Accessories are colour coded according to their Anima-

Tree, Stone, Flame, Water, Tone, Beast, Unknown/None

If the Item has 2 different Anima, the colours will both be on the name.

Key: Def- Defense, SP- first number is the number added to your SP, the 2nd being the maximum SP bonus you can have with that item equipped. Rec- Ability point recovery rate for WP & SP. Dur- Durability, the amount of times you can use the item before it breaks. Repair- first number is the cost, 2nd number is the durability added to it. Chips- the amount of Chips you get for scrapping the item. Note: Quells have infinite durability and cannot be scrapped.

Amber Maleate 14(10)1---RegenerateQuellHahn Ruins
Amber Ring11(3)03120(40)5Beast-Ghoul Tower
Anima Crystal15(30)01-200-Restore person's HP/WP/SP/LP Anima Ghoul drops
Anthurim14(10)1---FlameQuell; Cold Def UpNear Treefolk Boss
Ark Stone 03(1)11-100-Restores Party HP/WP/SP/LPInventory
Beast Amulet 11(1)03120(40)5BeastAtk Def UpBuy- Tool Shops
Beast Rune 12(10)010 50BeastNegates Sleep Nuckelvee drops
Blue Chip 11(10)01-10WaterThunder Def UpGrand Valley
Blue Ore 12(2)05100(20)5WaterHeat Def Up; Raw ToolSvendorf Mines
Blue Water11(3)010200(20)10WaterHeat Def UpBuy- Tool Shops
Bone11(1)01-3BeastRaw Beast ToolHahn Ruins
Canary Heart12(5)010 30ToneResist SonicGiant Worm Cavern
Cat's Eye11(10)1102000(50)50BeastResist Stare City of Night
Cielmerlion15(5)1---Wood Punch; Stone PunchUnequip weapons to useCielmer
Cross Branch11(3)010200(20)10WoodStat. Def UpBuy- Tool Shops
Dead Stone 22(0)0--10-Heat, Cold, Thunder, & Lightning Def Up; Negates DeathblowPirate Drops
Deep Blue 15(20)2---WaterQuell; Resist WaterWater Lord drops
Demongrass Fang 12(3)010 -NeedleStone Burst Raw ToolDemonseed drops
Devil's Tear 21(5)0----Heat, Cold, Thunder, & Lightning Def Up; Negates PoisonFossil Caves
Dryad Grail 14(10)2---WoodQuell; Negates PsycheTreefolk drops
Eternal Rock15(20)2---StoneQuell; Negates Sleep and PetrifyStone Lord drops
Fire Charm11(3)010200(20)10FlameCold Def UpBuy- Tool Shops
Fire Flake 12(10)020480(24)20RecoveryBreath Def Up; Cold Def UpBuy- Thermes Tool Shop (End)
Gem Particule11(3)0--20--Hahn Ruins
Green Glass12(10)020480(24)20RecoveryBreath Def Up; Stat Def UpBuy- Thermes Tool Sho(End)
Green Ore12(2)05100(20)5WoodStat. Def upSvendorf Mines
Harmonium15(20)2---ToneQuell; Resist SonicTone Lord drops
Hot Stone13(10)1---FlameQuell; Cold Def UpBuy Weissland
Hyper Steel 0(-30)-1-----Buy- Tool Shops
Hyper Water13(10)1301600(53)20Water-Buy- Vogelang (Middle, End)
Last Leaf15(20)2---WoodQuell; Negates Poison and DeathblowTree Lord drops
Life Seed 11(1)11-10-Restore person's HP/WP/SP/LPLife Tree Island
Mushroom Tear 22(5)0--10--Jade Caverns
Night Medallion 14(10)1---RegenerateQuell; Negates SleepGlacier
Nova Heart15(20)2---FlameQuell; Resist Heat; Negates Cripple Fire Lord drops
Pan Flute12(10)110-40--Custom Order
Peg Heart42(10)1--10-Heat Def Up; Resist WaterPeg Queen drops
Pocket Dragon13(10)1---StoneQuellHahn Ruins
Red Ore12(2)05100(20)5FlameCold Def Up; Raw ToolSvendorf Mines
Red Scarf13(10)0--10--Johan
Rock-Beast Tag 32(3)010-20Stone; Beast-Rock Rhino drops
Rock Heart 11(3)010200(20)10StoneAtk. Def up Buy- Tool Shop
Scorpion Tail12(3)013 10WaterDeadly SnakeJohan
Soul Crystal11(10)11-100--Custom Order
Spring Orb14(10)1---WaterQuell; Heat Def Up; Resist WaterWater Tower
Stardust11(3)01-20MegaboltThunder Def UpForest Maze
Steel Amulet 1(-20)-1-----Buy- Tool Shop
Tao-Tie Motif 15(20)2---BeastQuell; Negates PsycheBeast Lord drops
Wind Shell 11(3)010200(20)10ToneArrow Def UpBuy- Tool Shop