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Day Five - Evolution

You'll be back on the city map, with two new destinations, Chinatown and the Warehouse. The Warehouse is completely optional, so I won't clutter up the main walkthrough with it; access it here. Where you're supposed to go is Chinatown.


Just keep going north, grabbing the ocassional chest and the phone on your way there. Eventually you'll come across Maeda, who's kneeling over a manhole. You'll head down into the sewers in Maeda's place, but not before he pawns off the Narita on you.

The sewers themselves are fairly large and filled with loot, so I recommend doing some searching around. Or, you can look at the map of the place and let it guide you. If you just want to get going, then go one screen left (from the start), then keep going south until you're in a caverous room with a narrow walkway overlooking it. If you want everything, but don't want. Climb the ladder to get on the walkway, then follow it across and down.

After the scene, you can climb down the rightmost ladder to fight two alligators and find a chest, or you can go up the north stairs to the door. Pass through that room to the next, where there'll be a control panel and a phone. Use the control panel to turn on the power, then activate both pumps, which will trigger a scene. Turn the power back off to drain the water, then go through the north door, across the gap, and through the door at the right side. Keep going, and... looks like subway tracks. Climb up onto the platform. You can't leave, yet; the gate's locked. Instead, go up along the platform, which will eventually take you to a phone and two subway tunnels. Take either one, since they both lead to the same place - the centipede boss! Once you've dispatched it, continue up through either tunnel and run down to the end of the bridge. Search the dead cop for the Gate Key, allowing you to get out of here. Aya will look out over the city and notice that the slime is heading for the museum.

And that's the end of disc one. Once you've switched, get back to the gate and get to the museum!


Once you're actually inside, you'll see a man in white heading through the doors on the left. If that wasn't enough of a hint as to where to go, all the other doors and passages are sealed off. So follow him. A few rooms later, you'll get in a battle against some dinosaurs. He's locked the doors to the north, leaving you no choice but to backtrack to the lobby. From now on, there'll be battles, so be ready.

Your next destination is the security center; while the silent alarm is on, the elevator and the stairs are locked. Thankfully, the north passage in the lobby has been opened up. Go through it, stepping into a grassy tunnel. That's where you'll find your first quiz pedestal. It'll ask you a multiple-choice question; get it right, and you get a good item (Medicine 4 or Ammo +30). If you get it wrong, you can try again, but the item you get won't be as good. This time, you've got to count the animals, and there's nine of them. Keep going through the halls until you reach a room with a giant scorpion and another pedestal. The answer this time is 'Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes'. Fight the scorpion and enter the next room. Here, the south doors are locked, so go north.

Here, you can go upstairs, but you can't continue on until you do something down here. Follow the hall up and you'll enter the giant stone head exhibit. Now try to leave; the ground will briefly shake, and Aya will run back into the room to see what happened. It's trashed, now, but there's still nothing here. Try to leave again, fight the battle, and then you can return to the stairs and go up.

You're on the second floor and standing near another pedestal. The answer is '200,000 V per cubic cm' (remember Klamp's speech about mitochondria?) The south hall is jammed, leading you with only one available path. Head up into the stone head room's upper floor, across it to the fire escape, and leave the building. There's two chests if you decide to climb down to the first floor, but to continue on, you've got to ascend to the third. Do it.

Now that you're back inside, it's time to head through another linear series of rooms. Go down, passing the first pedestal (aging), and the second (An African female). You'll come to a room with a stairway leading down. The south door is locked. If you go downstairs, you can get a Revive from the chest, but all the doors are locked down there as well. Go through the hall on the right to proceed. Fight the pteranodon when it smashes through the glass and keep going from hall to hall. With only two exits in each screen, there's no way to get lost.

You'll eventually enter the third-floor lobby. The only way to go is through the door on the left. You'll get locked in once you enter the room, though. The window has been conveniently shattered, though, so climb out. Aya quickly warns about falling down; I'm just glad the museum installed those invisible walls to keep you from doing that. Run across the ledge until Aya sees a second broken window a floor down. Jump down, then enter through it.

There's still not much in the way of freedom yet. Go out through the right door, go up through the lobby, and follow the path until you reach a large red-carpeted room. There, go through the door on the top and down the short hall to enter the security office. There's a phone here, and the alarm is indicated by the flashing white dot to the right of the wall of cameras. Shut it down. If you want, you can check over the cameras to figure out where Eve is, and you can find a secret elevator by running off-screen to the right of the alarm panel, then going down. That elevator can take you to a stoage room on the fourth floor.

You've done all you need to do here. Leave the way you came in and watch the scene. Return to the second-floor lobby once it's over. You should notice that Klamp's door is slightly ajar, and the lights are on. Go check it out. The ensuing conversation involves only Maeda at first, but soon Klamp and Daniel join the fun. It ends with Klamp suiciding himself. You'll get two important items during the conversation: Maeda's Gun, the worst firearm in the game (for now, at least), and the Klamp Key which will unlock every door in the hospital.

With Klamp's key and Maeda's pistol in hand, your final objective is to find Eve. She's on the fourth floor, but the main elevator and stairway won't get you to her. Go across the second-floor lobby and re-enter the room with the broken glass. Unlock the left door and go through it, answer the pedestal (photosynthesis by bacteria), then go up. Now go upstairs. When to try to go through the south door, you'll be waylaid by that triceratops. This may not have the music of a boss battle, but it's as tough as one. Defeat it. If you try going south again, you'll get in another boss fight; if you don't feel up to it, then leave, save your game on the first floor, whatever. Once you're ready, try going through the south door again. The triceratops still has some fight left it in, and it takes you through the window with it.

Thankfully the dinosaur softened the fall a bit, and you emerge unscathed. You're now in the central exhibit on the first floor. Try to go anywhere, and the REAL boss will soon make itself known; it's the Tyrannosaur! Make this guy extinct to receive the M8000 pistol and its wonderful Two Commands effect. Leave by heading southwest, and you'll step back into the lobby.

Now, before you go off half-cocked into Eve's chambers, let me just warn you that once you do, your days of exploring Manhattan are over. You'll never be able to return to any of the places here, so make sure you wrap everything up before you go. If you're ready, get back to the triceratops room and go through the south door. Go up the stairs to the fourth floor and step through the partially ajar doors.

After the very, very long series of movies and conversations, you'll wind up in the gooey remains of the Statue of Liberty, ready to finish Eve off once and for all. Step forward, do battle with her, and emerge victorious! That's your last victory for day five.

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