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Battle Strategies

This is a list of strategies that should help you out throughout the game, so pay attention.

- When I say that you have to be at a certain level to defeat a certain boss ,i f you are not at that or at a higher level, you will not damage your enemy, you will hear a tink .

- When fighting most bosses, try to get near enough to hit them with you sword , not a charged attack. You can inflict more damage faster this way if you just press your attack button really quickly. Also, make sure you use refresh when doing this (watch your MP) so you don't die because you were in contact with the boss too long.

- When fighting enemies that have a ranged attack, send level 1 charges at them.   It usually stops them right before they throw something at you and it keeps you at a safe distance.

- In all nearly all dungeons, there is a monster that gives a little more gold (like monster chests) or a little more experience.  Find an easy way to kill those enemies and kill lots of them so you can buy your equipment and gain levels more quickly. Check out the monster list to see which

- Once you have teleport, don't buy any more Warp Boots.

- Keep your MP from level 3 attacks unless it would be more useful and cheaper than using refresh and recover.

- Make sure you use level 2 fire attacks against monsters on whom it works. It creates a column of fire that does multiple hits on what it touches (most of the time).

- If you are at the right levels for a boss and you don't inflict any damage (same goes for monsters), change swords.  It simply means that the boss or monster is immune to that sword element you are using.

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