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General information on page setup; Explanation of tables; Name: Name of Character. Era: Time period(s) of the game in which the character is used, and which scenario(s). Proficiencies: Character's weapon/magic proficiencies. Battle Role: Battle Role that comes with the character.

Characters list

Name Era Proficiencies Battle Role
Nebelstern Beginning (Gustave) Spear, Tree, Beast Commander
Cielmer Beginning (Gustave) Tree, Stone, Flame, Water, Tone, Beast Protean
Narcisse Beginning (Gustave, Knights) Stone, Flame, Tone Heavy Spell
Nina Beginning (Knights) Tree, Stone, Water Recover
Beginning (Knights)
Bow, Tree, Water Marksman
Gustave Beginning (Gustave, Knights) Sword, Martial Cannonball
Kelvin Beginning (Gustave) Spear, Stone, Flame, Tone, Beast Support
Tyler Beginning (Knights) Axe, Stone, Beast Intimidate
Cordelia Beginning (Knights) Spear, Bow, Tree, Stone, Water, Tone Ace
Wil Knights Beginning, End (Knights) Staff, Tree, Stone, Flame, Water Scout
Diana Middle (Knights) Sword, Staff, Spear, Stone, Water, Beast Counter
Johan Beginning (Gustave) Sword, Martial, Flame, Water, Tone War God
Ventarbre Beginning (Gustave) Staff, Tree, Stone, Water, Flame, Tone, Beast Dodge
Julia Middle (Knights) Sword, Bow, Flame, Water, Tone, Beast Preemptive
Eleanor Middle (Knights) Staff, Flame Bandwagon
Raymond Beginning, Middle (Knights) Bow, Martial, Tree, Stone, Tone Defense
Sargon Middle (Knights), End (Gustave) Sword, Tree, Stone, Flame, Tone Decoy
Rich Knights Middle (Knights) Sword, Spear, Tree, Stone, Flame, Water, Tone, Beast Versatile
Patrick Beginning, Middle (Knights) Staff, Axe, Tree, Beast WALL
Gustaf End (Knights) Sword, Spear, Tree, Flame, Tone, Beast Spell Atk
Meythia End (Knights) Axe, Stone, Tone, Beast Blitz
Roberto End (Knights) Bow, Tree, Flame, Water, Tone, Beast Getaway
Primiera End (Knights) Spear, Axe, Martial, Tree, Flame, Beast Diversion
Ginny Knights End (Knights) Sword, Staff, Tree, Stone, Water, Flame Perplexion
William/Watts Beginning (Knights), End (Gustave) Spear, Stone Heavy Atk
Greta End (Knights) Sword, Stone Diplomat

Some odd notes:Ventarbre is useable after the events with Johan- and only if you go to one of the cities immediately afterwards. William Watts and Greta are NPC-ish Characters that you use some time in the game. They happen to come with battle roles though.