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Bracada Desert

This land of sand, ridges, and towers is home to a group of wizards, not to mention a LOT of wild griffins. High above the desert though floats the great city of the wizards, Celeste. The passage to Celeste must be somewhere around here. Oh, and *do* be careful on top of the ridges. They are quite mazelike, if you slip and fall. Some have never been found...

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6 am to 6 PM
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Griffins and Golems

SundayErathia, 3 DaysErathia, 6 Days
MondayErathia, 3 DaysTatalia, 4 Days
TuesdayHarmondale, 5 DaysEvenmorn Island, 1 Day
WednesdayErathia, 3 DaysTatalia, 4 Days
Evenmorn Island, 1 Day
FridayErathia, 3 DaysTatalia, 4 Days
SaturdayHarmondale, 5 DaysTularean Forest, 6 Days
NorthErathia, 5 Days
EastBarrow Downs, 5 Days

Main Map
Erathia, 5 Days Barrow Downs, 5 Days Red Dwarf Mines School of Sorcery Teleporter to Celeste

*TeleporterTeleport to Teleporter Cluster at 23.
1 Enchantress Ship
2 Lightsworn Residence Teaches Expert Light Magic and Master Meditation.
3 Watershed Residence Teaches Expert Alchemy, Offers Water Guild Membership.
4 Stone House Teaches Expert Dodging and Expert Unarmed.
5 Well Random good or ill effect.
6 Sweet Residence Quest: Calm the trees in the Tularean Forest by speaking to the Oldest Tree then return to Lysander Sweet in the Tularean Forest.
7 Hollyfield Residence Teaches Expert Bodybuilding.
8 Rowan's House Quest: Win five arena challenges then return to Leda Rowan in the Bracada Desert.
9 Brand's House Teaches Grandmaster Plate.
10 Applebee Manor Teaches Expert Learning.
11 School of Sorcery Offers Membership to the School of Sorcery Book Shop for 6 months for 5000 Gold.
Quest: Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
Quest: Find the Book of Divine Intervention in the Breeding Zone in the Pit and return it to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
Quest Action: Find the Scroll of Waves (Crack the code in the school of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert to reveal the Tomb of Ashwar Nog'Nogoth. Discover the tomb's location, enter it, and the return it to Stephan Sand in the Pit.)
11 Fountain Grants +25 Intellect and Personality, Temporary.
12 Pederton Residence Teaches Master Staff.
13 Artifacts and Antiques Magic Shop
14 Edmond's Ampules Alchemist
15 Alashandra's Home Rumors
16 Master Guild of Water Buy Master Water Spells.
17 Guild of Illumination Buy Light Spells.
18 Contest Grants +5 Skill Points if named Attribute is over 50. Works once per character.
19 Altar Quest Action: Place the Angel Statuette in the shrine (Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.)
20 Familiar Place Tavern
Quest Action: Choose Judge Fairweather as successor (Choose a judge to succeed Judge Grey as arbiter in Harmondale.)
21 Smiling Jack's Teaches Expert Dagger and Expert Bow.
22 Teleporter to Celeste Leads to Celeste once the Judge Quest is complete.
23 Teleporter Cluster Leads to various points in the map. The obelisk in the corner of each teleporter marks where each teleporter leads. The blue numbers in the lower map mark which telelporters go to which locations in the upper map.
23 Earth Resistance Pedastal Grants Earth Resistance.
23 Shield Pedastal Grants Shield.
24 Chest Quest Item: Abbey Normal Golem Head (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
25 Zimm's House Quest: Retrieve the Seasons' Stole from the Hall of the Pit and return it to Gary Zimm in the Bracada Desert.
26 Temple of Light Temple
27 Benson Residence Teaches Master Identify Item.
28 Obelisk #5: ts_rehmu
29 Gayle's Teaches Grandmaster Air Magic.
30 Brigham's House Teaches Grandmaster Merchant.
30 Chest Quest Item: Golem head (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
31 Crystal Caravans Stables
32 Red Dwarf Mines Quest Action: Find the Dwarves and use the Elixir on them. (Rescue the Dwarves from the Red Dwarf Mines and return to the Dwarf King in Stone City in the Barrow Downs.)
Quest Action: Switch the elevator belts. (Sabotage the lift in the Red Dwarf Mines in the Bracada Desert then return to Steagal Snick in Avlee.)

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