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Day Three - Selection

Once you're in control, open the chest and walk outside. Turns out Maeda slept on the street that night, waiting for you. Daniel pulls up in the car immediately afterwards. There's a gun store on your left, and a pharmacy on your right. I hope you've got some free space in your inventory.

The gun store contains an M11, a G19, a Cr Vest 1, and a Club 2, along with two miscellaneous stat boosters, some ammo, and a Tool. Make sure you search everywhere, including every shelf and cabinet on the walls, to find everything. The pharmacy, on the other hand, has a phone, two medicines, two armor boosters, and another Tool; again, search all the shelves to find everything.

Once you've gotten everything you need from both places, return to the car and use the passenger side door to get going.

If you talked to Maeda in the center screen (with the car), he'd have mentioned that he'd like to visit a research facility to test something out. That's your hint to head for the Museum. The long scene following will explain several things. Klamp will eventually arrive and kick you out, and you'll return to the city map. Go to the police station.

Turns out Eve attacked the station while you were gone. Daniel will run inside. Maeda will give you a 'special good luck charm', Hamaya, and then you can go in as well. You already know your way around most of the station, so I'll skip the directions. First of all, there's going to be a lot of dead cops, and nearly all of them carry ammo; if you don't relieve them of it during your first search, give it another try.

Warner is in the south office, but he's wounded and can't help you. The lockers have been restocked, so you can get some ammo (from the dead cop) and a Medicine 3 if you head into the locker room; you should also notice the locked locker. You'll get the key for it later. You'll find Wayne and a nearly-dead Torres in the weapons department downstairs, and you'll get an M92F. Plus, the two respawning chests have been upgraded; now you get fifteen bullets and a Medicine 2. You'll find Cathy in the kennel, and she'll tell you about Ben. You have to talk to Cathy, Warner, and Wayne before you can continue on. There'll be a scene showing Ben chasing Sheeva, and that's your cue to head to the second floor.

On your way there, you'll find Nix on the ground. He'll tell you to go upstairs, but grab the Cm Vest 2 from the conference room before you do it. With Nix and his buddy out of the fight, the gate on the second floor is now unblocked, allowing free access to the restricted area of the building. So head left to the next screen. There's a few ways to go now. The door directly above where you start leads to a fight as enemies burst through the mirror on the wall. Notice the glowing dot through the broken mirror? That's the Storage Key, which will unlock the door to weapons storage back in the basement. You can get the MP5K from there, if you're in the mood to head back down. The door on the left has a phone and a tiny chest with a Medicine in it. The stairs leading north is where you need to go.

Now on the third floor, you are again confronted with a door at your side, a perpendicular hall just beyond it, and a second door at the end of the hall you're on. There's a lab tech hiding in that first room, and she's got the healing supplies to fully heal you... once. You might want to save it, though, since that door at the end of the hall has a battle against the giant dog monster that killed Torres. It's not too tough, but it does have an undodgable attack that cuts your HP by half. The beast drops the SG550 rifle, which is a fine weapon. There's two chests in here, and the duct in the top-right corner leads to another room with an N Jacket. Return to the hall (by the way, the dead cop here has a Locker Key for that locker). Get healed if you haven't yet and head right.

There's nothing but a battle behind the rightmost doors, but the monsters drop improved loot (Medicine 3s and a Full Cure). The path leads north, into the room where you'll fight Sheeva. Put this demon dog to sleep to end the day.

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