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Day One - Resonance

Watch the introduction. You'll be given the option of naming your main character, but I'll stick with the default (Aya Brea). Once you're actually in control, head up into Carnegie Hall. Continue up the red carpet and through the doors at the end of the hall. Now just sit back and watch the scene unfold. After everything goes to hell, run up onto the stage and confront the actress. She chooses to fight, so prepare for your first boss battle! After hitting her once, Aya will develop her latent parasite powers, giving you the Heal 1 PE.

Once you've dealt with the actress, she'll reveal her name (Eve) before retreating stage left. Follow her to the next screen. She went through the hole in the ground, but just before you jump down after her, Aya will hear sirens. You can now leave the building to have a talk with your backup, and you'll get free healing and some ammunition if you decide to leave. Either way, you're heading down into the dressing rooms.

Just run down the hall and keep going (all the doors are locked). Partway through the hall, there'll be another scene involving a rat that's about to have a very bad day. After filling said rat with hot lead (or, for the daredevils, beating said rat with a blunt object) you'll be in the last section of hall. The third door on the left is where you've got to go. Notice the telephone with the pulsing red light on it? This is your first save point. Get the chest behind the partition, push the burned body, then search it for the Theater Key. That'll unlock all the doors in the hall save the one at the very end, so go through all the rooms and grab everything. The main thing you need is in Melissa Pierce's dressing room (that'd be down the last section of hall, second door on the left). Read through her diary to find the Rehearse Key, which unlocks those doors at the end of the hall.

Once you've gotten everything there is to get, head through the doors at the north end of the hall. Melissa/Eve is playing the piano. Confront her, watch her transform, then fight her. Once she's beaten, Aya will have a flashback, and by the time she comes to, Eve's already gone. She went through the floor again, so follow her.


Well, every game's gotta have a sewer. Head up and keep going until you reach two sets of stairs leading to an upper level. There's an M1911A1 hidden in the shadows next to the stairs; it's a fine gun, so don't forget it. Even though the only thing you'll find upstairs is a battle against some rats, you should go there anyway - those specific rats have a really good chance of dropping Revives. Keep going north on the ground floor to continue on. Again you'll see the little girl, who'll run away and open the gate on the left. You should get the two chests hidden behind pillars at the back of the screen before going through the now-open gate.

On the very left side of this screen, there's a closed gate with a control panel to the left of it. The panel has both an emergency phone and the gate controls. Save if you want, open the gate, and go through it. Eve's waiting, and after the conversation, she'll turn into goo, allowing her to pass through the next gate. Don't think it's over yet, because she leaves a nice little mutated alligator for you to fight. Yes, it's another boss fight. The day is over once you've defeated it.

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