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How to Play


  1. Press a button at the start screen.
  2. Select New Game or Password.
  3. If New Game is selected quest away.
  4. If Password is selected used the control pad to move Jim to select the characters of the password. Choose <- to delete characters and END to confirm the password.


Move Buttons Notes
Walk/Swim Control Pad Walking/Swimming fatigues Jim.
Defend Release A Defending lessens damage by monsters and attacks them as well.
Attack Press A Deals damage to monsters by touching them.
Select Magic Press B Alternates the spells Jim knows.
Cast Magic Hold A press B Casts spell in direction Jim faces.
Search Move Jim to chest, tree, etc. and Press A. --
Enter/Exit Maze Move Jim to hole and press A. --
Pause Start --
Mode Menu Select --
Confirm Action A --
Decline Action B --

Main Screen

Main Screen
Letter Name Description
ALife This is Jim's life. When it reaches zero the game is over. Life is depleted by being attacked by monsters or walking/swimming too much. If Jim rests in a safe place his Life is replenished.
BStr This is Jim's Strength. The greater it is the more damage is dealt to a monster.
CExp This is Jim's Experience. As Jim slays monsters at his skill level Experience increases. When it reaches 100, all other stats increase by ten.
DMagic This is Jim's Magic level. It decreases when Jim's casts spells and increases as Jim rests. You need at least a Magic of 20 before Jim can cast spells.
EInformation This displays various conditions in the game. If Jim attacks a monster, its picture, name, and Life appear. If Jim finds any treasure its picture and name appear.
FMagic Select Here the current spell Jim can cast is highlighted white, in this example it is Wave.
GCondition Here is displayed whether Jim is defending or attacking. In this example it is Defend.
HMessage Here messages of the game, such as the password or "You found ..." are displayed.
IMain This is where the action of the game is displayed.

Mode Menu

Name Function
Item Displays the items Jim currently has.
Save This performs a soft save of the game. All stats, items, and position are recorded FOR AS LONG AS THE GAME REMAINS ON. Use this often while playing, for Jim can die unexpectedly. Hydlide only allows for one saved state, so older ones are over written.
Lode This loads a Saved game.
Password This gives a password for the current game. It is just like Save except it is permanent and EXPERIENCE GOES TO ZERO. You can turn the game off and load it back safely with a password.
Speed Set the speed of the game from Normal to High. The only difference between normal and High is that High allows instant screen changes and faster character motion.
Game Returns back to main play.