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Skara Brae
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Skara Brae

Since it is the only city in the game, you'll have to walk around Skara Brae a lot. You will learn to appreciate the many services this town has to offer... from temples, inns and shops. But beware, Skara Brae is everything but peaceful. Many monsters roam the streets and "empty" houses.

City Map:

Map of Skara Brae


# A blue dot symbolizes Inns! Inns A green dot symbolizes Temples! Temples A red dot symbolizes  Misc. Locations! Misc.
1 Sinister Inn 100 Blessings Kylearan's Tower
2 Drawnblade Great Gods Harkyn's Castle
3 Skull Tavern Greatest Gods Roscoe's Energy Emporium
4 Dragonbreath Greater Gods Review Board
5 Ask Y'Mother Thief Temple Garth's Equipment Shoppe
6 Scarlet Bard Temple of Kiosk Mad God's Temple
7 Archmage Inn - City Gates
8 - - Adventurer's Guild
9 - - Mangar's Tower


Inns  You won't find that the innkeepers are very talkative persons, but for some gold they give a couple of semi-useful hints. As for the drinks: Your bard might need one if he lost his voice due to excessive singing.

1-199 Gold"The guardian can be deadly."
200-299 Gold"A taste of wine might turn to ready adventure."
300-399 Gold"Look for the Review Board on Trumpet Street."
400-499 Gold"The gates cannot be scaled, but an entrance always exists."
500-599 Gold"The Stone Golem has been spoken of twofold."
600-699 Gold"The Spectre Snare can draw in even the mightiest."
700+ Gold"The gates cannot be scaled, but an entrance always exists."

Ale3 Gold
Beer2 Gold
Mead4 Gold
Foul spirits6 Gold
Ginger Ale1 Gold


Temples  The priests of the various temples in Skara Brae offer their healing services, ranging from restoring Hitpoints to curing serious illnesses and even more problematic conditions. They can even raise the dead... if you have enough gold in your pouches.

Healing ServiceCost
OLD300 Gold per Lvl. (3900 max)
POSS400 Gold per Lvl. (5200 max)
POIS500 Gold per Lvl. (6500 max)
NUTS600 Gold per Lvl. (7800 max)
DEAD900 Gold per Lvl. (11700 max)
STON1120 Gold per Lvl. (14560 max)
Restoring HitPoints10 Gold per HP

Garth's Equipment Shoppe:

Garth's Equipment Shoppe  Here you can trade items, weapons and armor. Prices for items, weapons and armor can be found in their appropriate sections.

Roscoe's Energy Emporium:

Roscoe's Energy Emporium  For a fee of 15 Gold per Spellpoint, Roscoe restores all Spellpoints of a selected spellcasting character.

Adventurer's Guild:

Adventurer's Guild  It's a kind of "Club House" for all adventurers. Here you can create new characters and add or remove characters from your party. This is also the only place to save your game without losing all your gold! For doing so you must leave the game via the Adventurer's Guild.

Review Board:

Review Board  Visit this place in order to gain higher levels, change classes (spellcasters only) or acquire new spells. More about character levels, class changes and spells can be found in their appropriate sections.

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