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Day Four - Conception

Your first task of the day is to figure out why Eve attacked the precinct, and to do that, you'll need Maeda. He's up on the third floor, in the ID lab. That's where you met the healing technician. If you haven't gotten the Trading Card from the locker room yet, do it on your way up. Once you find him, he'll reveal Eve's intentions. Your next destination is St. Francis Hospital, and you'll receive some ammo before you're sent off, Maeda in tow.


Maeda gives you the Mayoke before you actually go inside. The hospital's lobby is pretty basic; a closet hiding a chest, a more visible chest containing ammo, and a phone on the desk. The north doors are locked. To the left, you'll find another locked door and the elevators. Press either call button and get in the elevator. Use the control panel to begin ascending.

Before you can get anywhere (not that you had any particular destination in mind anyway) Eve severs the elevator's cables, sending you to the basement. Before you can even think of taking the other elevator, Eve then sabotages the power, leaving you in the dark and trapped. Go down to the next screen. From there, you can see three doors with halls leading down and two leading to the right. The stairs are down, but Eve will promptly destroy them if you try to climb them. The bottom-right door leads to the autopsy room, and is locked. So go through the top-right door, which puts you in a room lined with bookcases. Atop one of the cases on the right is a pulsing yellow light. That's Fuse 1, and you'll need three such fuses to repair the damage Eve did to the fuse box. Depart through the left door, which puts you in another hall. The north doors are locked with the blue keycard, leaving you with only the left door to go through.

You're in an office now. You need to search the right desk drawer for the Autopsy Key, which (surprise) unlocks the Autopsy Room. Return to that room by any route you'd like and enter. Pass through here to the northeast door. Now there's two things you need to grab in this next room, Fuse 2 which is atop the medicine box to the north, and the Blue CardKey from the melted corpse along the south edge of the room. Return to the locked doors, insert your key into the slot (indicated by the blue light), and go north off-screen.

Now you can actually see the fuse box, but you still need another fuse. Go through the door on the right, which puts you in a dark room with a sliding door. In the bottom-right corner of that room is another light, your Fuse 3. With all three Fuses in hand, go to the fuse box. It's pretty badly damaged. Using the left side allows you to repair the damaged wiring and turn on the power. Using the right side allows you to insert a fuse. Insert all three fuses, one at a time, repair the wires, and turn on the power. The lights go on, the music changes, and you can return to the ground floor.

Well, once you're back at the lobby, you'll notice that those north doors are now open. Through them, you'll find a monster harrassing a nurse and her patient. After the short scene, the nurse informs you that there's another nurse in the next room. Get over there, fight another battle, watch more flashbacks. The nurse gives you the Green CardKey in her gratitude, so go unlock those doors by the elevators.

Once you're past the green-key doors, you'll be in a badly-damaged hall. There's a second door partway down, on the left. Go through it. See those pipes in the bottom-right corner? Turn the wheels to shut down the supply of liquid nitrogen to the sperm bank. Return to the elevator and go up to Floor 13.

Floor 13 is as lisear as they come. Leave the elevator and pass through the screen after that. The next door is locked; on the far left, there's a machine with an arrow pointing to it. Read the arrow (actually a sign), then push the machine, then push the buitton to open the door. The next screen is the kennel, and there's nothing of note, so continue on. Now you'll be at another elevator, but it's locked. Enter the side office. Search the glistening dots among the scattered papers on the floor - one is Junk, and the other is the Elevator Key. Enter the elevator, watch the scene, press the button to go up, watch another scene, and step out onto the hospital's rooftop. A giant spider will materialize out of thin air - it's time for another boss fight!

After that arachnid's been blown away, you'll confront Eve again. She'll shoot down those Navy planes, and since one of them is about to careen into the roof, you'd better make yourself scarce. Run down and left to the scaffolding. After one last battle (against a regular enemy this time), you'll meet Maeda and Daniel on the ground floor. They'll take you back to the station. Head for the Captain's office to end the day.

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