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Summoning a free Stone Elemental:

While on the streets of Skara Brae, pressing the "Z" key will bring a Stone Elemental to join your party. Very useful for low-level parties.

Cloning Items:

Load character A and B into the party
Pass the item(s) to be cloned from A to B
Pass all money to B else you will lose it
Save B but do NOT save A

Get a free level for 11.700 Gold:

If a character gets drained from level N to N-1 and then taken to the temple and healed (for 11.700 gold) the level is returned to N but the exp is set the minimum for level N+1 so the character can be taken to the review board and immediately leveled.
You can farm this feature (or bug?) in one of three ways:

  1. Go find creatures that drain levels (such as the lich king at the bottom of the mad god temple). This is hard, slow and dangerous.
  2. Get a hunter with a Mournblade and party attack your friends. this is hard because the hunter is usually either too high a level and will critically hit and kill (and not drain) their party member. The best way to do it is to get the target naked and withered and use a low level hunter for the job.
  3. Get a warrior with a Spectre Mace. This works great as even a high level warrior will hit for no more than 100 or so points of damage with the mace (not killing most characters) and can cleanly drain everyone a level.


This part shows you in detail how to influence your character stats via a Hex-Editor. I tried to make it as simple as possible so that it can also be handled by persons who never used Hex-Cheating before. And for those who still don't want to go throught the Hex-Cheating process I made some downloadable sample characters.

We'll go through it step by step. As an example let's use one sample character of mine named Rastin, a 13th Level Wizard which mastered all 7 spell levels of each mage-class.

  • Write down the characters current stats. And also write down the stats your character should have.
  • Start your Hex-Editor and open the *.tpw file that belongs to your character. You can easily recognize the correct file after opening it, since the first bytes show the name. The screen should show something very similar to this (without the colored markings):

    Hex-Cheating Screenshot 1

  • Open the Base Converter that should be implemented in the Hex-Editor and find out the hex-values of your decimal stats. The following table shows the current and wished future stats of the sample character in decimal and hex-numbers.

    Stat./Attrib. Current Dec.Current Hex. Wished Dec. Wished Hex.
    Strength 17 11 18 12
    Intelligence 16 10 18 12
    Dexterity 18 12 18 12
    Constitution 16 10 18 12
    Luck 17 11 18 12
    Gold 319,993 04E1F9 1,000,000 0F4240
    Exp. 1,301,168 13DAB0 10,000,000 06989680
    Hit-Pts 302 012E 2000 07D0
    Spell-Pts. 306 0132 2000 07D0
    Level 10 D0 10 D0
    All Spell-Lvls 7 07 7 07

  • Compare the table to the screenshot and try to find the current hex-values in the screenshot. To make things easier I marked the spots as following:

    Hex-Cheating Color 1 Attributes in order: Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, Constitution, Luck (twice - change both!)
    Hex-Cheating Color 2 HitPoints (twice - change both!)
    Hex-Cheating Color 3 SpellPoints (twice - change both!)
    Hex-Cheating Color 4 Experience Points
    Hex-Cheating Color 5 Gold
    Hex-Cheating Color 6 Character Level (twice - change both!)
    Hex-Cheating Color 7 Spell Level in order: Sorcerer, Conjurer, Magician, Wizard

    One thing that should come to your attention is that the numbers (bytes) are shown backwards. So from "13DAB0" becomes "B0DA13".
  • Now its time to overwrite the hex-values with the new values. Keep in mind that you use the backwards style with your new numbers, too!! In my example it would look like this:

    Hex-Cheating Screenshot 2

    I haven't changed the level, because it is rather useless. And I haven't changed the Spell-Level values, because my character already had the max of 7 in each class.
  • Save the *.tpw file and put the modified character into your party.

Characters for Download:

For the lazy cheaters I have made a bunch of powerful characters ready for action. Choose the characters you'd like and copy the *.tpw files into the game's directory. Now you have a super-duper-party right away.

Each character is level 40 and has 5.000 HP, 5.000.000 Gold and Max-Stats; additionally the Wizards have all spells and 3.000 Spellpoints.

  • [Download] (Filename 1.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Aramon (Warrior, Dwarf)
  • [Download] (Filename 2.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Naret (Paladin, Human)
  • [Download] (Filename 3.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Broch (Monk, Human)
  • [Download] (Filename 4.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Netzer (Hunter, Human)
  • [Download] (Filename 5.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Alan (Bard, Half-Elf)
  • [Download] (Filename 6.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Bilbi (Rogue, Hobbit)
  • [Download] (Filename 7.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Rastin (Wizard, Human)
  • [Download] (Filename 8.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Maguru (Wizard, Elf)
  • [Download] (Filename 9.tpw; Filesize: 1K) -> Fistan (Wizard, Human)

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