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Cheats and Hints

There are no real ways to cheat in Dragon Warrior IV, but there are a few hints I can give you.

Extra Money

At the end of chapter 3 you're making a ton of money, so before you finish that chapter you should sell all of Talon's stuff and buy all the most expensive things you can get (Swords of Malice if you can buy them in Talon's home town (you can only buy them if someone sold them to you while you worked there), Bronze Swords if you can't), then you can sell all that in chapter 5 when you get him.

Cave of Branca (Taloon's Cave)

During Chapter 5, go back and forth throughout the cave that Taloon built that connect Endor and Branca. After a few tries, you'll get a message saying that you're the 5000 person to go through the tunnel, and you'll get some free coins for the casino.

Save States

If you're playing the game on an emulator, you actually have it much easier than those playing on a console. Of course, you can save anywhere for convenience, that's one thing, but you can also cheat with save states. The first cheat is discovering how to always kill Metal Slimes (and Metal Babbles, and King Metals, etc.). As soon as you get into a battle with one (or more), save the state. If it runs off, load the state back up, and try again. If it doesn't run off, save the state again at the end of the round. Continue this until they are dead. Another cheat is how to get a lot of coins at the casino. Go to the poker table and save the state. Bet 1 coin, and look at your cards. Save the state again. Don't keep any cards, and see which five cards you'll get. Save the state again. Pick the cards that will give you a winning hand with the cards that are coming. When you win the hand, save the state again. Play double or nothing, and win. If you don't win, load the state, and try again. Save after every double or nothing. By the end, you'll have won 100,000+ coins. This also works for the fighting arena. Of course, there's also hacking save states, and I'll try to include a document about that as soon as possible.