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Game Genie Codes
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Game Genie Codes

*I did not write this, full credit goes to KarnAgeddon. Comments and questions should be sent to him.

Graphics Codes

YZTKOT-----Title screwy. In-game menu has Christmas theme.

TSTKIE-----Funky title screen, game is hyper and glitched.

VTSZTE-----Ducking and attacking locks the game with a graphic scramble

OZTEPS-----Rygarís arm is up in the air when he duck-attacks to the left.

XXSEIS-----Graphic scrambler. Does weird things to where you start in a level.

TTOPPS-----Hyper game, hitting select 3 times, then hitting start twice goes back to the game, but youíre apparently in 4-scroll mode (still canít move). Freezes if you hit select too many times.

ZZZTTO-----Game Freezes on you. Not sure why yet.

AEIAGE-----Does something to all the sprites, except for you and doors (includes your weapon).

EESAGE-----Enemies are nothing more than scrambled graphics (might as well be an invisible enemies code: you canít really see where they really are)

AIIKAG-----Scrambles the ground and background.

ZOIEKA-----Enemy explosion is glitched

AKGEIO-----Once youíre in the menu, you canít get out. Also changes how you look when facing right.

PIKEPS-----Rygarís upper body is being melted away by acid when standing attack to the left.

AKAAEI-----Title screen text color is messed up, and some enemies will moonwalk towards you.

AAPTTL-----Modifies the graphics for many things, and messes up the music. Gives you a headache if you use this code for too long.

EXZPAA-----Messes up the Y in Rygar.

TSAAIE-----Graphics alterer code. Also affects the first level layout by sticking in part of the tower level halfway through the level.

SELEKZ-----Changes color of some enemies {adjust code to get diff. colors: This code produces Sub-Zero ones}.


GANEPA-----Scrambles Rygarís graphics, and enemies look weird when moving.

PKAGEI-----Random oddness of color pallate, starting location, and hyper game. Will freeze most of the time, but you can play through a the first level fine if the game doesnít freeze. Hitting start twice may also change the current color scheme to something else. Game freezes upon entering the next door.

EEPPPE-----Random glitch/freeze code. Have to tweak around with this one.

NNPPPE-----Similar to the code above, but still freezes despite a slightly lessened effect.

SFX/Music Codes

EPTVPZ-----Funky music. Restarts often.

OSTVPZ-----Cool music modifier for every level except the first one. Freezes often. On the first level, hit start twice to see where youíre going.

PPOVPO-----Cosmic-Static Music. Powered up weapon sounds like something out of Metroid. Funny stuff here!

POPVPO-----Sounds chain to what you do.

EPSTZT-----Synth alteration to the first area music

TZTTZT-----Adds some other noises to the first part of the first area music.

ITOTZT-----Adds some kind of between level music.

IIOTZT-----Another form of the above music

IIOTZO-----Game CRASHES AND BURNS (not permenant, but freaky sounding).

VXZTZO-----Low tone music. Game sometimes gets hyper. Freezes alot.

SOTTZO-----Attacking or jumping causes the game to skip. Sometimes goes turbo. Freezes alot.

ESTVPI-----Hitting enemies noise different.

OZOTPZ-----Alters the bass and the tone of the music. Hit noises are just a simple beep.

YVSEPO-----Hitting start twice freezes the game, but leaves the music playing.

XVYTTO-----Lowers game music several octaves lower. Sounds kinda kinky, if you ask me.

OSTTTO-----Cool noises. Music is lower in tone.

NNTTTO-----Similar to above, but not as low.


Ahhh.....another LONG list of codes. For this list, itís divided into sepearate sections for your convenience: The code, the music (BGM) effect, and the Sound (SFX) effect. Other notes may be posted under the code, such as the frequency of lock-ups, for example. So, without delay, here they are:

Code BMG Effect SFX Effect Comments
AEITTO N/A N/A Locks game. Sometimes can get in the game to see the grey wall has been replaced with a door (argh!!! :/ Can't see where it goes!) and some other sprites.
PEITTO Octave difference Robotic -
ZEITTO Music deleted Sounds deleted Also affects the level. It jumps around alot when you pause and un-pause, or go to the menu screen. Freezes every so often.
LEITTO Very deep Explosion sounds -
GEITTO High-pitched Low to high tone (attack/jump noise normal) -
IEITTO About same as above more higher in tone. About same as above more higher in tone. -
TEITTO Almost unhearable Same as above The game is also hyper. Killing an enemy may freeze the game.
YEITTO Very high pitched See above The game is also hyper. Killing an enemy may freeze the game.
AOITTO None None Game will do weird things, like make the level jumpy and rearrange the layout.
POITTO High-pitched High-pitched -
ZOITTO None None Game will do weird things, like make the level jumpy and rearrange the layout.
LOITTO High-pitched High-pitched Game is hyper. Freezes alot.
GOITTO High-pitched High-pitched -
IOITTO Moderate-pitch Moderate-pitch -
TOITTO N/A N/A Game freezes at the title screen
YOITTO N/A N/A Game freezes at the title screen
AXITTO None None Game is hyper. Freezes alot
PXITTO Low tone Low tone -
ZXITTO None None Game will do weird things, like make the level jumpy and rearrange the layout.
LXITTO Low tone Low tone with synth noise occasionally -
GXITTO High pitched None for most sounds except for killing enemies and picking up items. -
IXITTO None Killing enemies/picking up items is replaced with a beep or three. -
TXITTO Very faint high-pitch High pitch Game freezes often and is hyper
YXITTO None High pitch Game freezes often and is hyper
PXITTO Low tone Low tone -
AUITTO None None Game will do weird things, like make the level jumpy and rearrange the layout.
PUITTO None A high beep when you kill enemies/get items -
ZUITTO Staticy noises None Game will do weird things, like make the level jumpy and rearrange the layout.
LUITTO None High beep That annoying hyper/freeze thing again.....keeps appearing alot.....
GUITTO High-pitched High-pitched -
IUITTO None Rolling-type effects -
TUITTO N/A N/A Title screen freeze
YUITTO N/A N/A Title screen freeze
AKITTO N/A N/A A freezer.....
PKITTO An octave or two off Robotic-rolling type effect. Getting hit sounds cool. -
ZKITTO None None's another weird level effect code.....
LKITTO Really deep tone Explosion type noises -
GKITTO N/A N/A Game doesn't let you in, period.
IKITTO High-pitched Same kind of high tone, but with a different end to it. -
TKITTO Barely hearable High tone That hyper/freeze thing again, but the game at random disables your controller until you die.
YKITTO High-tone High hyper tone Hyper/freeze thing again.....
ASITTO None None Hyper game. Restarts and freezes at random.
PSITTO High-pitch High with different end sound -
ZSITTO None None That weird random level thing, but works MUCH better!!!
LSITTO High-pitch High pitch, but different in some sounds Hyper thing again
GSITTO High-pitch High pitch, but more gradual -
ISITTO Mixed-pitch Moderate-high-low tones, sometimes all three combining at once to make a neat noise. -
TSITTO Barely hearable High-pitch That darn hyper/freeze thing again.....
YSITTO High-pitch Frantic high-pitch Hyper/freeze thing again.....
AVITTO N/A N/A Title screen freezer
PVITTO Remixed Off a little -
ZVITTO None None Messsed up level thing all over again.......starting to get old now.....
LVITTO Low-tone Low-tone explosion -
GVITTO N/A N/A Starting freezes the game
IVITTO Really high-pitched Gradual moderate>high tone -
TVITTO None High-pitched .....hyper/freeze...........
YVITTO High-pitched High-pitched frantic Hyper/freeze with the game sometimes disbling user input.....
ANITTO None None Weird level thing all over, talk about repitition......
PNITTO High-moderate tone Gradual moderate>high tone -
ZNITTO None None Weird level altering.......again......
LNITTO High-pitch High-low pitch hyper/freeze....but different freeze! Finally!!!!!
GNITTO High-tone Straight high-tone -
INITTO High-tone Low-moderate tone -
TNITTO Barely high-tone High tone The hyper/freeze thing with the disabling of controls.....
YNITTO Barely high-tone(?) Low tone(?) Hyper/freeze thing with disabling of controls.....(?)

Man........that was LONG!!!!!

AKITAE-----Grainy music.

PEVVPO-----Funky music.

OXZVPO-----Weird music and no sounds except for the hit noise and death noise for enemies. Music appears to be the same for every level.

EASTLY-----Music switch

PEIVPO-----Sounds and music are cosmic sounding. Kinda cool.

PPKVPP-----The first level music is now muted out bass of the ending music. After the first level, the game has conflicts with other random music put in and will reset frequently on you.

OPSVPP-----Music change. It will come on late with only the bass part going and will increase in tempo briefly when a sound is played. Sometimes the music will switch altogether to something normally in the game, or will just play random sounds. Going into some levels will freeze the game, however.

SPZVPZ-----Odd effects to go with music, and new color pattern. Also, you start right in the ice level, but anytime you go into a door it puts you into the valley. Enemies may cause a sudden shift in the level which can be bad. Among other things, this code is annoying if youíre actually trying to play the game with it on, but not bad to look at.

ISTVPP-----Very neat alteration to the music and sounds. Better version of....

AATVPP-----Music skips around, and the SFX are jumpy.

Rygar/Enemy Property Codes

STIPOZ-----Deletes enemies

TSTKIZ-----Game switches from/to 4-way scrolling while playing. Game will usually switch to proper scrolling when you switch to another screen (by going off one)

KIKZXL-----Enemies WAY out of place

IITXXY-----Enemies get a speed boost sometimes.

KTXLXY-----Enemies sink into the ground and eventually fall off.

AEIEKA-----Killing an enemy freezes the game.

PEAKIE-----Tone and Last is 0. Canít kill anything, and the game is slow.

AESOIP-----Game doesnít like it when you hit the ground, or when an enemy appears.

EPIVPO-----Starts you in Doragoís lair, with glitchy graphics and weird sounds. Also, whenever you enter a door, thereís a 90% chance that youíll end up back where you started origionally. Thereís a 10% chance that youíll end up going into the valley area (you know youíre going there when the screen greys when you enter any door).

EPIVPU-----Game sounds/music are very weird, and the game has a nasty habit of switching what items youíve picked up as well as if your weapon is powered up or not. (ex: Grappling hook becomes the pulley all of a sudden)

EGGGPP-----Infinite H.P.? (Unconfirmed, due to the multitude of freezing this code introduces)

AAAEPO-----Hyper game, which may freeze alot on you, and can jump multiple times in the air sometimes. Helps if you have a turbo controller for this.

AKAEPO-----A medium-paced float right code. Good if you find YNAEPO to be too fast.

TOPXLU-----Makes your weapon very short in range when you duck and attack.

PPULOI-----Boots enemies horizontaly back away from you when you hit them.

AAKSAE-----Invincible to all turtles (they, in return, are invincible to you)

EPEKIE-----Another form of EPAKIE, except that you start in a different place, the levels are weird, and you can walk through walls until you die the first time. As far as I can tell, all the normal effects of EPAKIE are kept through this code, so follow a similar procedure to get into the game.

ZOEKST-----Title screen is blank. Going to the in-game menu will freeze the game.

EPAKST-----After a short amount of time, you become invisible and fall down a slight amount.

EPAAIE-----You are apparently deleted from the game.

KEELEY-----Enemies rise slightly, then sink down towards bottom {things moving up have a speed increase}.

VELOTS-----Go through tops of walls.

EETXEV-----Enemiesí point on the map looks normal, but is moved much higher up.

ZXZXLU-----Game goes fast when you use weapon and hold a direction

OPOEIS-----Always in 4-scroll.

AEKAPE-----Deletes most sprites and hyper game (use with other codes)

NILLEG-----Disk enemies freeze the game.

GETLST-----Rygar adapts to the enemies.....or something like that....gotta toy around with this one some more.

LOLPLZ-----Different starting location. As soon as you move, the game locks up.

LPLOPO-----Deletes enemies, and changes the tint of the screen when one tries to show up.

SPEVPZ-----When you kill an enemy, you get a free attack and assail. The music is screwed up, invisible walls are placed, and you have infinite H.P. (as godly as this code sounds, itís impossible to beat the game with just this code)

STIPOZ-----Deletes enemies

AEPGKI-----Can't move, start up in the air, and "shed". After a little while, (I'm guessing) Draco appears very glitched up and shoots at you. The shots go through you, and after you hit the ground you stop sinking. I think that's it (haven't played through this completely yet).

YYPPPP-----Enemies speed up at you when you run from them, and slow down as you approach them. Also, going to get the grappling hook and leaving causes an interesting orange colored glitch to appear in the valley level around the bottom-left corner of the screen. Touch it, and you start outside Dorago's lair with the armor!

PEOPLE-----Makes ALL enemies drop....bananas? (Includes bosses!) These are worth 3 stars each.

YNLTKY-----After a while, your ďtoneĒ becomes half of your ďlastĒ stat.

KEELEY-----Floating/Sinking enemies.

Level Codes

AGEPLZ-----Deletes the whole level

PIEPLZ-----Adds random ground to the level

TPSPLZ-----Big hole where normal ground should be/can go into the grey wall and walk in there.

OZTKIE-----Start right away in the valley

SOTKIZ-----Another deletion of the level code.....

STZKIO-----Deletes everything!

NOSOTO-----Nothingness for side-scrolling levels.

PENOIS-----A transposing error for the first screen of the valley area (possibly other overhead areas). THEREíS A LONG LIST OF THESE! Iíll just list the different variations of the code here:


Well, thatís a good number of them, anyways.

PPAKIY-----Makes all the ground above you. Fall usually unless you use the duck in the air bug.

AGEKAG-----Deletes the level. Hold down immediately after hitting start to see anything. Also freezes when you hit start.

EIEVPO-----Start in odd locations in the jungle level. Most of the time, the game freezes, but on rare occasions you can play through this a little bit.

OEAKIY-----Transposing error for levels.

PILEIS-----Level modifier

EXNVPX-----This code could be classified as a bunch of things, but I put it here because the level changes are the most notable effect (a close second is the music, or in some cases lack thereof) . As you start the game without using the pause trick, youíll notice youinstantly get stuck in the ground and hear no music right off the bat. Later on, you notice a weird one tone musical noise. You can move any time you want to, and when you die, youíll notice youíre all of a sudden in the jungle area. Going to the door behind you puts you in Rosla like usual, but donít go here, because more times than anything the game doesnít like you being here with this code on. Now then, WITH the pause trick it gets more interesting. You can end up in one of four possible places. One, you hear just the first level music with no bass to it, which leads to a trap in the middle of the screen. Two, you hear very odd music and you can move to the right through the wall to a weird area (itís actually about 5 or 6 screens over from the normal starting location of the first level). You are stuck here, unfortunately. Just enjoy the odd music you get while youíre there and reset. The third possibility is an outright freeze of the game when you unpause. Finally, the fourth possibility is you hear the normal music with part of the bass, then the screen shifts up and you hear a changing tone music. The game has teleported you to the caves, for some reason. To explore this area on foot, jump right as the music gets a little higher pitched and youíll land on the ground when the screen shifts up. You can go wherever you can here, but keep in mind that you donít have the grappling weapon and the pulley like youíre supposed to at this point in the game. The last thing you can do with this code takes some patience to work. Instead of pausing the game when you start up, then unpausing and exploring, you can continue to hold the game in pause until the music shift, resulting in a sudden black and white screen and odd spirte placement. When this occurs, immediately unpause and try to move to the right. If you want to try and clear the black and white screen, attack. To get a new color pallate, hit start twice. As you work your way over to the right, youíll notice a wall in front of you, as well as invisible enemies. When you reach the wall, keep jumping until you bounce off of an invisible enemy to boost yourself up onto the top of the ledge. Now quickly move as far as you can to the right before the game either freezes or resets. Also note the VERY odd, not to mention spooky, music that is in the background. Sounds like the game is sending out a cry of torment or something :) Anyways, have fun with the code. In that last part, you can sometimes fall off the screen and end up at Ligarís castle!

AGEPLZ-----Deletes the whole level

TPSPLZ-----Big hole where normal ground should be/can go into the grey wall and walk in there.

EGAOKK-----Quicksand mode: you and the enemies are constantly pulled down to the bottom of the screen slowly. Jump often to survive.

YPPPPT-----Opens a pit under you in each level. Possible to survive if you duck before the screen comes on. Also, the time spent loading each level is *dramatically* slimmed to nothing!

EEPOOZ-----Changes the enemies in each area.

PISEPS-----Always in the valley area (changes 2-way scrolling levels around vastly. Give it a shot!) and donít forget to hold down when hitting start at the title screen, or else youíll fall and miss one of the new areas.


This is the weirdest code Iíve ever made. Itís effects all could be described as bizarre, baffling, and wonderful...Above all things, patience is an absolute must have for this code. Technically, I could write a whole faq on just this one code, but that would be quite out of the way (unless I get TONS of E-mails requesting a FAQ for it. Then itís hardly out of the way).Some things/effects to remember about this code:

1) The code not only screws around with the game severly, it does weird things to the SYSTEM buttons as well, as in the reset button on the NES (thankfully not permanent)! *Reset no longer starts the game over*! It now moves the game along forward, or helps it, anyways. It also acts as an ďantifreezeĒ control now, meaning: if the game locks, hit reset and the game moves along as if nothing happened! Now, reset is like the fixer button! This is possibly the weirdest part of this code, as well as one of the most strangest code effects that Iíve ever seen in a game!

2) The speed of the game increases noticably.

3) Music/SFX speed increases.

4) Graphics get garbled.

5) The game occasionally freezes. Use reset to clear it.

6) Earthquake-type effect is throughout the game, but thatís due to the increase of game speed.

7) Occasionally (and I do mean *occasionally*), if you are hit in an overhead area and die, Rygar may bounce back up after blinking and you regain control, now completely invincible to everything! However, the only drawback to this is that you canít go in any doors or go to the stats screen. You may restart by falling into a hole and going back to the starting point with normal health. You lose the invincibility, however.

8) Other side effects occur occasionally, such as a sudden stat boost at the start, but the effects listed above are the most common ones seen. Anyways, once the code is imputed, let me tell you how to be best prepared for the madness ahead. You need to be prepared for having quick timing on the start button to prevent lockups, patience, and a desire to see the game turned completely inside-out. Once youíve prepared for these things, go ahead and hit start, and let the madness commence:

1) When you start the game, expect no title screen. The code completely skips it. If you didnít get this far and got a weird wavy screen with the Game Genie stuff in the background still, hit power and start again. This also goes with any form of a wavy screen. If you get it, itís not gonna clear, so hit power.

2) Hit reset. A garbled status screen should display. Hit start quickly to go into a SEVERELY glitched game. If you hear hyper music at this point, or canít go into the game, hit power and start over, the game has locked for user-imput.

3) If the screen scrolls from left to right, and then goes to the title, with Rygar posing on the screen, on some occasions. Youíve gotten by the first part of it. Take a quick break (if you want to) if you got this far. If not, itís probably locked up. Hit reset to clear it. If it doesnít clear after a few reset presses, hit power and start again. Remember that reset is now even more of your friend than it ever was.

4) If youíre ready for more insanity, you can press forward and hit start. The screen will go blank again. Use reset several times to try and get something to appear (this is where you need patience the most). If you got something, keep going with it and donít hit reset too many times, otherwise you could lose the game completely and have to start over. I canít say where exactly you appear, because itís different almost every time. Otherwise, start over again.

5) If youíre in the game and can move, you may or may not die upon gaining control. If you did, itís actually a good sign that youíll appear and be normal. If not, keep using reset to get something, or hit power to start over.

6) Well, because of the variety of places and situations that you can be in at this point, I canít really continue from here. The hardest part is over from here. If the game still gives you a hard time, just use reset a few times to hopefully clear things up. If all else fails, just start over. With this code by itself, most of the time you end up going through the normal game with some/all the effects of the code (if not, you're in a glitched area most likely). Good luck, and happy hunting!

Useful Codes

NNZKIE-----Enhanced starting power: starts at 255.

AEAKAE-----Start with super high stats, but your life is initially nothing.

YNAKAE-----Start with GROSSLY high stats (Tone is over 32,000!). Same effects as above, but hey, with 32,000 tone, you can kill anything without too much trouble.

OZZEPZ-----You have an invisible number of mind points, and as soon as you use some get all weird on you. You still have a lot, but you may have to struggle with the game still. Also, by jamming on the control pad and the buttons enough you can get the grappling hook, pulley, and crossbow right on the spot in your inventory. Sweet code!

NYZEPZ-----Same as OZZEPZ, but the game is much more willing to give you the first three items without having to mash on buttons (ideal if you donít have a turbo controler and donít want to give yourself a blister trying to get those items).

AAZEZZ-----Infinite mind points (Ideal code to use when beating the game, and as close as Iíve gotten so far to invincibility by recovering whenever you get hit)

OZTKIE-----Start right away in the valley

AEOPLE-----The proper looking version of the PEOPLE code: stars look like they should, and the effect remains the same.

EEPPPP-----Duck while facing right, and float fast to the left (speed is modified by the first two letters). Can get you into some new areas of the game, because you also float through walls, but not enemies. Going to the status screen causes glitched graphics until you leave the current area. This code gets you to cool new areas if you float where you aren't supposed to be, and is the only way to get to one of the EPAKIE + PISEPS levels, plus some other glitched areas. Experiment for yourself with this one! (you can get to these new areas by floating through walls when in boss rooms, plus whatever other walls you want to. It helps to have the grappling weapon during this)

YNAEPO-----The above codeís cousin, except you float right instead of left.

PILOTS-----Defy gravity......too well. Canít jump, but canít fall either.

Multi-Part Codes

PISEPS+EPAKIE-----Causes a similar effect as with EPAKIE, but much more interesting. To navigate through it, use the same technique that you would with EPAKIE to get to a point where your character shows up on the Screen. The levels are all new here, and thereís LOTS of them. Iím still getting new levels now that are rarer than the ones you usually get (which is usually one 2 scrolling bright orange level, and a sprite-infested 4 scrolling level). Also, the music is usually the music heard after beating the game (although Iíve gotten different music for the rare levels). Try this thing out!

EEPPPP/YNAEPO + PISEPS-----The floating codes (use only one of them) help you navigate through the PISEPS glitchy horizontal levels much better. In fact, you canít go through the levels without them.

EPAOKK + PILOTS-----The quicksand code with the defy gravity code allows verical movement for the PILOTS code, though it's slower than death unless you have a turbo controller (you have to pound on jump to go anywhere). On 4-way scrolling levels, invisible walls keep appearing in front of you from time to time, and movement is generally VERY stiff and picky. They're pains to get around, but it's navigatable. Also allows for walking over places you'd normally fall in by moving either left or right across them! (water, holes, sky depending on where you are)

YPPPPT+EGAOKK+PILOTS-----This code puts a pit under you still, but you can safely move on since PILOTS ignores holes, and EGAOKK lets you jump as much as you want to, and actually move. Very cool if you can get to Draco's lair (possible to do, despite it looking bad when you get to the valley. You're not really stuck on the top area), where you can wander freely in "wall land". It turns out that this area is also linked to the last overhead level in the game, interestingly enough (dying intentionally around here by falling, which is tough to do with PILOTS, but possible, still puts you in Dorago's lair).

YYPPPP+OZZEPZ-----The kickstart codes. Get the first three items to go basically anywhere, and use the armor glitch to get that item, too! Very cool, and saves you time!

NOSOTO+OZTKIE-----Sweet code! Run into some walls, and you hear a bang noise and your character is teleported! Also messes up the overhead levels. Some enemies out of place, and side-scrolling levels are unnavigatable, due to the fact that there is no ground in them. Using PILOTS in conjunction gets you to some more new areas, but you can get stuck sometimes.

YNAEPO+PILOTS+TSTKIZ-----Makes the switch to movement types no problem. Simply float right, then move into the ground when you switch. You now can move anywhere you want to, including through walls and off the screen! Very cool!

EPOZXL+EEEEPP/YNAEPO-----Explore the glitched area that EPOZXL creates better, but only to a slight extent. Itís still very frustrating when the game resets on you every so often.


This code will make the game beatable in as little as 5 minutes if you do this right. Iíll provide how to beat the game with a small guide (itís needed because of all the random invisible sprites and holes SPEVPZ introduces)

1. Float through the first level. You have to float, otherwise you hit an invisible wall near the door.

2. Get on the first wood pole in the second level and float to the door to the valley.

3. The valley can be a P.I.T.A. with all the new invisible walls/holes that are placed, so watch out for any oddly colored areas, places where enemies dive down suddenly, etc, etc. From the start, go to the doorway that eventually leads to where you get the pulley item.

4. This is important. Upon entering this area, IMMEDIATELY duck to the right. There is a hole underneath where you start, and you will get stuck if you fall in it. Continue moving to the right towards the jungle area.

5. Treat this similiar to the other levels: just duck and float right until you get to the boss area.

6. When you get to the first boss, you can opt to kill it on your way to the next one. It only takes about 2 hits to do. From this area, float right through the boss areas until you get to Ligar. Stop floating, land, and beat the crap outta him.

7. Congrats, you just beat the game! Enjoy your ending and the satisfaction that you beat it in less than 5 minutes :)

Thatís all there is to it.

Other People's Codes

*Author: Greg

KAPGUN-----Disables start screen

PIAPZX-----Stuck in the ground

OZNANS-----The graphic scrambler in menu pause-unpause

POPEIS-----Start game by "dropping down"

PENPEN-----If you duck, the game will freeze

AKAAGE-----Freeze game at title screen

PPIZZA-----You cannot duck and attack at the same time and marks the pillars

KAGEOZ-----Adds new color to the game (mostly green)

LITEOZ-----Start in a very weird location and graphic change

PIKEAG-----Start game normally push start and the screen turns a bunch of different colors, then severe graphic change

LIKEAS-----Start game normally, then turn and face left and attack standing up and your head is scrambled

EKGPIZ-----Start normally and try to run and you will encounter an invisible wall and you will be able to jump over this and not be able to get past the first area

PIZOZE-----At title screen, you will find a section of Rygar has been moved to the bottom

SAGEGI-----Start normally and standing, facing left, attack and Rygar has a glitched leg

ZITEOZ-----Instant freeze

YITEOZ-----Try to run and you fall over dead

IITEOZ-----Cannot run to the right

EATEOZ-----Opposite of above

EPTEOZ-----Auto freeze

XZTEOZ-----Move to the right and you attack

AGEPIS-----Stuck in ground

AGEOZE-----Dotted background

PIZAZE-----Insta freeze at title screen

PIKAKP-----Insta freeze at beginning of game

PIEKAG-----Start in the matrix effect level showing similarities to title screen

GOATIE-----Insta freeze

PAGEKI-----Insta freeze

YNEAOZ-----Color change (mostly gray)

KIZOZE-----Section is missing from title

YNZOZE-----White square in the 'R' in the title screen

OPKAIE-----Freeze in the beginning of the game with noise

PPZAZO-----Blinking sun

IKAEOZ-----Weird graphics. Partially able to stay in the air longer than usual if you attack

GPAEOZ-----At title screen, it at first seems normal, but when you push start it turns gold and pine green and freezes

YNAEZA-----Graphic scrambling freezer

AGIEZA-----A turbo screen splitter at the title screen push start and it freezes

PIZOEZ-----The title screen and start menu is gray

YNAEAZ-----Duck and your face will turn demented

PASEPS-----Start in the ground away from beginning of game

PNSAPS-----Start at different point in game

OZZAOZ-----All gold title screen; gold game over

PISEOZ-----Title screen is black and level is silver color modifier by pushing start and then start again

PISESZ-----White background with blue Rygar; level is color modified

PIKAGE-----Turbo and blinking sun also freezes

PIAEPS-----Air walk ability

PENOZE-----Drop down diagonally

PILATE-----You start by jumping and every button you push makes you go higher until you die

YNAAGE-----Messed up title

TOPOOZ-----Fall through ground until death

PEGLEG-----In game push start and the 'E's are missing parts

YNAEEZ-----Teal and Gray background

EPPOOZ-----Deletes enemies from game; cannot go through door to next level

TOPOOK-----Screws up level

PIKAOZ-----A green title screen modifier

PAKAGE-----Can't jump, eventually sink to be sunk into the ground to run to your death at the edge of the hole

PEGAIE-----Enemies invisible and graphic scrambler

KOPAIE-----You are invisible, but can see your weapon. Can be glitchy

KEPEPS-----You start in the middle of the white thing

TAPEPS-----Makes a hole in red at start of game. You can go in this hole, because it has a bottom

ZIPEPS-----Puts small pillar at start of game, can walk through it. Invisible health

GTPEPS-----Makes a hole you fall through

AIPEPS-----Puts a wall in front of you and health is invisible

PIZEPS-----No enemies. You're invisible. Can't go through doors. Glitchy

PKIAGP-----Pushing start will dull the sharp colors until you attack, then it gets bright

SITOOZ-----Disables enemies

OZNENS-----Title screen screwy and turtle behavior messed up

YKOTZE-----Random invisible glitchy start

ZAPEPS-----Adds different ground

ZIPEPS-----Adds different grounding

SOAZLE-----Cannot duck and attack

SOZPLE-----Turns title screen a red and white

LOAPLE-----The 'N' in Nintendo is weird

OZYKIE-----Graphic scrambler

AKGOOZ-----No enemies in valley. Text scrambler

YNAENP-----No rolling enemies

YNAENZ-----Color scrambler

VILATE-----Hyper game, weird effects

PIZZAE-----Cannot land

OZPEGS-----Freeze game

POTTIE-----Screws with music

AKIPEG-----Deletes ropes and turns game hyper

AGEPPP-----Kills you

YNAEXL-----Cuts out sun and moves it right a little bit

APPLES-----Attack and the game freezes

KEYAGE-----Cannot get close to enemies or guru guy

TVITTZ-----Turbo code

KEITTZ-----Turbo code

KEZTTZ-----Cannot beat game

PASTTZ-----After you die, you go to the jungle area with a freeze

Thanks to Greg for getting all those in!

Combination Codes from 2 Different Authors

The name may be confusing, but basically it works like this: if a multi-part code is found, and two different coders helped make it, it's put here with credit given to each author for each code part found (example: if Billy-Bob-Joe makes the quicksand code, and I added on the PILOTS code to make a multi-part, it'd look kind of like this: EGAOKK (Billy-Bob-Joe)+ PILOTS (me)-----(whatever the code effect is)

No matter how it may look, credit will be given properly. Now for the codes:

LITEOZ (Greg)+OZZEPZ (Me)+PILOTS (Me)-----Ok, you should know what LITEOZ does by now (if you donít, stop reading here and look at that code under Gregís section), so you know that the codes here should help you navigate through this big mess. You still die instantly if you go into Ligarís chamber, but when you get into the valley, you can run around knowing thereís not as big a chance of you dying from one of those ďinvisible holesĒ that LITEOZ introduces. OZZEPZ just helps live longer as well as get the first three items, which also help in maneuverabliity.

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