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Dungeon: Mangar's Tower



Level 1

  Dungeon: Mangar's Tower Level 1
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:Ahead lies the exit, oh faithful ones!
2:Ahead lies the deathfield!
3:On the wall is etched: Beyond the lie / Before the slip / A passage north / Will fake a trip / And upward go / To evil's grip / Yet not an inch / Will seem to dip
A:A magic mouth teleports you to "Level 2, 20E/13N"


Level 2

  Dungeon: Mangar's Tower Level 2
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:Ahead lies the exit, oh faithful ones!
2:On the wall is etched: The Spectre Snare can catch a foe and bind him lest his spirit go...
A:Magic Mouth Riddle: "Two shapes yours, one's around; Speak the shape and final found"; Answer: "CIRCLE"; Important Item: "Silver Circle"


Level 3

  Dungeon: Mangar's Tower Level 3
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:On the wall is etched: The One has said that the first man is blessed and the last is damned.
2:You smell burning coals...
3:On the wall is etched: On the many levels, several are ancient but the sixth is forever.
4:On the wall is etched: As the One God has said, the third is passion if you have love and life.
5:On the wall is etched: We speak of One God, eternal he is, his fifth is almost certainly be.
6:On the wall is etched: In all the land, the fourth is and
7:On the wall is etched: The Ond God's second is surely with.
8:On the wall is etched: Do not scry, the first is lie.
A:Keymaster sells you a "Master Key" for 50.000 gold pieces. With the "Master Key" you can enter "Mangar's Tower" via the front gates.
B:Magic Mouth Riddle: "Speak the seven of the One God and seek the lost stairs."; Answer: "LIE", "WITH", "PASSION", "AND", "BE", "FOREVER", "DAMNED"; Stairs at 3E/9N are available now.


Level 4

  Dungeon: Mangar's Tower Level 4
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:The shape of a skull is etched on the floor.
2:On the wall is etched: Welcome to Mangar's crypt
3:Tracks lead south down this corridor.
4:A gust of wind blows through here...
A:When you step on this square, each door turns into a wall and each wall into a door, thus allowing you to progress to the stairs.
B:Magic Mouth Riddle: "Name the greatest son of Odin and win his aid" -> Answer: THOR -> Item: "Thor Fgn"
C:Coffin -> If you open it -> Battle [1 Vampire Lord]
D:Two sleeping dragons awake -> Battle [1 Red Dragon, 1 Red Dragon]


Level 5

  Dungeon: Mangar's Tower Level 5
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
A:Magic Mouth Riddle: "What can bind the mightiest foes?" -> Answer: SPECTRE SNARE -> Item: "Spectre Snare"
B:Mangar -> Battle [2 Demon Lords, 3 Vampire Lords, 1 Mangar] -> If you win, you've beaten the game. Kylearan appears and gives each character 300.000 XP and Gold. The party gets teleported to the Adventurer's Guild.
C:Mangar's Treasure Trove -> Battle [1 Black Dragon, 1 Black Dragon]
D:A door appears when your party has the "Silver Circle", "Silver Square" and "Silver Triangle" in the inventory.
E:Pool of boiling liquid. When diving in, the party gets teleported to 10E/6N
F:Magic Mouth: "Death to those who would attack the mighty one!" -> HitPts. Drain!
G:One party member gets possessed and attacks the rest of the party.

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