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Emerald Island

This beautiful island is where you begin your quest. To be able to leave, you must complete Lord Markam's Contest. On, and they say that there is a dragon on the island, so be careful. Oh yes, and do your business where while you can: Once you leave you can never return.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6am to 6pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Dragonflies and Swordsmen

No travel possible.

Main Map
To Harmondale when Scavenger Hunt is complete Temple of the Moon Dragon's Lair
1 Lady Margaret Ship (Travel to Harmondale once the Scavenger Hunt Quests are complete.)
2 Mia Lucille' Home Rumors
3 The Knight's Blade Blacksmith
4 Erik's Armory Armorsmith
5 Alyssa the Bard Quest Item: Lute (Return a musical instrument to the Judge on Emerald Island.) Pay 500 Gold for it.
6 Two Palms Tavern Tavern
7 Well Grants +50 Fire Resistance, Temporary.
8 Carolyn Weathers' House Offers Membership to Air and Fire Guilds.
9 Well ???
10 Markham's Headquarters Quest Action: Bring Scavenger Hunt items here.
Quest: Find the missing contestants on Emerald Island and bring back proof to Lord Markham.
11 Well Restores 5 Hit Points.
12 Healer's Tent Temple
13 Well Restores 5 Spell Points.
14 Tellmar Residence Offers Membership to the Body and Spirit Guilds.
15 Island Training Grounds Training Hall
16 Initiate Guild of Spirit Buy Basic Sprit spells.
17 Initiate Guild of Air Buy Basic Air spells.
18 The Blue Bottle Alchemist
19 Initiate Guild of Body Buy Basic Body spells.
20 Well Grants +2 Luck, Permanent. Works until Luck is at least 15 (13 for Nonhumans).
21 Emerald Enchantments Magic Shop
22 Pedastal Grants Haste.
23 Initiate Guild of Fire Buy Basic Fire spells.
24 Hut Quest Item: Seashell (Return a seashell to the Judge on Emerald Island.)
25 Pedastal Grants Day of the Gods.
26 The Dragon's Lair Quest Action: Find proof of the contestants fate. (Find the missing contestants on Emerald Island and bring back proof to Lord Markham.)
Quest Action: Find a Longbow (Return a longbow to the Judge on Emerald Island.)
27 Pedastal Grants Fire Resistance.
28 Donna Wyrith's Residence Rumors
29 The Temple of the Moon Quest Action: Find a floor tile (Return a floor tile to the Judge on Emerald Island.)
30 Brent Filiant Quest Item: Wealthy Hat (Return a wealthy hat to Judge on Emerald Island.) Trade a Red Potion for it.

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