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Claire of Bouvre

When you get to Bouvre, you'll notice that it's pretty much... destroyed. There's nothing much to do here except heal up your troops and revive everybody who's dead. The northern exit is blocked, so you'll need to leave via the western exit.
Also, Claire, the Turquoise Priestess, has been kidnapped, and coincidentally enough, taken to the cave west of town. So you might as well head there, eh?
This place is not unlike the Thief's Den north of Seakett. There are a couple mini-battles, each of which leads to a treasure. Like the Thief's Den, it is to your advantage to use magic as fast as possible, since you can visit the inn after the battle. Go into the first doorway you reach in the cave to reach this battle. If the hero has Torneda and Rolan has Krulain, this battle is remarkably easy. You'll win the Saturn Spear, the best weapon for Duval.
After healing, loop around the outside of the cave, and grab the Heal Staff. Enter the doorway on the left to reach this battle, which is identical, except with a Totelice instead of an Ampelar. Just do the same thing as last battle, and you should have no problem. You'll get the Mercury Armor for winning. Equip it on Rolan, then return to the inn. Now, come back to the cave, loop around the outside and go into the central door for a different kind of battle...

23rd Battle

LandUrch x4
Zombeast x4
Manticore x2
Monster Den (Zombeast) x3

Zombeast 65 0 61 41 102 114
LandUrch 57 0 59 77 207 414
Can attack from three spaces away.
Manticore 77 0 63 41 207 414
Resists Fire Magic, Weak Against Ice Magic; Can Attack from 2 spaces away; Attacks by casting Burlaiz (consumes 0 MP).
Totelice 207 167 0 41 381 628
Greatly Resists Fire and Ice; Casts Burlaiz, Barazan, Krulain and Dehorrs.
Karmani 404 102 74 69 381 762
Resistant to Fire and Ice; Can attack from 6 spaces away; Can move again after attacking; Casts Barazan; Casts Laizak

This battle is more like a traditional battle, but you'll only have your generals at your command, so it can be a bit tricky. You'll want to conserve MP, but you'll also want to survive, so it's a bit of a thin line.

As tempting as it is, don't go after the two dens in the southeast corner. The Zombeasts spawn quickly, and whoever you send there can easily be killed. If you are quick, you should be able to out run the Zombeasts that spawn from there before they get to you, so send all four Generals along the northern route. You do probably want to take out the northwest den, since it's on your way, however. Make sure all your characters survive, and bring the Hero up to the northern staircase to advance.

After the battle, you WON'T be able to return to Bouvre without re-fighting the battle, so you'll need to heal here. The trick is to use a non-general to cast healing spells, like Karen or Isaac. That way, you won't use up any MP, and you can completely refill your HP. You'll also find a couple of Herb2s, which can come in handy.
How easy or difficult this battle is depends on whether or not you conserved your MP, and if you have Torneda and Krulain. If you have plenty of MP, use your best multi-attacking spells to take out all the enemies except the Karmani. Once the Karmani is alone, you should be able to overwhelm it easily.
You rescued Claire. Yay.
Claire got kidnapped. Not-yay.

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