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Bard Songs

Bard's Tale Artwork: Bard

The songs of bards are magical. There are 6 different songs your bard can choose from. Remember that a bard can only sing as many songs as he has levels before he must drink something to refreshen his voice. A bard must have an instrument equipped in order to unleash the power of the magical songs.

Song List:

# Title Effect
1 Falkentyne's Fury This tune increases the damage your party will do in combat, by driving them into a berserker rage.
2 The Seeker's Ballad This song will produce light when exploring, and during combat it will increase the party's chance of hitting a foe with a weapon.
3 Wayland's Watch This song will soothe your savage foes, making them do less damage in combat.
4 Badh'r Kilnfest This is an ancient Elven melody, which will heal the Bard's wounds during traveling, and heal the party's wounds during combat.
5 The Traveller's Tune This melody makes the members of your party more dexterous and agile, and thus more difficult to hit.
6 Lucklaran This song sets up a partial "anti-magic" field, which gives party members some increased protection against spell casting.

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