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Medical Herb 8/6 Restores ~30 HP
Antidote Herb 10/7 Cures Poison
Wing of Wyvern 25/18 Warps to any visited town
Fairy Water 20/15 Repels weak enemies for a short time
Full-Moon Herb 30/22 Cures numbness
Meteorite Armband 4000 Coins/- Doubles agility when equipped
Baron's Horn -/- Summons wagon
Wizard's Ring 500 Coins/- Recovers some MP multiple times, then breaks
Magic Potion 30 Coins/22 Recovers less MP than Wizards Ring, used once
Dew of World Tree -/- Restores all HP of all party members
Leaf of World Tree -/- Revives one party member
Flute of Uncovering -/- Uncovers Saro's staircase in Rosaville
Sphere of Silence -/- Blocks certain monster's spells
Scent Pouch 150/112 Attracts enemies
Sandglass of Regression -/- Resets battle (all monsters revived, all heroes revived)
Sage's Stone -/- Restores ~80 HP to all members
Strength Seed -/90 Raises Strength permanently by a few points
Agility Seed -/67 Raises Agility permanently by a few points
Luck Seed -/52 Raises Luck permanently by a few points
Lifeforce Nuts -/187 Raises Max HP permanently by a few points
Mystic Acorns -/412 Raises Max MP permanently by a few points
Mirror of Ra 2500 Coins/- Reverts 'Imposter' back to normal
Lamp of Darkness -/- Changes day into night
Staff of Transform -/- Changes appearance
Small Medal -/- Exchange to Medal Man for items (see section: Small Medals)
Stone of Drought -/- Dries cascading waterfall
Iron Safe -/- Supposedly prevents money loss at death
Flying Shoes -/- Warps to Tower in Chapter 1
Silver Statuette -/35000 Trade to man in Endor
Treasure Map -/- Shows World Map; points to World Tree
Symbol of Faith -/- Wins Hector's trust
Gunpowder Jar -/- Scare Minister of Keeleon in Chapter 4
Thief's Key -/- Unlocks Thief's Key doors
Magic Key -/- Unlocks Magic Key and Thief's Key doors
Final Key -/- Unlocks all doors
Lunch -/7 Restores ~30 HP
Birdsong Nectar -/- Cures King of Santeem's throat problem
Golden Bracelet -/- Treasure of Tempe
Prince's Letter -/- Read to Princess of Endor
Royal Scroll -/- Read to King of Bonmalmo
Gum Pod -/- Unknown use
Boarding Pass -/- Use to board boat in Chapter 4
Padequia Seed -/- Give to King of Soretta for Padequia Root
Padequia Root -/- Cures Cristo in Mintos
Fire of Serenity -/- Cleanses evil fire in Lighthouse
Gas Canister -/- Used in Hot Air Baloon making