Key: Def- Defense, SP- first number is the number added to your SP, the 2nd being the maximum SP bonus you can have with that item equipped. Rec- Ability point recovery rate for WP & SP. Chips- the amount of Chips you get for scrapping the item.

Full Body Armor

Armor Suit 302(5)0100Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpOld Battlefield
Field Suit34-40-5-Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpBuy- Thermes Tool Shop (End)
Full Armor 26-40-5-Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpBuy- Laubholz Steel Shop (end)
Hydra Suit 242(0)090Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpOld Battlefield
Leather Suit 182(0)010Head & Stat Def UpBuy- Weissland Tool Shop
Plate Armor21-40-5-Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpBuy- Wide
Reinforced Suit 40-40-5-Heat, Cold, Stat Def UpBuy- Hahn Nova Middle Shopping Center

Normal Armor

Alligator Armor151(5)020-Buy- Northgate Armor (End)
Alligator Skin83(0)010-King Gator drops
Blackstone Armor 281(5)0100Beat Def Down; Negates PetrifyGargoyle drops (Monster Nest)
Bone Armor171(5)130Arrow Def Down The Desert
Bone Breastplate133(0)020Arrow Def DownHahn Ruins
Brigandine22-30-5--Buy- Hahn Nova Right Blacksmith
Caster Armor122(10)010-Buy- Thermes Weapon Shop (Begin)
Caster Cloth 42(10)05-Buy- Thermes Weapon Shop (Begin)
Caster Robe 103(10)110-Buy- Hahn Nova Weapons Shop Center
Ceramic Mail301(0)050Beat Def DownBuy- Thermes Tool Shop (End)
Enhanced Armor201(5)030Beat Def DownBig Horn drops
Fire-Beast Skin113(0)080Heat Def UpGarm drops
Fur63(0)010Cold Def UpBuy- Weissland Tool Shop
Hard Leather101(5)010Beat Def Up Buy- North Gate Tool Shop (Mid)
Heavy Armor37-30-5--Old Battleground
Iron Breastplate 18-30-5- Buy- Wide
Lake Robe 163(10)150Heat Def Up; Resist WaterMonster Nest
Leather Armor 61(5)05Beat Def UpBuy- Thermes Weapon Shop (Begin)
Lobster Mail262(10)0100Thunder Def Down; Resist WaterSlayer drops
Padded Mail 82(5)05Heat Def DownTaylor
Protector123(0)030-Sand Rhino drops
Redstone Armor242(10)0100Heat Def Up; Beat Def DownGargoyle drops (Ghoul Tower)
Silk Toga 83(10)15-Buy- Grugel Weapon Shop (Begin)
Silver Chain 25-20-2-Resist SonicGiant Worm Hole
Stardust Robe 185(20)2100Heat, Water, Thunder, Lightning Def Up; Negates Sleep and CrippleInsect Megalith
Steel Armor26-30-5--Buy- Grugel Steel Weapon Shop (Mid)
Stone Breastplate 222(5)050Beat Def Down; Negates PetrifyRock Rhino Drops
Warlord Armor31-30-52500-Buy- Hahn Nova Shopping Center Right