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Dungeon: Harkyn's Castle



Level 1

  Dungeon: Harkyn's Castle Level 1
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:A sign says, "NO trespassing."
2:You are in the royal bedroom.
3:Three marble steps lead to the Baron's throne.
4:On the door is etched: GUARD ROOM -- Members only
5:A sign says, "To Jail Cell."
3:Three marble steps lead to the Baron's throne.
6:A wide corridor leads into Baron Harkyn's castle. Fabulous tapestries adorn the walls. The flickering torchlight casts strange shadows.
7:The Royal Jail Cell. The sulfurous smell of hot coals is in the air.
A:Captain of the Guard [Master Ninja] -> Battle
B:Throne: If a bard sits down on, the secret door to the north opens. If other characters try to sit on the throne, they loose 15 HitPts.
C:Six warriors in robes guard the room [6 Berserker] -> Battle
D:Important item: "Crystal Sword"


Level 2

  Dungeon: Harkyn's Castle Level 2
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:Something is not quite right here.
2:The air nearby has a foul reek to it.
3:You are in a splendid library.
4:A sign on the wall reads, "Slave quarters."
A:An old man gives you this riddle in order to pass: "Once man alive / Now living death / It drinketh blood / N' stealeth breath." -> Answer: "VAMPIRE". Else: Fight -> Battle vs. [Master Sorcerer]
B:Important item: "Silver Square"
C:Magic Mouth Riddle: "Past warscapes fought by men long dead, and treasures lost on bloodied fields, the One God lifts his thorn-crowned head, and lays a strength on friendly.." -> Answer: SHIELDS -> Item: "Ybarrashield"


Level 3

  Dungeon: Harkyn's Castle Level 3
 Teleport [APAR] Spell: IN / OUT / SAME LEVEL
1:A sign on the wall reads, "The Barracks."
2:Written on the wall in blood is: The Crystal Sword will leave the crystal guardian in many pieces.
A:An old man asks you a question in order to pass: "What tavern lies off Night Archer" -> Answer: "SKULL TAVERN". Else Fight -> Battle vs. [1 Old Man, 2x2 Lesser Demons]
B:Legions of Baron Harkyn [4x99 Berserker] -> Battle
C:Statue of the Mad God [Mad God] -> Battle; If you have an "Eye", you'll be teleported behind the gates to Kylearan's Tower.

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