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This is the land you have won, and its history is long and bloody, a point of contention between Erathia and Avlee. It needs a bit of work, but perhaps with a little perseverence... And a good weapon, seeing as goblins overrun the place.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6am to 6pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Goblins and Swordsmen

SundayThe Arena, 4 Days
MondayErathia, 2 Days
TuesdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
WednesdayErathia, 2 Days
ThursdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
FridayErathia, 2 Days
SaturdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
NorthTularean Forest, 5 Days
SouthBarrow Downs, 5 Days
EastTularean Forest, 7 Days
WestErathia, 5 Days

Main Map
1 Castle Harmondale Quest/Quest Action: Kill all creatures inside. (Clean out Castle Harmondale and Return to the Butler in the Tavern, On the House, in Harmondale)
Meet emmisaries.
Free rest area.
2 Skinner's House Teaches Master Disarm Trap and Expert Stealing.
3 Torrent's Teaches Grandmaster Water Magic.
4 Kern Residence Teaches Expert Earth Magic.
5 Weider Residence Teaches Expert Perception and Grandmaster Identify Monster.
6 Chadric's House Teaches Grandmaster Sword and Expert Axe.
7 Well Grants +10 Might, Temporary.
8 Farswell Residence Sells Arrowheads and buys Tularean Wood.
8 Hume Residence Quest: Find the lost meditation spot in the Dwarven Barrows.
Quest: Go to the Temple of Baa in Avlee and kill the High Priest of Baa, then return to Bartholomew Hume in Harmondale.
9 White Cliff Caves Quest Action: Find the remains of the Lost Arcomage player. (Find the fate of Darron's brother in White Cliff Caves, then return to Darron Temper in Harmondale.)
10 Signal Fire Pit Light all Signal Fire Pits to call the goblins.
11 Arbiter Quest Action: Return Gryphonheart's Trumpet to the Arbiter (Retrieve Gryphonheart's Trumpet from the battle in the Tularean Forest and return it to whichever side you choose.)
Quest Action: Bring the arbiter you chose as successor to Judge Grey here (Choose a judge to succeed Judge Grey as arbiter in Harmondale.)
12 Shrine Warp to the shrine at 4 in the Land of the Giants. Must be activated from the Land of the Giants.
13 Fortress Searching the area in the middle spawns many goblins around the fort. Use the buttons in the center to fire the weapons.
14 Obelisk #1: pohuwwba
15 Goblin Camps Appears a few days after lighting all three Signal Fire Pits.

Mini Map #1
1 Contest Grants +5 Skill Points if named Attribute is over 50. Works once per character.
2 Mist Manor Teaches Expert Dodging and Expert Unarmed.
3 The J.V.C Corral Stables
4 On the House Tavern
Quest: Talk to the Dwarves in Stone City in the Barrow Downs to find a way to repair Castle Harmondale.
Quest: Retrieve Davrik's Signet ring from the Bandit Caves in the northeast of Erathia and return it to Davrik Peladium in Harmondale.
5 Stone Skin Pedastal Grants Stone Skin.
6 The Peasant's Smithy Armorsmith
7 Bowes Residence Offers Membership to Air and Fire Guilds.
8 Tempered Steel Blacksmith
9 Otto's Oddities Magic Shop
10 The Vault Bank
11 Withersmythe's Home Teaches Expert Staff and Expert Leather.
12 Krewlen Residence Teaches Expert Identify Item and Expert Repair Item.
13 Well Grants 200 Gold if you have less than 200 Gold and less than 100 Gold in the bank.
14 Temper Residence Teaches Master Fire Magic, Quest: Find the fate of Darron's brother in White Cliff Caves, then return to Darron Temper in Harmondale.
15 Hillsmen Residence Teaches Expert Body Magic, Offers Membership to Body Guild.
15 Stillwater Residence Teaches Expert Spirit Magic, Offers Membership to Spirit Guild.
16 Mark Manor Teaches Grandmaster Bow
Quest: Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titan's Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Lawrence Mark in Harmondale.
17 WelNin Cathedral Temple
Quest: Retrieve the Lantern of Light from the Barrow Downs and return it to Tarin Withern in Harmondale.
18 Basic Principles Training Hall
19 Philters and Elixirs Alchemist
20 Harmondale Townhall Town Hall
21 Initiate Guild of Earth Buy Basic Earth Spells.
22 Adept Guild of Spirit Buy Expert Spirit Spells.
23 Adept Guild of Fire Buy Expert Fire Spells.
24 Initiate Guild of Mind Buy Basic Mind Spells.
25 Adept Guild of Body Buy Expert Body Spells.
26 Adept Guild of Air Buy Expert Air Spells.
27 Well Grants +2 Accuracy, Permanent. Works once per chatacter.
28 Initiate Guild of Water Buy Basic Water Spells.
28 Water Guild Troughs Poisons Active Character.

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