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Each sword has its strenghts. Some swords are better or completely useless against certain monster than others. The element itself is as important as its attack.
Picture Name Attack Location Special Effect
Sword of Wind +1 Given by th mayor of Leaf Level 1 attacks throws a wind ball at the enemy
Sword of Fire +2 Given by the mayor of Oak after rescuing lost child Level 1 attack throws a fireball at the enemy
Sword of Water +4 Inside the Waterfall Cave Level 1 throws a ball of water at the enemy
Sword of Thunder +8 Cave of Styx Level 1 attack throws 3 small lightning bolts at the enemy
Crystalis +16 4 swords merged. Find Mesia in the Sky Tower. Destroys DYNA
Each ball has enables the level 2 attack .
Picture Name Location Special Effect
Ball of Wind Inside the Sealed Cave Level 2 attack destroys rock blockades (it is a large wind ball)
Ball of Fire Defeat the Giant Insect Level 2 attack destroys ice blockades (column of fire, hits multiple times)
Ball of Ice Once you have the wind sword go in to the south west exit of the main Portoa region. there , go to the only other path (to the north). You will peak to a weird character and he will give you the ball. Level 2 attack creates an ice bridge on water (certain spots)(its attack is a water arc)
Ball of Thunder Defeat Mado in Shyron Level 2 attack destroys metal blockades (5 large lightning rings)
Each bracelet enable a level 3 attack. Each level 3 attack costs MP.
Picture Name Location Special Effect MP cost
Tornado Bracelet In Mt Sabre Level 3 attack . Throws a wall of tornadoes that move across the screen in the direction the hero hit. 8
Flame Bracelet Defeat General Kelbesque Level 3 attack . Creates an explosive ring in front of the hero. 16
Blizzard Bracelet Go down the stairs behind the Amazon queen. To do so , you must either turn into a woman (use Change) or cast Stun on the guards so they don't throw you out. Stun is learned far before Change , so take advantage of it. Level 3 attack. Creates ice bridges if it touchs the spots and damages enemies throughout the screen 16
Storm Bracelet After defeating Karmine , walk up to the next room Level 3 attack. Damages every enemy in the screen 40

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