually a ghost and will attack you if you talk to them.

When you arrive, take the left path up the stairs into the next screen. Now, just follow the straight path until you reach the fourth screen, a blue-colored room with a barred gate at the bottom. Go up the stairs here, and up the ladder. You'll find an Ark Stone, but you'll have to fight some slimes after you pick it up One of them is extra tough, but it's also susceptible to death attacks. No big deal. Anyways, head down the ladder, and through the door on the right. From here, go up the stairs to the next screen. There will be a weird sound coming from the organ-looking thingie; walk up and inspect it to turn it off. Now head into the next screen, and up to the crystal ball to all all the way down to the beginning of the dungeon. Climb up these stairs and you'll be in the entrance screen. Now, climb all the way up to the screen with the barred gate again, and enter it. Walk up to the big crystal ball thingie and inspect it to fight some ghosts. Just use multiple target attacks to kill them quickly. Now, go back to the room with the barred gate, and head up the stairs...but this time, enter the door on the left. In this screen, run as fast as you can down the spiral staircase, and when you hit the bottom, run down; otherwise, you'll get into a couple annoying fights with more ghosts. One you head down, you'll be immediately sucked into a picture in the next room, and thus begins your first boss fight.

Boss Fight: Demon Grass, Demon Seed x3 -- This one's actually really easy. Have a magic user kill all the Demon Seeds quickly, then concentrate on healing, while the other 3 just whack the Demon Grass with their strongest attacks. Demon Grass hits kinda hard, but has low HP. Just keep your HP above 250 to play it safe.

Now you'll be thrown back onto the ledge. Walk down to the Gargoyle statue and inspect it, for yet another boss fight.

Boss Fight: Gargoyle -- You fought this guy before, and well, he's not any stronger :P Just waste him with your strongest attacks, he won't hit you very hard. He DOES have a pretty decent amount of HP though, so it might just take a while. But mostly, just have Life Water ready in case you need it; you probly won't though.

Head back into the spiral staircase screen, and head up it back into the barred gate screen. Now, head through the door on the right (Like you're heading to the top of the tower again). In this screen, you'll see a statue in the middle making a funny noise. Inspect it, and you'll be attacked by some Ghosts. Just waste em, and head to the top of the tower again. This time, when you inspect the crystal ball, you'll find an Elven Lyre! :D Take it, it's a very nice Bow Quell. Now, walk all the way back to the entrance screen, and take the door on the right. You'll hear the funny noises! :O Go into the the middle of the room for a small fight with an Anima Ghoul. The catch is, it sucks out your anime (You have no SP for this fight), and of course, it's a bit stronger than a normal Anima Ghoul. Not exactly much stronger though; it just has a lot of HP. So after a couple turns, you win, and you get lots of chips and an Anima Crystal for winning! Yay :D Now, I don't know if you have to do this for sure...but, your final destination is the room with the barred gate...But, I THINK you have to kill the two boys hanging out on the balcony, on the screen previous to that one. Anyways, when you enter the screen with the barred gate, you will see a skeleton ghost enemy just floating around in different spots. Engage it to fight the boss of the tower.

Boss Fight: Lich, High Disciple, High Disciple -- This is a pretty tough fight. Definitely not the hardest fight in the game though, so you can manage...First of all, this is what you've been saving LP for (I hope :P), so go ahead and use them if you must. Try to conserve your LP with Life Water though Also, be sure to have Recovery Breath Handy. What you wanna do is, kill one at a time. The Lich casts annoying spells that can cause status ailments, and sometimes uses instant death attacks. The Blue High Disciple is capable of dealing a good amount of damage to single targets at once, and the green one does annoying status effects, and stuns enemies. They all have a lot of HP, too. I reccomend killing the Green Disciple first, then the Blue one. When only Lich is alive, the fight gets a good amount easier. Once you've killed the Disciples, you have a good chance of winning, so don't let up! Heal any fallen members immediately, and make sure they're at high HP whenever they're up.

Well, upon victory, you'll recieve a bunch of Crowns, and the CinderForge Sword! It's the strongest Steel Sword you can get in the game without a Pocketstation.