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Day Two - Fusion

After the conversation is over, go through the left door into Captain Baker's office. Talk to him, and he'll tell you to get a weapon from Torres and he'll give you a Mod Permit. Go back out, then through the door to the north. The door on the right leads to the lobby and the exit. The door on the left leads to the locker room; you can get some armor (a Cm Vest 1) and a Medicine in there. Take the stairs to the basement, then step through the near door to enter the weapons department.

Talk to Wayne, who's standing behind the counter. In moments, Torres arrives to chew him out, and after giving you a speech as well, he (reluctantly) gives you an M16A1. Throughout the game, Wayne serves as your doorway to the NYPD's expansive storage rooms, and he'll hold on to all that junk you'll find during the game. You'll also notice his 'Discard junk' option, in which case you'll turn over all the Junk items you come across.

With your new gun in hand, return to the first floor hall. You'll see a young boy, in red, at the end of this hall. Talk to him, and you'll find out that he's Ben, Daniel's son. He'll have a fight with his father. Once the scene is over, head south down the hall. Cathy will tell you that Captain Baker is looking for you. Oblige the captain's request.

After the long scene, you should leave the building. The city map is now open to you, though there's only three places you can go right now. Go to the Museum.


Once you arrive at the museum, follow Daniel up the stairs. He'll convince the guard to let you in. Go inside, then up the stairs... but the guard tells you to sign in. You can go up after you've done that.

Go inside the office on the right, and you have the priviledge of getting to listen to him rant about how great mitochondria is. You'll also learn that he's not the most friendly guy, and once he's finished with you, you'll return to the city map. Go to NYPD #17. On your way there, you'll get a call about a break in the case.


Follow Daniel into the main hall, then go north and through the door there, which is the conference room.

Baker reports that even though the concert in Central Park has been cancelled, people are still gathering there. It'd be the perfect opportunity for Eve to kill some more people. Daniel soon realizes that his son would be attending that concert, and he runs off. Baker tells you to keep an eye on him and gives you another Mod Permit before you leave.


Daniel nearly ignites himself in his attempt to get into the park, but, being the hero she is, Aya selflessly chooses to brave the danger to rescue Daniel's son. Go inside and follow the path, passing by the phone next to the car and the chest in the center of the U-turn. You'll soon arrive at the gates to the Central Park Zoo.

That first, blatant chest contains either an M9 or a P8, but neither compare to your M16. Go up and keep going until you're at the wall with the phone. Enter the office, search the drawer on the right wall for the Zoo Key and the cabinet next to it for an Sp Vest 1. Get out of the office and head right along the wall. The first door you'll come across requires the Zoo Key to unlock and leads to the jungle exhibit. You can get a few things from there, so check it out if you've got time. Either way, keep going right along the wall until you come to the next opening. If you want, you can keep going right; it passes a Medicine 2 and some ammo before joining the path above you. Whichever way you decide to go, you'll eventually (or immediately) end up at a Y-shaped crossroad. Take the left path up, open the gate with your Zoo Key, and step through.

At least the ampitheater's in sight now. Run down the dimly-lit street, then through the nearest entrance. Once you're inside, just run along the path until you trigger a scene. Naturally, Eve is there, and everything goes to hell. Step outside, then run all the way left and through the door (there's a big yellow sign with BACKSTAGE written on it above the door). Confront Eve again, and she'll run away. Head back out, then head south a screen, then head left through the previously-blocked path. At the gazebo, you can go up through it to find a phone and some ammo, but you still need to keep going left.

Now you're at a twisty system of paths. If you just keep going left, you'll eventually end up at the end, but you'd miss a lot of stuff, so you might want to do some exploring. Anyway, when you make it to the bridge over the frozen river, then you've gone the right way. Of course, that doesn't mean you can stop going left. So continue left, and you'll arrive at a second bridge, this time over nothing but the path you need to take. Well, you can try going OVER the bridge, since it leads to the same place, but who wants to exhaust themselves by climbing stairs? It's not like there's anything on the bridge except a battle. Just get to the other side of the bridge already and keep following the path.

Once you get to the phone, that should be a hint that something big's about to go down. In fact, it should be a hint that something big's about to go down on the very next screen! Fight the four giant worms on the next screen. They're just a warmup, though; exit the battlefield by heading right, and you'll find Eve again, waiting in a carriage. She'll invite you inside, and it would be terribly rude to decline such a polite request. You two will have a little talk before she gets mad and battles you again. When you win (you did win, right?), she'll touch you, triggering another flashback, a long scene, and the end of the day.

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