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*Character Drawings by Dragon Quest character creator, Akira Toryama

Ragnar Ragnar is the star of Chapter 1, which chronicles his adventures as a soldier of the castle of Burland. His mission is to save the children of Izmit from evil creatures that have been abducting children. In Chapter 5, the hero runs into him at Keeleon castle, as he prepares an attack on Keeleon himself. He's a strong character, who can use all of the strongest weapons and armor in the game, with very high HP, Attack Power, and Defense Power. An invaluble member of your party.

Alena Alena is the star of Chapter 2, which chronicles her adventures as the Princess of Santeem castle. She disobeys her father's order to stay in the castle to go on an adventure to help many people on her route to become the champion of the Tournament at Endor. In Chapter 5, the hero meets her as she leaves the cave south of Soretta, in an attempt to help her fallen comrade, Cristo. She's very strong, though she can't use very many weapons or armors outside of her own chapter. She also gains HP fast, though not as fast as Ragnar.

Cristo Cristo is the Chancellor of Santeem Castle, from where Alena hails. He accompanies Alena in her travels during Chapter 2. He is sick in Mintos in Chapter 5 when the hero first meets him, but quickly recovers when the hero brings him a Padequia Root. He's a good healer, and can use decent weapons and armor, and gains HP more quickly than all of the other magicians. He also gets the most powerful healing magic in the game. You would think, then, that he would be a good member of your party near the end of the game, but, alas, he is not. He's a moron. And a special kind of moron, at that. He tends to use Beat, over and over against Necrosaro...

Brey Brey is Alena's Tutor, and a strong Wizard from Santeem Castle. He also accompanies Alena in Chapter 2. He joins the hero in Chapter 5 as soon as the hero reaches Mintos. He is the strongest Wizard in the game, and can use some of the most powerful attack magic available in your quest. Being a Wizard, his HP, Attack Power, and Defense Power are slow coming, but his powerful magic makes up for it. A strong magician to bring along, if you have the room for him.

Taloon Taloon is a humble merchant from Lakanaba, a city north of Endor. He's also the star of Chapter 3. His objective is to someday own his own shop. Along the way, he just happens to pick up about 100,000 GP. He meets up with the hero in Chapter 5 as the hero looks for a way to reach other shores, as Taloon has spent even more of his fortunes in making a new Ship. Taloon can use some powerful equipment, and has good HP, Attack, and Defense, though has no magic abilities. He has some other stunts in battle (calling for help, tripping the enemy, blinding the enemy, confusing the enemy, finding extra money and items, etc.) that make him very useful. He can also appraise items and equipment to determine it's worth and who can equip it.

Nara Nara is a Fortune Teller from Monbarbara, where her and her sister Nara partake on a journey of Revenge for her father's death. The chronicles of her and her sister's journeys comprise Chapter 4. She is also the first member of the party to meet the hero in Chapter 5 as he reaches Endor and gets his fortune read by the healing twin. Nara is equipped with powerful healing magic, though it never reaches the level that Cristo's magic achieves. She is more economic with her magic than Cristo is, making her useful to bring along in later travels, though her HP increases very slowly.

Mara Mara is Nara's twin sister, and a dancer in the town of Monbarbara. She accompanies her sister in their pursuit of revenge. She is waiting in the Casino in Endor when her sister brings the hero to meet her in Chapter 5. Nara gains powerful attack magic quickly, though her magic isn't as strong as Brey. However, unlike Brey, she gains HP rather quickly, and has a high defense power. She is best near the end of the game for her BeDragon spell, which allows her to turn into a large dragon, and breath flames on the enemy.

The Hero The Hero is the only character that you get to name, and also the only character that you get to manually control during Chapter 5. You start Chapter 5 as the hero, who is a mixed breed of Human and Zenithian. He/She is the only character who can equip the Zenithian Equipment, and the only character who can enter Zenithia. He/She aquires HP very quickly, though not as quickly as Ragnar. He/She also learns the best spells in the game, and is the only character that you can decide the sex of. (both images of heroes are seen on the right)

Non-Playable Characters

Healie Healie is a healer who longs to become human, and joins Ragnar on his quest in Chapter 1. Healie will attack a little, but will mostly use the Heal spell to aid Ragnar in his quest to save the children. You can find him in the hidden cave southeast of Izmit.

Strom Strom is a soldier who is willing to help Taloon in his quest for riches, for the right price. You can purchase him for 5 days at the price of 400 GP in front of the House of Healing in Endor. He can only attack, but has a good attack power, being a Soldier.

Laurent Laurent also helps Taloon in Endor, and also for a price. Laurent can be found in the upstairs quarters of the Inn in Endor. He will join Taloon for 5 days at the price of 600 GP. He will occasionally attack, but he usually uses his spells, like Heal and Firebal.

Orin Orin joins Mara and Nara on their quest for revenge. Orin was the final student of Mara and Nara's father, Edgar. He's much stronger than Mara and Nara, and is a good helper to the two magicians. He's found at the bottom of the cave near Kievs. He's also useful for breaking the locks on Keeleon Castle.

Hector Hector is the owner of the Wagon and is willing to join the party after you obtain the Symbol of Faith. He is rather powerful, and can charge up his attack to make it stronger. You find him at the inn entering the desert east of Branca.

Panon Panon is a new jester in Monbarbara who has filled Mara's place as the star performer. He is the only person capable of fulfilling the request of the King of Stancia. However, I've never kept him in my party long enough to learn his battle worth. (if someone could tell me what he does in battle, or send me a picture of him, I'd appreciate it)

Celia Celia is a fallen Zenithian who has lost her wings. She only has three spells (Healall, Increase, Defense), and uses them adequately, and also attacks when needed. She is found at the top of the World Tree, and guides you to Zenithia.

Doran When you bring Celia back to Zenithia, she thanks you by giving you Doran, a Baby Dragon that's one of her students. Doran uses power breath spells, much like Mara does during her BeDragon state. He's a great back up character, with high HP and attack, though he can't heal himself.