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-In several areas of the game (like the beginning), there are an endless stream of enemies attacking Rygar. Back him against the wall, duck, and keep attacking the endless stream of enemies to make Rygar stronger. If you have a turbo controller, you can tape the buttons down while doing this and leave, and when you return, Rygar will be super-powerful!

-In the middle of the Tower of Garba, there is a snail that comes back after you kill it. You can kill it, leave the screen, and return endless times for lots of TP and LP.

-Likewise, in the Sky Castle, you can encounter Dorago's shadowy alter-ego. Beat him for lots of Tone and Last Points as well. Then leave the screen, return and repeat!

-Generally, if you can't advance, use the Grappling Hook in the screen above you, and if possible, below you.

-The enemies leave you a star icon or mini Life Potion that's just out of reach? If your Diskarmor can grab it, it's as good as yours.

-The Power Up spell only costs a measly three Mind Points, so it should be cast as soon as possible. As long as Rygar stays alive, the Power Up spell stays with him, and makes the game much easier.

-If the action gets too intense during the overhead areas, jump and you can avoid any attack the enemies throw at you, and you'll give yourself a chance to regroup.

-In overhead areas (like Garloz and Dorago's palace), you can attack enemies from a much farther distance if you jump. As long as the sprite for the Diskarmor, touches the sprite for the enemy, it counts as a hit. TREMENDOUSLY useful for Dorago.

-If enemies approach you while climbing a rope or your grappling hook, don't forget you can use your Diskarmor while climbing.

-If you have trouble beating Eruga, there is a way to get him stuck in the wall, rendering him useless. Jump on his head, avoid his shots, and guide him to the wall on the right. If you keep doing this, eventually he'll get stuck in the wall, and he won't be able to fight back.

-To defeat Sagila easily, simply use your grappling hook to climb to the ceiling, and hit him when he approaches you. This works on Demoro Bruzer too!

-When fighting Belzar, use your grappling hook to go down a screen, then climb back up. Belzar will be a little bit below his ledge, and you can jump up and hit him. If you do this, you won't have to climb on Belzar's dangerous platform, you can stay on the ground, where it's much safer.

-From the entrance to Garloz, go left, and up, and you'll encounter a tree. Kill the tree, and get as close as possible to the wall above you. While touching the wall, jump to the screen to the right, while holding up. When the game scrolls to the next screen, push up and left and go back to the original screen. Keep jumping in this manner, scrolling from one screen to the other, and eventually, you'll work your way up to the green, restricted part of Garloz. If you get tired of exploring, just jump off the plateau.

-When you first enter the Sky Castle, jump off the edge to the left. You'll find another castle that is extremely glitchy and has no enemies. Explore it to your heart's content, but don't expect to find anything.

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