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This is a list of the treasures that I found. You may find a tresure of 2 that I didn't find though. If you do , I doubt it will be something other than a common item.
Location Treasure
Wind Cave
Wind Cave 2 Medical Herbs
Wind Cave 1 Antidote
Wind Cave 1 Warp Boots
Wind Cave Rabbit Boots
Wind Cave Ball of Wind
Mt Saber (south)
Mt Saber (south) Wind Bracelet
Mt Saber (south) 1 Magic Ring
Mt Saber (south) Teleport
Mt Saber (south) 1 Warp Boots
Mt Saber (south) 1 Medical Herb
Mt Saber (north)
Mt Saber (north) Fire Bracelet
Mt Saber (north) Prison Key
Mt Saber (north) 1 Antidote
Mt Saber (north) 1 Medical Herb
Mt Saber (north) Paralysis
Waterfall Cave
Waterfall Cave Sword of Water
Waterfall Cave Flute of Lime
Waterfall Cave Shield Ring
Cave East of Portoa
Cave East of Portoa 1 Lysis Plant
Cave East of Portoa Fog Lamp
Cave East of where you get the Ball of Ice
Cave East of where you get the Ball of Ice Kirisa Plant
Cave East of where you get the Ball of Ice 1 Antidote
Evil Spirit Island
Evil Spirit Island 1 Lysis Plant
Evil Spirit Island 1 Medical Herb
Evil Spirit Island Eye Glasses
Evil Spirit Island 1 Magic Ring
Evil Spirit Island Iron Necklace
Evil Spirit Island Broken Statue
Evil Spirit Island 1 Fruit of Power
Mt Hydra
Mt Hydra Key to Styx
Mt Hydra 1 Medical Herb
Mt Hydra Bow of Sun
Mt Hydra 1 Magic Ring
Mt Hydra Sword of Thunder
Mt Hydra Psycho Shield
Oasis Cave
Oasis Cave 1 Fruit of Power
Oasis Cave Battle Armor
Oasis Cave Power Ring
Oasis Cave Leather Boots
Goa Fortress
Goa Fortress 2 Opel Statues
Goa Fortress 2 Fruits of Power
Goa Fortress 2 Fruits of Repun
Goa Fortress Storm Bracelet
Goa Fortress 1 Sacred Shield
Goa Fortress Ivory Statue
Goa Fortress Flight
Goa Fortress 1 Lysis Plant
Goa Fortress 1 Warp Boots
Goa Fortress 4 Magic Rings
Goa Fortress 1 Antidote
Pyramid Psycho Armor
Pyramid 1 Opel Statue
Pyramid Bow of Truth

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