Item Cards

Item Cards differ from Event Cards in that they can be used in and out of battle at the player's whim.
Bulma Heals some HP + BE (usable once each turn in battle)
Chichi Turns one card into a Technique card
Radar Tracks the Dragonballs
Enma Turns the attack and defense symbols into Z's
Kaio Temporarily raises one person's BPs
Baba Turns the defense symbol into Z
Porunga Grants three wishes (Does the effect of three cards)
Mr. Popo ?
Oolong Changes all of the cards
Soldier A Namek fighter joins the battle
Scouter Scans cards or the BP level of Enemies
Puar Exchange your card with enemy's card.
Senzu Completely restores one fighter.
1 Star The Dragonball with 1 star
2 Star The Dragonball with 2 stars
3 Star The Dragonball with 3 stars
4 Star The Dragonball with 4 stars
5 Star The Dragonball with 5 stars
6 Star The Dragonball with 6 stars
7 Star The Dragonball with 7 stars

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