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EX Game

Once you've beaten Parasite Eve, after the final movie, after the credits, even after it sneaks in another 3000 bonus points for doing such a good job, it'll ask you to save. That last, end-of-game save is your ticket to EX Game. EX Game allows you to play the game another time under different conditions. Access it from the main menu; it'll appear above New Game.

So, what's so different about EX Game? Not much, to tell you the truth. First, your engraved weapon and armor will be in your inventory when you start. All the stuff you put in storage will still be there too (plot items, like keys and the charms Maeda gives you, will be gone). You'll lose all your levels, but not your bonus points. To counter your sudden influx of high-powered weaponry, the enemies are stronger too. You won't notice this for some time, though; whether the rat has 12 HP or 18 HP is irrelevant when the gun you brought does a hundred damage. You'll get more bonus points when you level up, plus you also get a set amount of bonus points at the beginning of each day - 800 on Day 2, 1200 on Day 3, 2000 on 4 and 5, and 3000 on 6. Just playing through to the end of the Museum will get you at least 10,000 BP.

But slightly stronger enemies and huge BP gains aren't the real reason to play EX Game. It's the Chrysler Building, the seventy-seven floor ultimate dungeon which is accessible from the moment you enter the city map on Day 2. Check here for the guide.

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