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Day Six - Liberation

Start off the new day by heading inside, through the door on the left.

Talk to Wayne. Naturally, he'll store all that unneeded gear you've got, but as an added bonus, he'll engrave your name on one weapon and one armor. Not only does this allow you to personalize your stuff, but your engraved stuff will start in your inventory if you play in EX Mode later on.

The Navy man standing in front of the door will give you free supplies, so I recommend you stock up. You can get: two of each Cure, three Ammo +30, four Medicine 3, and two Medicine 4 from him. Also note the phone on the wall. Head back outside, and absolute disaster immediately strikes. This is it. It's just you and the Ultimate Being now! You've got to plow through four forms to beat it... but not even that's enough. It'll take more than Aya's cells to kill this beast. Run like hell; if it touches you, say hello to the Game Over screen.

Run back into the ship. Aya will quickly check the map and determine her next destination, the engine room. DON'T try to use the phone, it's dead, and the glob will take you out while you're wasting time with it. Instead, run through the previously-blocked door. Go left. Run down the hall, then through the opening on the right. Run down the stairs and go through the door. Turn north at the junction, then run all the way down the hall to the ladder.

Use the control panel, and Aya will crank up the boiler pressure to blow up the ship. Quickly now, run down, then climb the ladder. Run down again. Run down again and through the left door. Run up the stairs and through the door on the right. Now go all the way left, and that's it! Watch the ending. After the credits roll, you'll get 3000 bonus points, and a chance to make a final save. Do that if you want to play in EX Mode.

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