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Darkside of Xeen - Quests


Things to do:

  • Find Ellinger in his tower
  • Bring Energy Disks to Ellinger so that he can restore Castle Kalindra
  • Find the Songbird of Serenity and bring it to Dimitri
  • Visit Ambrose at Griffin's Pass
  • Free Queen Kalindra
  • Visit the Dragon Pharaoh in his Pyramid
  • Search the Escape Pod
  • Find something for Corak to hide
  • Make your way to Alamar

Town Quests

Castleview (A4 14/10)

Enemies: Goblin, Gremlin, Gremlin Guard
You can enter Castleview through the Travel Pyramids in Clouds. When you come here for the first time, Zelda the Herbalist will give you the Dragon Pharaoh's Orb and ask you to take it to Ellinger. The Pyramid at (24/26) takes you back to Vertigo.
If you leave Castleview, you need a Pass to re-enter. Fortunately, you can buy the pass at (A4 15/12) for 1000 Gold. If you want, you can also sneak in through the Sewers.
Mayor Snarfblad (23/27) asks you to get rid of the Gremlins. Talk to Gattlewaithe, the Gremlin King (29/13) and defeat the Gremlin Guards he sends against you. He gives you 3 Energy Disks.
Jethro the Mapmaker (22/24) wants you to free his brother who is innocently in jail (1/20). When you have bought the fake treasure map at (28/30), he will give you a real one instead.
Nadia the Hoarder (27/19) wants her necklace back from the rats (see Castleview Sewers). She will give you the Key to Ellinger's Tower.
In the SW you can find three puzzle rooms. The first one is simple: close the chests in the order 1 - 9. In the second one, you must open the chests so that the letters form a certain word. The moving chest can only be opened after you have visited Ellinger.
Miles the Cartographer (30/23) asks you a riddle you can solve after you have explored Darkside (or look at the map).
Try to find out what the Drawkcab Monks are studying. If you talk to them in the right order (Bob -> Otto -> Pip -> Tinit), they will make you a member of Drawkcab Brotherhood.

Castleview Sewer
Enemies: Sewer Slug, Sewer Rat, Rooka, Valio
Valio the Simple (30/26) who asks you to kill Rooka, the Rat Queen. At (21/4) you find the Rat Queen and at (21/9) Nadia's Necklace. Return to Valio. If you try to open his treasure chest, he will attack you.

Ellinger's Tower (Castleview 12/10)
You get the Key from Nadia (27/19).
This is not really a dungeon, so I didn't list it in the dungeon's section. There are no enemies, but some chests with deadly traps.
The mirror asks you a question about honour - choose answer 1 to open a passage. At Lvl 4 say that you look for Ellinger. He will tell you that Castle Kalindra is out of phase and that he needs 5 Energy Disks per level to restore it.

Sandcaster (E3 4/12)

Enemies: Wizard, Master Wizard, Sorceress, Enchantress, Xenoc, Morgana
You get the Pass from Vespar (E4 13/5) when you finish his mission. You can also enter through the Sewer entrance in the Desert of Doom (D2 12/2), but there are rather strong enemies.
Astra (20/24) asks you to put an end to Xenoc's and Morgana's terror. You find Morgana in the sorceresss' HQ (5/30) and Xenoc in the southwestern part of the city, which you can reach through the Sewer. There you will also find potions which increase your statistics.
Edmund the Weapons Forgerer (27/17) and James the Merchant (23/17) let you do some calculations (the latter only if someone in your party has the Merchant skill).
At (30/1) you'll find the Key to the Eastern Tower in a chest, and at (18/8) you can buy the Pass to Lakeside.

Sandcaster Sewer
Enemies: Beholder Bat, Sewer Hag
The stairs at (0/16) lead to the Desert of Doom. At (1/1) you reach the wizards' HQ, and at (25/4) there is a training ground where you can increase the HP, might and endurance of all party members for 50.000 GP.

Lakeside (F2 3/15)

Enemies: Witch, Coven Leader
You can buy the Pass in Sandcaster.
Defeat the witches and free all prisoners. In the chest of the Head Witch (1/14) you find the Pass to Necropolis.
The skull at (3/5) asks you a puzzle. The answer grants you free membership to the guild.
At (15/14) you can get a ferry ride to the Dungeon of Lost Souls.

Lakeside Sewer
Enemies: Sewer Stalker
At (12/11) you'll find the Golden Dragon Statuette.

Necropolis (B2 8/12)

Enemies: Higher Mummy, Power Lich, Sandro
You find the Pass in Lakeside.
Sandro the Lich (10/8) asks you to find his heart. After you speak to him, he will attack you, and he is very strong! When you bring him the heart, he allows you to take the Golden Griffin Statuette at (10/10) and gives you the Key to the Dungeon of Death.
The Books of Dead in the western part of the town give you lots of XP, but let you age rapidly - so it will be a good idea to set a Lloyd's Beacon near the fountain of youth and go there after you have read one or two books.

Necropolis Sewer
Enemies: Lava Roach
Sandro's heart is at (1/14), but unfortunately the sewer is filled with lava. Use Protection from Fire or Teleport.
The Food for the Dead in the barrels gives you +1 Level permanently, but knocks you unconscious.


You get the Pass from the Dragon Pharaoh after you have spoken to Corak.
You can reach Olympus by ferry, either from the top of the Great Pyramid or from the Skyroad (B3 11/8) (climb the rope at A3 14/7 and go east). Cast Levitate before you enter the ferry boat (or before you use the Town Portal spell)!
Here you can find the answers for many puzzles of the game. Your main objective is to find the Soulbox for Corak. In the Sewer you find some clues for the password. (Cast Levitate all the time!) Take the Sewer entrance in the tavern, enter the password, and you will come to a secret room. The soulbox is at (10/14).


Castle Kalindra (A4 5/14)

Enemies (Dungeon): Power Lich, Dragon Mummy, Scraps
You can't enter the castle because it is "out of phase". Every time you bring 5 Energy disks to Ellinger, he can restore a level of the castle.
Lvl 1: You can learn Arms Master at (8/6) and Sense of Danger at (8/8) for free. Look at the Puzzle Spoilers section for the safe combinations.
Lvl 2: At (10/15) you find Dimitri, the captain of the guard, and at (11/15) his daughter Megan. She gives you the Key to the Dungeon of Lost Souls and asks you to find the Songbird of Serenity for her father, so that he can overcome his depression. When you return, Dimitri tells you the combination of the safes where you'll find many Energy disks. He sends you to Ambrose who can help you save Queen Kalindra.
Dungeons: Free Guido the Convict at (7/9) and he'll tell you the combination of some safes. You don't have to open the cells with the dragons because there is nothing in there.
Lvl 3: Now you have a fully equipped castle, with a Blacksmith (15/2), Training Hall (15/0), Temple (15/13) and Bank (15/15). In Kalindra's bedroom, press the button at (0, 14) to open a secret passage. there you'll find the switch that activates the tekeport mirrors. The safe at (2/15) contains Kalindra's crown. She will tell you the combination when you visit her in Castle Blackfang.

World Map Quests

Luna the Druid (A4 13/15) cannot perform magic without her Golden Statuettes, which have been stolen. She sends you to Thaddeus the Fountain Keeper at (F4 6/7) who gives you the Key to the Southern Tower, but there you find only a note. The Statuettes are in the Western Tower, Lakeside and Necropolis. When you return them to Luna, you get +5 Levels permanently!

Dreyfus the Monk (A3 8/10) has been driven out of the Western Tower by Heretics and wants you to get him back the Key, which is IN the Tower. Fortunately, you can enter the Tower via the Skyroad (climb the rope at (A3 14/7) and don't forget to cast Levitate!) When you give the Key to Dreyfus, he returns to the Tower, and you have to find him there to get your reward.

Nibbler the Monkeydog (B4 3/12) asks you for some Monga Melons. They are south of the river, at A4. After you bring him a melon, he sends you to the Temple of Bark, but you can't enter yet. For another melon, Nibbler gives you the Key.

Vespar the Wizard (B3 7/1) has lost his staff. You find it at (E4 13/5). He gives you the Pass to Sandcaster.

Kramer the Caravan Owner (B3 11/4) asks you to get rid of the Ogres. Destroy the Ogre Forts at (D3 3/7), (D3 9/8) and (D3 11/5). The last one is the headquarter, where you have to fight some Ogre Guards and find 2 Energy disks.

Sharla the Sprite (C4 1/7) wants you to save her sister from the Temple of Bark. She gives you 2 Energy disks.

Thaddeus the Fountain Keeper (F4 6/7) claims that the Jewel of Ages has been stolen. He gives you Key to the Southern Tower, but the Jewel is in the Eastern Tower. After you bring it back, Thadeus can restore the Fontain of Youth. Now you can remove magical aging when you drink from it.

Caleb the Inventor (E3 13/13) asks you to find his Magnifying Glass which has been stolen by the Gargoyles. You find it at (F1 10/0).

Ector the Woodsman (E2 3/12) has lost his ring. It's in a wood pile at (E1 11/12). He gives you an Obsidian axe as reward.

Bosco the Dwarf King (D1 1/8) gives you the Key to the Northern Tower and asks you to get him the Chalice of Protection from inside.

Ambrose (B1 12/5) will only speak to you if you tell him that Dimitri has sent you. He gives you a bridle which he wants to be enchanted. Natasha the Enchantress in Sandcaster (21/4) will help you for 50.000 GP (but you'll get back your money). When you bring the bridle back to Ambrose, he will give you a ride inside Castle Blackfang.

The Enchanted Boulders in the Desert of Doom ask you a riddle (C2 11/0, C2 11/5, D2 0/0 , D2 0/10, D2 5/0, D2 5/5, D2 5/10). Tell the answer to the last boulder at (C2 11/10) to receive 1.000.000 XP, then return to the other boulders where you can find Paladin equipment.


Great Western Tower (A3 4/9)

Enemies: Cleric of Mok, Mok Heretic, Cult Leader
Enter the Tower from the Skyroad, which connects all Towers and Castle Kalindra, to get the Key. Report to Dreyfus (A3 8/10) and re-enter from the main door. At Lvl 1 you can find 2 Energy disks nd the Golden Pegasus Statuette (7/7). You can also increase your elemental resistance. Dreyfus is at Lvl 4 (4/10).

Great Southern Tower (D4 2/7)

Enemies: Rogue, Thief, Master Thief
You get the Key from Thaddeus the Fountain Keeper (F4 6/7).
There are many trapholes, so it might be a good idea to cast Levitate. At Lvl 2 (4/6) you find a note about the locations of the Golden Statuettes. Ring the gongs 3 times to open new ways, where, you can find many treasure chests (some of them have deadly traps). At the Ali Baba Chest (Lvl 3 4/6) put your robber or ninja in the leading position and type the password "Open Sesame".

Great Eastern Tower (F3 10/9)

Enemies: Magic Mage, Mystic Mage, Mega Mage, Gamma Gazer
You find the Key in Sandcaster (30/1).
The most important things here are the Jewel of Ages (Lvl 3 5/11) and two Energy disks. At Lvl 4 you can increase some of your statistics. The Book of Great Power (7/4) gives you +5 levels permanently, but you loose all your secondary skills. Don't drink from the cauldron! You don't have to fight the Gamma Gazer if you don't want to.

Great Northern Tower (D1 2/10)

Enemies: Slayer Knight, Death Knight, Doom Knight
You get the Key from Bosco the Dwarf King who wants you to find the Chalice of Protection.
Thie Tower is the home of the Vowelless Knights. The puzzles are proverbs where you must find the missing vowels and type them in. You can also find an Energy disk. At Lvl 4 (7/4) you are asked what you are looking for. Since you want the Chalice, type AIE.

Temple of Bark (C4 2/8)

Enemies: Orc guard, Orc Shaman, Orc Elite, Shaalth, Barkman
You get the Key from Nibbler the Monkeydog (B4 3/12) after you bring him 3 Monga Melons.
Your target is to kill Shaalth the Orc King (Lvl 3) and free all prisoners, especially Princess Shewanna the Sprite.
At Lvl 2 there are some secret walls which close when you go close to them. You have to use the Jump spell.
At Lvl 4 turn the western dials to 1, the northern ones to 2 and the eastern ones to 3. Pull the lever at (15/14) and finally drink from the Well at (8/7).
Lvl 5 looks like a tree. You are told to feed the roots, not the branches. When you feed the skulls in the "roots" 5 gems each, the wells in the fruit rooms will be activated and you can greatly increase your elemental resistances. But if you feed the skulls in the "branches", you have to fight Barkman. He has 40.000 HP, so maybe you want to wait until later in the game. But if you defeat him, you can open the two sealed chests which contain lots of money and gems. There are also 2 Energy disks in this level.

Dungeon of Lost Souls (F2 6/10)

Enemies: Minotaur, Gorgon
You get the Key from Megan (Castle Kalindra, Lvl 2 11/15). To reach the Dungeon, you can cross the lake or take the ferry boat from Lakeside.
Lvl 1: Turn all hourglasses.
Lvl 2: Turn all dials up, pull the lever at (14/2) and drink from all wells except the one at (9/1).
Lvl 3: Pull all levers.
Lvl 4: Pull the levers to deactivate the teleports. You have to pay 266.000 GP to proceed.
Lvl 5: Free all birds, they increase your statistics. Break the door at (20/7) to find the Songbird of Serenity at (1/8).
When you look at the map, you'll notice that the walls form letters. They say "My name is Sheltem".

Castle Blackfang (F1 9/11)

Enemies: Vampire, Vampire Lord, Royal Vampire, Ct. Blackfang
You cannot enter the castle in the normal way. Ambrose (B1 12/5) will you help you to enter after you fulfill his quest.
Kill Count and Lady Blackfang at Lvl 3, then go down to the dungeon where you find Queen Kalindra at (1/1). She cannot come with you since she has been turned into a vampire, so she sends you back to Dimitri. (Set a Lloyd's Beacon!) He suggests that you find Kalindra's crown. Return to the queen, and she tells you the code to the safe in her bedroom. Now you can get the crown and finally rescue her. She gives you the Key to the Great Pyramid and asks you to find the Dragon Pharaoh.

Great Pyramid (D2 0/5)

Enemies: Green Dragon, Cloud Dragon
You get the Key from Queen Kalindra after you rescue her.
At Lvl 1 you have to pull all levers. If you solve the puzzle and pull the lever at (25/20), a secret passage will open which leads to a treasure.
At Lvl 2 the walls form three numbers. The statues tell you to do some calculations with them; the solution is the password for Lvl 3.
Lvl 3: Jump over the teleport fields. In the center you find the Dragon Pharaoh (or Pharoah, it's spelled both ways in the game). He tells you about Alamar's plans and sends you to the Escape Pod, where you are supposed to find something helpful. When you return to him, he gives you the Pass to Olympus.

Escape Pod 1 (B2 3/8)

The computer terminals contain some interesting information. Activate the Main Power Console at (25/8), deactivate the Stasis Field at (2/8) and talk to Corak the Mysterious at (4/8). He tells you that he needs a Soulbox to hide from Sheltem. Report to the Dragon Pharaoh, get the Soulbox in Olympus and return to Corak.

Escape Pod 2 (B1 2/9)

Not much to do here. The computer terminal at (4/9) has some informations about Sheltem.

Castle Alamar (A1 10/4)

Enemies: Annihilator, Autobot
Don't come here before you have got Corak in the Soulbox.
First go south to the dungeon and read the statues carefully, especially at (5/12). The Xeen Power Juice gives you +5 Levels permanently. At 813/3) you find the Key to the Dragon Tower.
At Lvl 2 turn all dials to 9 (Alamar's birth number) and tell the stone head in the center Alamar's true name (Sheltem). At Lvl 3 walk over the elemental fields in exactly the same order you have read on the statue (FEWAEEFFWAEFAWEEWWEFAW). Enter Alamar's chamber and watch the showdown.

You have defeated Alamar, but your mission is not over yet - see "Uniting the Worlds"!

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