How to Play


The way this game is played is extremely simple. A is confirm, B is cancel, start brings up a menu, and select does nothing.


When you enter a battle, you are prompted for whether or not you want to do an Auto-Battle or a Manual Battle. If you choose Manual, you will either be able to Fight, use an Item, or Run. Picking Run allows you to flee from battle, picking Item allows you to use an item, and picking Fight allows you to choose cards for your fighters.

When you fight, choose cards that match the symbols of your fighters so that they can either shoot a beam of energy or attack everyone. At a high enough power level, your fighters can wipe out an entire enemy group with one person just attacking everyone, so you can see the usefulness of this tactic. When you win, you gain BP, which determines your power and whether or not you gain levels.

Travelling and Event Cards

To move, select the move option, choose a card, and then go that many spaces. Simple enough? When you have the option to fly, you will be able to move many spaces more than normal from choosing Move. On Namek, it is wise to choose Fly to fly over oceans and stuff.

When you land somewhere, you will be able to choose an event card from King Kai. Normally, half of them are good cards and half of them are Frieza cards. If you are weak, try to get the good cards, but if not, and you are weak in BP, try and get the Frieza cards to become stronger. Sometimes you can also get a blank card which does basically nothing. For more information about what card does what, see the Event Cards section.


This is what a card looks like

A: This is the Dragonball that determines how many spaces you move and also your attack power.
B: This is the symbol of the card. If the symbol matches the symbol of your character, than your character will get a temporary boost in power when he attacks. If it is a symbol that looks like a big X, then you can use a technique.
C: This is the symbol that determines the power of your defense in battle. Otherwise, it has no other need.

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