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The Warehouse

The Warehouse is accessible at the beginning of Day 5. Inside, you'll find some pretty good loot, but the enemies are fast and deadly, so be careful.

As you approach the warehouse, you'll find a single cop and his dog guarding it. Apparently Eve's inside. He'll run for it, but he'll come back for his dog when you walk through the gate. Check the chest behind the fence for a PPK, then the second chest behind the big metal door for a Tool, then head into the warehouse itself.

Right away, you'll find a Cm Protector on your left. Continue on to the next screen. There, you'll encounter your first battle here, against a grey rat. There's a little yellow light to the right and down, the Warehouse Key, and another chest, the M203-2. Continue on to the next room. There's nothing there besides a battle, so keep going.

This room has some more chests. You'll get Rockets, nine of them to be exact, and directly across from them you'll find a Sp Protector. The save point is on the upper level. I hope you remembered to grab the key, because you'll need it to open the next door. Cross the bridge and grab the Offense +2 in the next room. Climb down the elevator shaft at the top of the screen. Once you're at the bottom, be prepared for a boss, the giant crab! This battle's pretty easy. You get the AT4 rocket launcher for killing it. Since you only have ten rockets, save it for bosses. At the top-left, you'll find steam venting over a yellow spot of light. That's a Tool. Grab it and head back out.

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