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Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is Parasite Eve's ultimate 'dungeon'. It's only accessible in an EX Game, and you can head inside from the moment to get access to the city map on day 2. As you ascend the building's 77 floors, the equipment gets better and the enemies get harder. Worse yet, nearly every floor is randomized whenever you enter the building. Even though they're randomized, every floor contains two sets of stairs (one leading up, and one leading down), an elevator (which is, naturally, locked), and a storage room containing valuable items.

The building is divided into groups of ten floors each. Each group has a set of monsters and a set of items to find in storage. Every ten floors, at the end of the group, you'll fight a boss. Victory results in an elevator key, allowing you to access every floor up to the one you got the key from. In addition, defeating the boss clears the entire group of floors it was guarding; the music and random battles will stop.

Finally, once you beat a group of floors, it's gone for good. The Chrysler Keys, unlike all the other keys, will not disappear if you beat the game again and begin another EX Game, and the completed floors will NOT become breeding grounds for monsters again. Just keep that in mind before you fight that boss.

Floors 2 through 10

I suppose that if you just went straight to the Chrysler Building the moment it was available, these floors might actually pose a challenge. If you take the time to play through the game again, getting yourself to level 33, then this will be a breeze. You'll fight rats, bats, birds, and dinosaurs. Weaker versions of those, I should say. This can be a good place to get Junk for Wayne -- when you actually do fight birds, they're usually in large packs. On the tenth floor, you'll do battle with another giant spider. It takes up most of the screen, making it impossible to distance yourself.

6 Weapons (M16A2, M1911A4, M79-4, P226, P228, USP-2)
3 Armors (Kv Jacket, Sp Vest 2, Sv Jacket)
1 Rare Trading Card (P38)
14 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Rocket Ammo
5 Tools

Floors 11 through 20

You'll find bats (same bats you fought on the last floors), moles, monkeys, and snakes here. You might even fight a dinosaur if you're unlucky enough to get jumped in a storage room. They're still really weak, and they still give crap EXP and loot. Well, that's until you fight your first monster-in-a-box, which will be hiding in a chest on this floor -- it's pretty much guaranteed to get in one 300 HP attack before you can dodge, so either keep your HP high or don't go spelunking for chests. At the very end, you'll fight two alligators -- they shouldn't be a problem if you're properly levelled up (and if you've beefed up your gun a little).

6 Weapons (AM44, Club 4, Full UZ, M203-5, M96, P229)
3 Armors (Cr Jacket, Kv Suit 1, Sp Suit 1)
2 Rare Trading Cards (Bhawk, Kasul)
6 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Rocket Ammo
5 Tools
1 Super Tool
1 Monster Box

Floors 21 through 30

Still easy... your average monster now gives double-digit EXP, at least. You'll battle flies, spiders, plants, and snakes (again). You get to fight TWO monster boxes, though. The Type64 rifle comes with the Critical Up effect, which is another good find. The 30th floor boss is another centipede, and like the previous bosses, it's just a tougher version of something you've fought before.

4 Weapons (M79-5, M870-2, Mark 23, Type64)
3 Armors (B Jacket 2, Cm Jacket, Sv Suit 1)
2 Rare Trading Cards (M1, PPKS)
7 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
6 Tools
2 Super Tools
2 Monster Boxes

Floors 31 through 40

Here you'll do battle with flies, plants (two recycled monsters this floor?), spawns, and cats. You'll also find parrots in the storage rooms. The end boss here is the Triceratops, which is (surprise!) faster and stronger than the one you fought previously. Prepare for this battle by building up your gun's Attack, since this dino has insane defense.

4 Weapons (M1911A5, Maverick, MP5A5, PSG-1)
4 Armors (Cm Suit 1, Kv Armor 1, Sp Armor 1, Sv Suit 2)
4 Rare Trading Cards (BAR, MG42, MK5, MP44)
5 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Full Cure
1 Full Recover
1 Rocket Ammo
5 Tools
4 Monster Boxes

Floors 41 through 50

Over halfway up now. At least the monsters give triple digit EXP, if only barely. You should also watch out for the storage room that's filled with monster boxes instead of goodies. You'll fight frogs, parrots (remember them from the last block's storage rooms?), armadillos, and scorpions..On the fiftieth floor, you'll fight a giant cockroach, a new boss instead of the recycled ones you've fought so far. It's much easier if you have Burst on your gun, so you might want to think about getting it.

4 Weapons (AT4-1, G20, SAR, USP-3)
4 Armors (B Suit 1, Cm Armor 1, Cr Suit 1, Sv Armor 1)
2 Rare Trading Cards (M29, M73)
5 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Rocket Ammo
5 Tools
1 Super Tool
6 Monster Boxes

If you've been cleaning out the Chrysler Building so far, you should have collected eleven rare T Cards. Trade them all in for added slots, then ask Wayne about his collection. In his gratitude, he'll give you a Tool Kit, which provides infinite Tools!

Floors 51 through 60

I'm going to be frank -- these floors are going to be tough. The rats and ratmen are fast and can inflict heavy damage if they hit you. The armadillos are the same as before, but now they're paired up with a new enemy, the squirrel, which blazes away with a hail of Confusion-causing blasts. Those squirrels are easily the worst part of these floors, I might add -- it seems their only purpose is to blast you a couple times before retreating, and with their high defense, you'll see them retreat a lot. You find some damned fine equipment here, including the FA-MAS, the S12, the MP5SD6, and two armors with the Attack Up effect. On the sixtieth floor, you'll fight another Giant Crab.

4 Weapons (FA-MAS, M712, MP5SD6, S12)
3 Armors (B Suit 2, Cr Armor 1, Sp Armor 2)
1 Rare Trading Card (Type38)
4 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Full Cure
1 Full Recover
1 Rocket Ammo
3 Tools
6 Monster Boxes

Floors 61 through 70

You're in the home stretch now. You'll fight slimes, bears, snakes, dogmen, and rats, and all of them (except the rats) have over 800 HP. They provide almost the same amount in EXP. The M96R, besides having the highest base stats of any pistol you'll find here, also comes with the Three Commands effect. The M203-6 has the Cyanide effect, which makes every shot have a pretty good chance of killing your target outright. The Cm Armor 2 has the PE Light effect, reducing your PE costs by a significant amount. On floor 70, you'll fight Queen Bee, who has a very high chance of kicking your ass if you're not prepared.

6 Weapons (Club 5, M203-6, M500, M500-2, M96R, XM177E2)
4 Armors (B Armor, Cm Armor 2, Cr Armor 2, Sv Armor 2)
2 Rare Trading Cards (Type3, Eagle)
6 Weapon/Armor Stat Boosters
1 Full Cure
1 Full Recover
2 Tools
2 Super Tools
6 Monster Boxes

You've done it. There's nothing standing between you and the end now, so after you've made your final trip to the NYPD to empty your pockets, make sure you return ready for battle, not for collecting items. Grab all your Full Recovers, Full Cures, Medicine 4s, and Revives and do your last modifications to your weapon and armor. It shouldn't pose a problem; with all fourteen rare trading cards, Wayne will give you his Super Tool Kit, which provides infinite Super Tools.

Floors 71 through 77

There's nothing here. No chests, no battles, just an ever-increasing amount of mitochondrian goop. On the seventy-seventh floor, you'll confront the REAL final boss...

The original Eve.

Once you've beaten her, it's all over. Enjoy your well-deserved ending.

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