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Small Medals


Name: The Name of the Weapon
Attack Power: Increase in attack user gets for equipping weapon.
Who?: Classes who can use the weapon; described as follows:

S: Soldier (Ragnar)
P: Princess (Alena)
C: Chancellor (Cristo)
W: Wizard (Brey)
M: Merchant (Taloon)
F: Fortune Teller (Nara)
D: Dancer (Mara)
H: Hero (F) indicates female hero only
All: All Classes

Price: How much it costs. The first number is how much you can buy it for, the second is how much you can sell it for.


Attack Power



Poison Needle 0 W, D 1300/975
Cypress Stick 2 All but P 10/7
Stilleto Earrings 5 F, D, P 7500/5625
Staff of Healing 5 F, W, C -/4500
Club 7 All but W and D 30/22
Copper Sword 12 H, S, M, F, C 100/75
Thorn Whip 14 All but W 200/150
Boomerang 18 All 350/262
Chain Sickle 20 All but W and D 550/412
Silver Tarot Cards 21 F -/375
Iron Fan 22 D 620/465
Venomous Dagger 24 F, D, W, M 750/562
Iron Spear 28 H, S, C, M 880/660
Staff of Thunder 29 W, D -/15000
Morning Star 33 F, C, S 1250/937
Staff of Jubilation 33 F, D, W, C 1000 Coins/67
Abacus of Virtue 35 M 1600/1200
Staff of Punishment 35 F, C 1 Medal/3225
Iron Claw 38 P 1500/1125
Broad Sword 40 H, S 2000/1500
Sword of Malice 45 H, S, M 3500/2625
Battle Axe 50 H, S 5500/4125
Staff of Antimagic 50 F, D, W, C -/3000
Staff of Force 55 F, D, W, C 2500/1875
Fire Claw 60 P -/7500
Sword of Lethargy 60 H, S 8000/6000
Magma Staff 63 F, D, W, C -/-
Demon Hammer 70 H, S -/450
Ice Blade 75 H, S -/600
Dragon Killer 90 H, S 15000/11250
Multi-Edge Sword 99 H, S -/2475
Sword of Miracles 100 H, S, C, M 6 Medals/7125
Sword of Decimation 120 S, M -/150
Metal Babble Sword 130 H, S, F, C, M -/-
Zenithian Sword 65 H -/-