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Picture Full Name Name Description Use Location
Sword of the Brave Sword of the Brave Sword The legendary sword that is said to be kept only by the brave. With this sword, attacking power doubles. Increase Strength by ten. Chest in the Sword Dungeon.
Shield of Justice Shield of Justice Shield The legendary shield that is said to increase its defense power only when used by a person with a strong sense of justice. This shield was stolen from the court when the kingdom collapsed. Increase the effectiveness of Defend. Held by Ladyam in the western part of the Shield Dungeon.
Cross Cross Cross This cross was once kept at a chapel in the kingdom. Someone hid it for the fear of its power. Guess what you can use this cross for. Enables Jim to damage the Vampire. Chest on the southern wall of the Roper Maze.
Magic Vase Magic Vase Pot This is one of the items in which the magician in the kingdom hid a magical secret. If you get this vase, you will be able to see something that has been invisible. Reveals the entrance to the Key Dungeon. Chest in the Roper Maze.
Eternal Lamp Eternal Lamp Lamp This is an item the magician in the kingdom used to keep for his own use. It remains eternally aflame. Even in complete darkness, this lamp will brighten up the surroundings so you can see everything. Allows Jim see in other dungeons. Found in a chest in Lamp maze that appears after the Vampire is slain.
Immortal Medicine Immortal Medicine Medicine If you take this medicine, you can come back to life after being destroyed by monsters. You can use this medicine only once during the game If Jim dies he is healed back to max. Slay the Water Dragon.
Secret Key Secret Key Key Figure out the use of the key for yourself. Unlocks the chest in the Graveyard. Found randomly in a chest of the Key Dungeon.
Jewel Three Jewels Jewel The three jewels play a very important role in the legend of Hydlide. Increases Jim's HR. See Topography. Reveals Boralis if all three are present.Found in a chest in the Graveyard.
Ring -- Ring -- Ditto. Chest in east section of the Shield Dungeon that appears after Goldam are slain.
Ruby -- Ruby -- Ditto. Chest on the bottom of the river west of Boralis's Castle that appears after the Dragon is slain.