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Clouds of Xeen - Quests

Darzog's Tower

Things to do:

  • Visit King Burlock and his advisor
  • Buy the old castle and have the Royal Master Builder rebuild it
  • Free Crodo in Darzog's Tower
  • Find the Xeen Slayer Sword
  • Defeat Lord Xeen

Town Quests

Vertigo (F3 10/13)

Enemies: Doom Bug, Slime, Breeder slime
Mayor Gunther (14/5) asks you to get rid of the plague. Find the bill in Joe's store room (9/22) and return to Gunther. After this, the well will be back to normal, and you can restore your HP for free.
Next, Gunther asks you to help the Red Dwarfes kill the Mad Dwarf King (see Dwarf Mines).

Nightshadow (D4 13/5)

Enemies: Bat Queen, Gnome Vampire, Count Draco
Here you have to kill Count Draco, the vampire. The tombstones provide you with hints how to set the sundials. Open Count Draco's coffin (1/14) at night.
The well will give you +10 Level temporary!

Rivercity (C3 11/7)

Enemies: Insane Beggar, Sorceress, Robber, Robber Boss
Barok (25/20) asks you to defeat the sorceresses and find his Magic Pendant (1/20). He gives you the "Enchant Item"-Spell and turns the well at (14/18) back to normal. Now you can restore your SP here.
At the robber's hideout (1/3), you can find Princess Roxanne's Tiara (see Castle Burlock).

Asp (C2 9/15)

Enemies: Snake Man, Guardian Asp
An evil machine has turned the townspeople into snakes. Read the pedestals to get a clue how to change the colors of the orbs around the well. Then you can get near the Snake Generator at (8/14) and destroy it. (Some squares on the little sand area will teleport you back.)
After this, the well will give you +100 HP.
At (8/11) you find Falagner's Crystal of Piezoelectricity.

Winterkill (A3 4/6)

Enemies: Spirit Bone, Spirit Polter Fool, Ghost Rider
Randon the Mayor (8/13) asks you to free Winterkill of the ghosts. Kill all ghosts ("Turn undead" works well), ring the gong at (13/11) and return to Randon. You have to repeat this twice.
To activate the well, ring the gongs at (6/13) and (6/9) twice. It will give you +50 Mgt.


Castle Burlock (D2 8/2)

Enemies: Mad Fool, (Castle Guard, King's Guard, Ice Troll, Fire Dragon)
King Burlock (Lvl 1, 8/1) wants you to find the sixth mirror. (You cannot fulfill this quest - you will see why.)
Artemus, the Royal Advisor (Lvl 1, 1/4) asks you to free Crodo (see Darzog's Tower).
The Master Builder (Lvl 1, 2/7) will rebuild your castle once you have bought it and found enough Megacredits.
Princess Roxanne (West Tower, Lvl 3, 2/11) wants you to find her Tiara which was stolen (see Rivercity).
If you open the treasure chest in the royal bedchamber (Lvl 3, 6/1), the castle will be filled with guards which are very hard to defeat and regenerate every time you come back. I think it's not worth the prize.
In the basement under the East Tower you can fight Castle Guards, Ice Trolls and a Fire Dragon, if you really want to.

Newcastle (C4 11/12)

You have to buy the ground for 50.000 Gold.
Every time you bring him 5 Megacredits, the Master Builder will improve your castle. The Megacredits are found in the Temple of Yak (8), Tomb of 1000 Terrors (8), and Golem Dungeon (14). Since only 3 improvements are possible, that's far more than you actually need.
1st improvement: When you enter the castle, you get the Stone of 1000 Terrors. It's not much of a castle though, but you can find some nice treasure in the rubble.
2nd improvement: You get the Golem Stone of Admittance. Now you have a little town, with a Blacksmith (Lvl 1, 4/7), Training (up to level 20, Lvl 1, 11/7), Temple (Lvl 2, 4/4) and Bank (Lvl 2, 5/8). You can fill your food backpack at the barrels in Lvl 1 (5/8), and the well gives you +20 AC.
For the 3rd improvement you need a special permit from the King's Advisor, so you have to free Crodo first. Now you have access to the dungeon (you can learn the required password by reading the statues), where you find the Xeen Slayer sword! (Note by Mitch Aigner: make sure that your troops are not max'ed out on Miscellaneous items. If there isn't enough room in your inventory, you will be throwing away your possible 4 Potions of the Gods.)

World Map Quests

Myra the Herbalist (F3 9/11) give you 5 Antidote Potions for every Phirna Root you bring her. (Phirna Roots are the red berries on Toad Meadow, F4). This is very useful at the beginning of the game!

Orothin (F3 9/6) has lost his Bone Whistle. (Use a jump spell to reach him.) You find it by checking the skeleton at (E4 5/14). When you return it, he will activate the statues nearby, where you can get the "Cure Poison" and "Cure disease" spell for free.

Derek the Ranger (F3 4/5) asks you to rescue his girlfriend Celia from the Zombies. She is held captive at (D4 15/15). (You need the Pathfinder skill to find her.)

Valia (F4 9/3) gives you the Key to the Witch Tower and asks you to get back the Alacorn of Falista. When you are successful, she grants you the Crusader skill.

Ligono the Ghost (D3 12/8) needs his skull to be free. You find it at (D4 2/1). He gives you the "Recharge Item" spell as reward.

Mirabeth the Mermaid (D4 12/3) gives you the Yak Stone of Opening so that you can get her the Elixir of Restoration from Yak Temple.

Danulf the Fairy King (C3 14/5) has lost his Wand of Fairy Magic (D4 8/14).

The Gargoyles have stolen the Scarab of Imaging from Carlawna the Cleric (C2 10/6). It is in a chest guarded by Gargoyles (C1 15/11). Carlawna rewards you with the "Moon Ray" spell.

Falagner the Wizard (C2 8/11) misses his Crystals of Piezoelectricity. When you get them back from Asp, he gives you the "Mega Volts" spell.

Captain Nystor (C2 9/1) complains about the Ogres. Destroy their lair at (C2 5/0).

Tito the Elf Priest (C3 3/8) has lost the Holy book of Elvenkind. You can find it in the snow forest (B4 14/13).

Medin the Fisherman (C3 12/13) asks you to defeat the water beasts on the lake.

Thickbark the tree (B3 6/3) complains about the Ice Trolls who eat his bark. If you destroy them and their lair at (B4 2/7), he gives you the "Super Shelter" spell.

Kai Wu (A3 15/12) has been driven out of his Pagoda (A3 15/ 6) by evil Ninjas. Reclaim it.

Halon (B3 9/6) wants you to bring him an Everhot Lava Rock. You find it (of course) in the lava area (E2 7/11). He gives you a Widget as reward.

Destroy the Cyclops Outpost (A4 10/ 8) and return to Glom (A3, 10/ 0).

Arie (A1 11/5) needs the Scroll of Insight from Castle Basenji. He gives you the Key to the Northern Sphinx.

Bring the Last Flower of Spring, which you get from the Spring Druid (E3 3/14) to the Summer Druid (B2 1/10), the last Raindrop of Summer to the Autumn Druid (C2 15/9), the Last Leaf of Autumn to the Winter Druid (A3 6/1) and the Last Snowflake of Winter back to the Spring Druid. He will remove the effects of unnatural aging. You can repeat this process as often as necessary.


Dwarf Mines (Main entrance at F3 5/13)

Enemies: Giant Bat, Giant Spider, Tiger Mole, Mad Dwarf, Clan Sergeant, Clan King
An excellent opportunity to collect money and experience early in the game. To reach the different parts, check the mine car and type one of the following: Mine 1 (that's where you start), Mine 2, Mine 3, Mine 4, Mine 5. The codes for the deep mines are: Alpha, Theta, Kappa, Omega.
There are many walls you can bash in. Check the gold veins, bur save your game before - a cave-in might kill you. The liquids in the barrels improve your parameters permanently.
At Deep Mine Omega (30/26) you find the Mad Dwarf King.

Witch Tower (F4 10/9)

Enemies: Goblin, Wicked Witch, Head Witch, Harpy
Get the key from Valia (F4 9/3).
Some of the skulls (especially those on Lvl 3) will teach you spells or give you useful information when you feed them with a gem, but some of them will only talk nonsense.
Free all children and kill the Head Witch at Lvl 4. The last boy will tell you the password. Say it to the skull at(10/6) to open a secret passage and find the Alacorn.
If you have the "Levitate" spell, you can explore the clouds above the tower. You can find items, gems and hints.

Ancient Temple of Yak (E4 4/4)

Enemies: Skeleton, Cleric of Yak, Yak Priest, Yak Lich, Yak Master
Get the Stone of Opening from Mirabeth (D4 12/3).
There are many trap holes in the floor - use the "Levitate" spell.
By turning the switches, you can open secret doors. You can find 8 Megacredits here (but you need only 5, so don't worry). Touch the altars to desecrate them. If you open the sarcophags, you have to fight Yak Liches.
The Elixir of Restoration is at (30/25).

Tomb of 1000 Terrors (C4 6/6)

Enemies: Ghoul, Tomb Guard, Tomb Terror
You get the Stone of 1000 Terrors at Newcastle, after the 1st improvement.
There is not much to do here. You can find 8 Megacredits and improve your statistics by drinking the tomb juice.

Golem Dungeon (B4 11/10)

Enemies: Wood Golem, Stone Golem, Iron Golem, Diamond Golem
You get the Golem Stone of Admittance at Newcastle, after the 2nd improvement.
In the Wood section you must flip the switches to "cut the branches", then teleport back out. In the Stone section push the buttons until six hot rocks are visible. In the Iron section flip the switches to open secret passages, then use the teleport fields to reach the Diamond section. After you have finished this section, the statue at (13/1) gives you +1 level. You can find 14 Megacredits here.

Castle Basenji (A1 8/8)

Enemies: Were Wolf, Wizard, Cult Leader
Free the prisoners in the dungeon. One of them tells you the password for Lvl 2.
The scrolls improve your resistance against the elements or your statistics, but the scrolls of Death will kill you. The Scroll of Insight lies on the pedestal at Level 3 (3/9). When you return it to Arie (A1 11/5), he gives you the Amulet of the Northern Sphinx.

Northern Sphinx (B1 12/8)

Enemies: Earth Golem, Stone Golem, Mummy
In the Dungeon you can find five riddles. They tell you the name of the Sphinx. This is the password for Lvl 2.
You will find a Human Throne, a Dwarf Throne... Let the appropriate characters sit on them to get 500.000 EXP. You can also learn some useful spells here. To open the sarcophags, you have to be very strong.

Cave of Illusion (B4 2/15)

Enemies: Water Golem
The spear traps in this cave are only illusions. Unfortunately, the treasures are illusions, too.
The skulls will increase your statistics for gems. At Level 4 (7/14) you can get the Key to the Tower of High Magic for 300 gems.
If you are very strong, you can pull the plug at Level 4 (14/13). Now you can open the safes, but the spear traps will hurt you.

Tower of High Magic (C4 6/15)

Enemies: Flying Feet, Sorcerer
You get the Key in the Cave of Illusion.
The green squares will take away all your SP, so jump over them. The Pandorian Boxes are guarded by monsters.
The Key to Darzog's Tower is at Lvl 4 (7/12).

Darzog's Tower (D3 4/13)

Enemies: Carnage Hand, Darzog Clone, Darzog
The green squares will take away all your SP AND teleport you back to the 1st floor, so use Jump and Teleport to avoid them. You can search the grates in the 1st floor.
After you have defeated Darzog at Lvl 3, go to Lvl 4 and press the buttons behind the tapestries to open secret passages. In a corner you will find a ladder. Go down and free Crodo (finally!)
When you have got the excavation permit from the Royal Advisor and retrieved the Xeen Slayer Sword, return here and enter the clouds to reach Castle Xeen.

Clouds of Xeen

Enemies: Roc, Cloud Golem
Teleport north where the signs tells you to do so.
You must win the four games at(12/22), (11/25), (15/24) and ((14/26) (you need not do anything, just choose the character with the highest statistics). Then the Gamesmaster at (12/29) will trade your prizes for a Xeen Cupie Doll.

Castle Xeen

Enemies: Xeen's Guard, Xeen's Pet, Lord Xeen
To enter the Castle, you need a Xeen Cupie Doll. In the Castle destroy the four Elemental Machines in the corners to disarm some of the traps. Make your way to Level 4, destroy the Guard Making Machine and kill Xeen's Pet. Then you will finally face Lord Xeen. He can only be hurt with the Xeen Slayer Sword. After every attack, pass it to the next character (or if you used the "I lost it"-cheat, you can equip everybody with a Xeen slayer Sword).
Congratulations, you have solved Might and Magic 4! King Burlock will tell you that "your fate lies on the Darkside".

Optional Dungeons:

Volcano Cave (E1 15/2)

Enemies: Demon, Devil
No problems here. At Level 2, push all 4 switches to create a path over the lava.
At Level 4 you will find the secret town Shangri-La. The well gives you +1 Level permanently. Here you can buy all spells (the guild Membership is free), learn all skills and get the best tips in the game!

Dragon Cave (E1 14/12)

Enemies: Fire Dragon, Frost Dragon, Dragon King
Use Wizard Eye and Teleport to avoid the urns. They steal you 2.000 Gold "Dragon Tax".
You can find about 300.000 Gold and get lots of EXP by reading the books (but your characters must be very intelligent to read them). After you have read "The Art of Taxation" (27/1), the urns won't do anything.

Dungeon of Death (E3 3/4)

See "Uniting the Worlds"

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