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You start the game in the Adventurer's Guild of the town of Skara Brae, located on Main Street. Unlike newer RPGs it is not enough to just follow the storyline. Most of the time you will spend walking through the streets and already explored dungeons, fighting hundreds of monsters in order to improve your characters. The beginning is one of the hardest parts of the game. Thus the first part of the walkthrough gives basic surviving tips for fresh characters.

Your first action should be a visit at Garth's Equipment Shoppe. Buy some basic weapons and armor for your party members. Skara Brae at daylight!Now you are surely eager to kill a first group of monster scum. The best strategy is to search for monsters near a temple, because it is essential to visit temples regularly, spending the gold getting after killing enemies to heal your characters. Also at the beginning it is very importing not to overestimate your characters' strength. Often it is wiser to run away from a fight. First or second level characters should not even think of fighting a group of barbarians. Keep fighting small groups of easy enemies and visit temples often. If you are lucky your party members will raise in levels and be able to walk around the town, killing enemies in the streets and houses quite easily. Don't forget to buy better equipment from time to time. As soon as the monster groups roaming Skara Brae at night are no longer a match for your party, you are ready for the real fun... the dungeons.

The following part is a step-by-step guide mentioning the things you have to do in the dungeons in order to win the game and beat Mangar. You will find that the walkthrough itself is rather short, because it is basically a surviving game, its difficulty coming from the dungeon design and monsters and not from an excessive storyline or puzzle solving. Please always remember the following rule: If the monsters are too strong, your party is too week. The only solution is to visit formerly explored areas and level-up your characters. This isn't done in five minutes, but it is necessary... except you use the predefined characters from the Cheats section. The walkthrough makes use of the coordinate system of the dungeons. Use the dungeon maps to find your way to the mentioned coordinates. As soon as you are able to use the APAR spell you can teleport around in dungeons freely, making traveling easier. On some dungeon levels APAR isn't allowed though! Additionally, remember that in some dungeon levels there aren't stairs to bring you up/down a level, but openings in the ceiling/floor instead. In order to make it through an opening you have to cast a Levitation spell and press "A" for "Ascend" or "D" for "Descend".

You've read the general hints and think your characters are strong enough to go underground? Excellent. But wait a moment... before entering the first dungeon you have to find it. Walk to the tavern called Scarlet Bard in Rakhir Street and order some wine. The innkeeper will send you to his cellar to get some bottles yourself. The first two levels have nothing of importance. In level 3 at 0E/4N a light beam blocks the way during daytime. Wait until its night and you can cross the passage unharmed, making your way to a magic mouth at 3E/4N, telling you about a madman named Tarjan who proclaimed himself a god. With this information you can go back to the surface. The fourth level is not interesting at the moment, because its only purpose is to provide an entryway to Mangar's Tower at 17E/16N which you are not yet prepared to enter. Visit the Temple of the Mad God in the center of Skara Brae. The answer for the priests' question is Tarjan and they allow you to enter the catacombs. Again the first level is rather uninteresting so make your way to the second one. Here you have to fight your way through the chambers of the Master Sorcerer Bashar Kavilar to the stairs at 11E/8N. In this level you should avoid the Stasis Chamber at 0E/0N and the lair of the Soul Sucker at 21E/0N at all costs, because it means nothing but worthless trouble. Climb down to level 3. There you have to travel into an area. only accessible by going through a series of teleporters. At the end (20E/19N) you will encounter the Witch King, a nasty spectre and a quite formidable opponent at this stage of the game. Beat him and get an "Eye". (Note: If you should loose this or any other important item you can always go back and get it again, because a level gets totally restored when reentering it, together with all the monsters!)

Next, visit Harkyn's Castle. Hopefully your characters are strong enough and the Grey Dragon guarding the castle isn't too much trouble. The first level has one important item at 19E/0N, the Crystal Sword, so get it and take the stairs to level 2 at 0E/19N. A Grey Dragon guards Harkyn's Castle!To reach these stairs you have to either have a bard sit on the throne at 9E/14N in order to open a secret door or use a PHDO or APAR spell. Once on level 2, go to 9E/9N and answer the question of the old man with "VAMPIRE". The man lets you pass and you'll be teleported into the southwestern corner of the dungeon. Pick up the "Silver Square", the first of three items you'll need at the end of the game and go up the opening at 19E/19N. On level 3 your task is to reach the southeastern room. The easiest way would be teleporting to this spot with the APAR-Spell. The normal way would be entering the teleporting field at 0E/6N and directly after that the teleport at 10E/21N. The only real obstacle now consists of a room with 4x99 Berserkers. Using the MIBL Spell is strongly advised here, because it effects all enemy groups. This is also a very good place to visit more often to get lots of experience points, as long as your characters can handle the mass of enemies. Having reached your goal at 21E/1N, put the "Eye" you got from the Witch King into the statue. After a small fight you'll be teleported to another place, Kylearan's Tower.

This is a nasty dungeon. It has only one level, but teleporting is not allowed, there are many puzzles and lots of dark areas. And on top of all, you have to complete the level in order to be able to leave it again. OK, what do you have to do? Enter the teleport at 19E/1N, then the teleport at 19E/19N. Next go to 13E/10N and answer the magic mouth riddle with "STONE GOLEM". You'll be teleported to 9E/8N. Enter the big dark room to the south and the small room with the magic mouth at 12E/2N. The answer "SINISTER" opens a door at 1E/6N. Leave the dark room to the southwest and after following the long corridor, enter the next big, dark maze. First go to 2E/20N and take the Silver Triangle. Leave the maze through the door, opened by solving the magic mouth riddle, and beat the Crystal Golem at 4E/1N. You must have the Crystal Sword from Harkyn's Castle however, or you won't be able to kill him. Now take the door to the south and follow the long, snake-like corridor. At the end of the corridor go through the door to the west (not south!!) and make your way to the teleport at 14E/18N. This leads you to the final corridor, the friendly wizard Kylearan waiting at the other end. He gives you an Onyx Key, which is needed to enter Mangar's Tower. One step north you'll be teleported to the exit.

Go back to the dungeon beneath the Scarlet Bard. Level 4 has an entryway to Mangar's Tower. And with the Onyx Key you can finally enter the tower itself. Immediately go to level 2 by either casting the APAR-Spell or visiting the magic mouth at 20E/13N, which teleports you to level 2, 20E/13N. Make your way to 4E/15N and grab the "Silver Circle" after giving the answer "CIRCLE" for the Magic Mouth Riddle. Then go up at 11E/2N. The third level is very nasty again, because the extensive corridor system is a dark area. With the help of the maps you shouldn't have serious problems though. If you lost orientation, cast the SCSI-Spell to get a hint about your current location. Inside Mangar's Tower!In this level, your task is to solve the Magic Mouth Riddle at 10E/4N. Hints to the answer lie in several spots throughout the dungeon level. The answer consists of seven words, which you have to type in the following order: "LIE", "WITH", "PASSION", "AND", "BE", "FOREVER", "DAMNED". The access to level 4 will then appear at 3E/9N. Before you leave the third level you might want to buy the "Master Key" for 50.000 Gold at 19E/12N, allowing you to access Mangar's Tower through the front gates next time. The first part of level 4 is rather straightforward. After a series of teleports you will eventually land in the northwestern corner. Now step on the field at 3E/20N. This will have a very interesting effect. All the walls on this level will become doors and all the doors will become walls. Go to the teleport at 1E/20N and make your way via the new doors to the hole leading up in the very southwestern corner. Welcome on the last level! Again at the beginning use a series of teleporters to reach the wide area to the east. Dive into the boiling pool at 21E/10N, which brings you to 10E/6N. Walk north to the end of the corridor. If you have the "Silver Circle", "Silver Triangle" and "Silver Square", a door appears. When you walk north, you will be able to confront Mangar and his minions via the front door. I personally suggest to go in through the backdoor. To do this walk east and north and enter the room just north of Mangar's chamber. Solve the riddle ("SPECTRE SNARE") and you will get the "Spectre Snare", the most powerful item in the game. This might improve your chances to survive the next fight. Now step into Mangar's room. There is no real strategy how to beat him and the groups of Demon Lords and Vampire Lords best. But one wizard should cast constantly REST-Spells to heal your party. The other wizard(s) should cast offensive spells. Hopefully your fighters will survive long enough to kill some enemies themselves, before the they get killed by "critical hits". After your victory, Kylearan appears and congratulates your party. He gives you some extra experience points and teleports you back to Skara Brae. The game doesn't stop here however. If you want you can even try to beat Mangar again and again.

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