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Picture Full Name Name Life MJLFE*Description Notes
Slime Slime Slime 5 20 Liquid and spongy creature living in a field. Although weak, it is a tricky attacker. The weakest creature.
Roper Roper Roper 15 40 Monster living in the maze on the ground. Larger version of the Slime, it sometimes turns into a Hyper and attacks in the field. Excellent source for experience.
Hyper Hyper Hyper 30 80 Monster appearing on the ground. When you attack the Slime too often, Hyper begins its attack. Excellent source of experience at latter levels. Comes when Jim's Life is 60.
Kobold Kobold Kobold 3 20 Tiny ogre living the in the woods. Very weak like a Slime. But it attacks from the advantageous location in the woods. Tricky little guy, it has less Life than a Slime but a greater Strength.
Goblin Goblin Goblin 15 80 Monster on the ground. When Jim's strength increases to a certain level after he finishes attacking the Kobold, Goblins appear. They are just like their counterparts, they have lesser Life and greater Strength than Hypers. Comes when Jim's Life is 60.
Wizard Wizard Wizard 25 40** A very nasty wizard who manipulates the Magic Fire. Although Jim's magic does not affect him, he has a weak point. Don't be fooled by the appearance of two Wizards. Their Fire is deadly. They can only be destroyed by hitting both with one shot of Wave.
Great Eel Great Eel Eel 70 80 Very huge eel usually hiding underwater. It sometimes pokes its head above water. Good source of quick experience if Jim uses Turn well. This is very risky though.
Great Worm Sand Worm Worm 35 60 Guardian of the desert. Be careful not to be surrounded by their swarm. Great Eels on land, except they are weaker and there is a plethora of them. Avoid them.
Water Dragon Water Dragon Dragon 7580 Giant fire-breathing dragon who guards the gate of the castle of Boralis. Although almost invincible, it does have a weak point. Jim can only slay the Dragon if the central grave in Castle Boralis is knocked over.
Zombie Zombie Zombie 20 60 The living dead coming out of the graveyard. Very hard to destroy, because it's already dead! Stab them in the back.
Will O'Wisp Will O'Wisp Wisp 20 60 The spirit of the dead person. It flies through the walls and attacks. Flies though walls, so be careful. Avoid them till Jim finds the Sword.
Poisonous Wasp Poisonous Wasp Wasp 220 It attacks in a swarm. Although its life power is small, it's difficult to conquer. Four appear when you touch a tree and attack in square patterns. Avoid them.
Vampire Bat Vampire Bat Stirge 10 20 Bloodsucking creature who like the darkness. Although it's not very powerful, Jim should avoid it when his Power Level is low. Bigger and slower Wasps that fly through walls.
Vampire Vampire Vampire 35 40** Incredibly strong. But you know what scares the vampire to death. It can only be damaged if you have the Cross. Use Turn then stab it in the back.
Lady Armour Lady Armour Ladyam 20 40 A member of Boralis' Bodyguards. She is the only female member of his bodyguards and the weakest. She might have something that is useful to you. Stab her in the back for the Shield.
Gold Armour Gold Armour Goldam 25 40 Boralis' bodyguard in golden armour who guards something vital under order of Boralis in then underground maze. Stab him in the back to get the Ring.
Black Armour Black Armour Blackam 55 80 Sentry at the old castle of Boralis. He is extremely strong. 'back.
Skeleton Skeleton Skelton 65 80 This skeleton warrior is the strongest of Boralis' guards men. He is difficult to attack because he is already dead. 'back.
Boralis Boralis Varalys 110 100** The evil monster. Legend says this is the most powerful and final demon in the kingdom. No one knows the truth about him. The only known facts are that he has very tough skin and spiritual power which protects him against any type of magic. Jim can save Princess Ann only when he conquers Boralis. Dodge like crazy and only use Defend. Use Flash to eliminate the guards if cramped.

*This is the Maximum Jim Life For Experience i.e.the highest Life Jim can have in order to gain experience from slaying the monster.
**These are theoretical values since gaining experience at higher or lower level limits were impossible, pointless, or at least very very hard.