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First and foremost, let it be known that this Walkthrough is in fact written by me, Hiryuu, not stolen from another site like SOOOOOO many things now...Also, this is meant to give the viewer direction in the game. If you want more complex directions throughout the world of Argool, I suggest you check out my Locations Section or Maps Section...


Head to the right and when you reach the mountain, climb up the third rope. Head left and go through the door and you'll be in Garloz.


Wow...overhead. Take the first left and head north, fight your way past the tree and you should find a door leading to the Grappling Hook. Get it and go back to where you came from. This time head right and keep going until you find a "tiger door". Inside here is Rolsa Valley.


You have to climb a tower in this place. This tower will be important later on. Advance to Eruga's Forest.

Eruga's Forest

If you get stuck here, simply use your grappling hook, and you should be able to advance. When you reach Eruga, avoid his shots, and strategically counter-attack. Depending on your Tone value, this fight can be hard or very easy. Anyway, when you beat him, you'll win the Wind Pulley.


Head left again and cross the river. Then head south, follow the path until you encounter a (different) river you can cross with the pulley. Cross it onto the island and continue until you reach a door leading to Mt. Primevil.


The flying bird things here are hella frustrating. If you don't have much HP, you'll die needlessly several times. When you do get through the gauntlet, you'll arrive at Sagila's Cave.


Continue to the right until you reach a "sunset". Continue past this area until you're back in the cave. Then take the next path down, and follow the path and you'll reach Sagila. Sagila isn't too tough. If the action gets too intense, you can duck, and Sagila can't reach you. Squash the spider and win the Crossbow.


Go back towards where Rolsa Valley was, but continue going to the right. You'll reach Lapis.


After you get past the introductory area of Lapis, you'll reach the floating isles. They may seem difficult to navigate, but it all follows a simple path. When you reach a dead end, just use your grappling hook and you should find another path. At the end is Belzar. If you have high stats, it isn't a problem. If're in for a tough battle. Beat it and win yourself a Coat of Arms.


Head back to where Mt. Primevil is, but north. You should find a stump and see an island above you. Use your crossbow to cross over to the island. On this island is Dorago's Palace.


Dorago's Palace has a semi-maze-like interior, but it is pretty easy to navigate. It almost follows a straight path. When you reach the end, you'll fight Dorago himself. Just jump and attack and keep it up and Dorago will be really easy. Beat him and win the Indora's Armor.


Head back up to Gran Mountain, and climb to the summit. When you reach it, go to the right and you'll find the Tower of Garba.


This is a straight-forward place, but it's filled with mini-bosses. It's not that they're that bad, just that all of them together can be a problem. If you have a Life Potion and full Mind Points, and reasonable stats, you should be able to make it through alive and win yourself the Pegasus Flute.


Remember that tower? This time climb to the very top of it, using your grappling hook. When you reach the top, you'll see the Sky Castle. Play your Pegasus Flute to gain entrance. (NOTE: You MUST have all the items from the Indora Gods to go to the Sky Castle.)


Head right and up, and eventually you'll find the entrance. When you reach a four-way intersection, you can go down to get a Life Potion, or head left to fight your way to Ligar. Ligar is very tough, and you'd better hope you powered yourself up enough. You can try to avoid the pizza slices he tosses at you, but if you're strong enough, it's almost better to just get in his face and wail away.


Think it's a disappointing ending? You don't know? Well the only way to find out is to kill Ligar. Don't get discouraged. You can do it.

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