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In the Beginning...

OK, start a new game. Now you'll have to enter a name for the hero. Are you following me? Luckily for all you foul-mouthed kids, you have exactly four spaces to fill in a name. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I'm going to use the incredibly imaginative name "Hero".
Like magic, words will appear on the screen. It would probably be to your advantage to read them if you want to know why you are going to be going around from town to town and killing monsters.
When you gain control of your hero, go around and talk to people if you want. The script's pretty entertaining, so it might be worth your while to go around and talk to random people to hear what they say. Of course, the script's only so fantastic because I helped beta test it...*coughs* Anyway, when you're ready to advance the plot, talk to Firis here near the middle of town.
After the festival, do as your woman suggests and head to this tree, located in the northern region of the town. A SUPER DRAMATIC story-scene will occur at this point.
In case you were wondering, yes, this game DOES have a legitimate title screen.
Time for more plot-advancement. Near the western exit of the town, go into the house and you'll find the town's elder. Talk to him and he'll suggest that you kick some ass to get Firis back. But first, he'll want you to go west of town to recruit some help.
Leave the town via the western exit, and your fellow guards will insist on joining you in your quest. You'd better let them tag along. Now it's onto your first battle!

1st Battle

MushEye x5
Ratachu x5
Stinger x3

Musheye 8 0 8 1 2 6
Ratachu 11 0 7 3 3 8
Stinger 10 0 9 3 3 10

As you might expect, this battle's not too tough. It basically is easing you into the game. In this game, you'll be controlling several small armies, each with its leader. Therefore, when it's your turn, you must select a leader, which will highlight his army, then you can use the characters. Since you only have one army, you'll need to select your Hero before you can do anything. Keep in mind that no character can ever be more than one screen away from his or her leader.

Get to know your troops! At this point, you have five characters... the hero is, as expected, well-rounded. He is equipped with a sword right now, so you'll need to be next to an enemy to attack. The hero also has a healing spell, which should be used if you are in trouble. Your two archers are physically weak, but can attack from two or three spaces away. Just don't let the enemy attack them if you can help it. Your other characters are physical attackers. Marsh comes equipped with a Spear, so he can attack from 1 or 2 spaces away. Use this to your advantage.

The enemies aren't very tough, just let your archers pick away at their HP, and your other characters get in close and attack. The Stingers are your toughest opponents, and can fly over obstacles, but they're still pretty easy. Your archers might be in trouble if they take too much damage, so be ready with your hero to heal them if necessary. The battle ends when the Hero reaches the Wizard's House in the Northwest. But in this battle, I recommend killing off all the monsters. You'll get more experience and money, plus when you completely obliterate your opponents, you get to walk around on the world map! Wheee!!! ...Well I thought it was neat, anyway...

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