Tips and Tricks

Card Selection

This might not be too useful for you, but you will get to do it every once in a while. While you are training in the Gravity machine as Goku, use all of the cards that suck to get around. Then, when you have all of the good cards that you might need to train in the Gravity machine, or the ones that you want the Z-Fighters to have when they are back on Namek, then go and train.

Demi-God Fighters

An emulator with the Save State and Load State feature is required for this trick.

While you are moving about on your journey to Namek as the Z-Fighters, try and get a Kame card (usually locaeted in the top-right corner of the cards that you choose after moving a certain number of spaces). Then, right before you pick the card, save your state. If you can't match the card that pops up, load the state, and continue the game until you have the desired amount of BP. This is a good trick, but to make your fighters gods you would have to do this until you had 255 wins. Then, you would have to repeat the game as many times as possible. Everyone has a maximum BP, and it cannot be exceeded by this game or battles, but once you are there, you are almost indestructible.

Event Selection

An emulator with the Save State and Load State feature is required for this trick. When you move a certain number of spaces, King Kai forces you to pick a card. Well, before you choose your card, save your state, and if you get something that you don't want, load the state. For information on what each card does, see the Event Cards section of this shrine.

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