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First Fairy & the Jewel
Second Fairy & the Ring
Third Fairy & the Ruby
The Ending

Heroic Rule #1 - Save

The damage and level system in Hydlide would be considered very poor by modern standards. Even with maxed stats Jim can be killed unintentionally by a Kobold. Save early and save often, and make sure Jim is in a safe place e.g. a field no monsters.

Heroic Rule #2 - Kill

With the aforementioned system, how to fight monsters is critical. Always go for the back, and if not the back then the sides. Since monsters can only Attack with their front sides, a rear attack from Jim avoids retaliation. This is what makes Turn magic so useful. Giant Eel coming towards Jim, *ZAP*, nice blind, soft, easily pierced back. (For faceless monsters) The back is easily known by the direction the monster is traveling. If it is moving west, then its back is east etc.

Heroic Rule #3 - Train

Finally, take time to train effectively. Jim is terribly weak and needs all the help he can get. Hydlide is set so only monsters at Jim's level give experience. (See Monsters.) Thus as Jim grows stronger less monsters give experience. A good order is Slime, Ropers, Wisps/Zombies, and Hyper/Goblins. Throw in a Great Eel if Jim feels lucky. Everything else is too tricky and quick to kill Jim. Also note that Experience is not kept with a password, so if Jim takes time to get any make sure he completes a level before calling it quits.

The Game

First Fairy & the Jewel

Head northwest to the Roper Maze. There is a chest on the south wall, which the Cross is in. Nothing big.
Eternal Lamp
One screen to the right of Start is the Lamp Dungeon. Enter to a room of Stirges. Head south to the domain of the Vampire. Use Turn then stab it in the back. The Chest with the Eternal Lamp appears when its slain. Grab it and head above ground.
Green Fairy
One screen south of start is the Wasp's Forest. The first Fairy is in one of the trees and unfortunately she is random. Check a tree by touching its bottom, but be careful. Four wasps are released with a search. Save the game and search a tree. If it is not there, Load the game and try again.
Sword of the Brave
One screen north of the Lamp Dungeon is the Sword dungeon. Enter and make a mad dash for the chest. Grab the sword and leave. Do not attack the Wisps until Jim has the Sword.
Magic Vase
Having increased strength, Jim is now able to take the Roper Maze easily and the new areas it leads towards. Go to where the Cross was and circle walls counter-clockwise for the entrance. Head north, then east, and grab Magic Vase in the chest.
Secret Key
How convenient that the secret the Magic Vase reveals is on the same screen. Go through the maze counter-clockwise to enter the Key dungeon. Inside are Goldam and several chests. The Key is randomly hidden inside one of them. Just keep looking.
The Jewel
Finally, for the Jewel exit the Key Dungeon to the Roper Maze. Journey south to the Graveyard and slay the Zombies. Watch Jim's Life since the spoiled land saps it. At the southern end of the yard is a chest holding the Jewel, which can be opened with the Secret Key. Yeah! More healing power for Jim.

Second Fairy & the Ring

Shield of Justice
A few screens north of the Roper Maze is the Shield Dungeon, crawling with Ladyam and Goldam. Head to the west screen and hang around. Stab all the Ladyam and one at random will give up the Shield.
The Ring
Now while still in the Shield Maze head to the upper division of the eastern section. Stab the Goldam and after some time a chest will appear, inside is the Ring. Hurry and grab it since the chest will disappear after some time.
White Fairy
Exit the maze and for the other land section of Fairyland. Jim will be right in the middle of the Desert. Sojourn to the east side, avoiding the Worms, to the Walking Woods. Like before the Fairy is in one of the trees and randomly placed. Wait for the tree(s) to stop moving and check the bottom. Do not Attack them since they can not be destroyed and can damage Jim. The one that does not attack Jim has the fairy. Use the multiple Load technique for the first Fairy here.

Third Fairy & the Ruby

Pink Fairy
After getting the fairy head south and follow the river. Jim will then be on the opposite bank of the Wizards. They hold the last fairy and cannot be backstabbed. As if that was not bad enough they shoot Fire like Jim, and it is just as potent. To conquer them fire one shot of Wave that hits them both. The banks across where the Wizards are allow for maximum mobility. If Jim does not have Wave level up. After Jim receives the final Fairy they all carry him to the previously inaccessible island. Since every other part of the game can be seen on a map in some shape or form here are some pictures:
Floating with Fairies one. Floating with Fairies two.
Immortal Medicine
Now Jim is stranded on the island with the Water Dragon which he cannot harm in anyway yet. Cast Fire on the tree right in front of Boralis's Castle to reveal the entrance. Go in and travel the to the last screen. Avoid the Blackam and the Skeletons, use Flash if needed. On the final screen smash the central gravestone to drain the rivers. Head back outside and fight the weakened Dragon. Only use Defend on its belly. When Jim's Life dwindles, back off and rest, then repeat. After some rib tickling the Dragon will cough up the Immortal Medicine. Here is another picture with the burning tree:
Burning a tree.
The Ruby
With the Water Dragon slain the rivers are now accessible. Take the beach west to the chest holding the Ruby.
Now it's time for an epic battle. Max out Jim's stats (90 Life) and save. Head into Boralis's Dungeon and meet the malevolent demon on the second screen. Like the Water Dragon only use Defend, Attacking is suicide. Boralis will teleport around the screen shooting deadly fire balls, and to its advantage, four Blackam/Skeletons will always be on screen. Continually dodge and stab Boralis when the chance arises. When Jim's Life depletes to half, make no offensive attempts and heal up. When Boralis's Life is at forty it is possible for Jim to go kamakasi if he has the Immortal Medicine, which will be used at some time in this fight.
Since many will not have the patience to save Fairyland, here is a picture walkthrough of the ending:

The Ending