Roshi/Kame Training

Once in a while, you will pick an event card with Kame (Master Roshi) on the card. If you do, you get an opportunity to train and get some needed BP. Here's how it works: You have to match either the Dragonballs in the top-left, the symbol in the middle, or the  Dragonballs in the bottom-right. After your first win, you can press A to try again, or B to exit. If you fail when you try again, you lose the game and 10 BE also. See the Tips and Tricks section for information about how to cheat in this game.

Goku's Gravity Machine

In this game, you have to get a certain number (I don't remember what the number is, but you'll know if you go over) with the Attack numbers on your cards. To do so, you are given one card and the opportunity to choose another card. Try to choose the opposite of the card that you have at first. For example, if you get a Z card, try to find the closest number to a 1 card that you have. You are likely to win that way. When you do, the HP of the Gravity machine is lowered, and when it reaches 0, Goku finished his training. After each round, however, Goku is given some BP.

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