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Unique Items

Picture Name Effect Location
Windmill Key Start the windmill (to open the cave)and gain refresh from Zebu Wake up the sleeping guy with an alarm flute
Rabbit Boots You can jump (and by jumping , you reduce damage by hurtful ground since you minimize contact) Defeat the Vampire in the Wind Cave
Onyx statue Bring it to Akahana in Brynmaer to receive the gas mask In a patch of grass under the wooden bridge east of Brynmaer
Gas Mask Protect from the poisonous air of the swamp Given by Akahana in exchange for the Ony Statue
Insect Flute Summon the Giant Insect (boss) Bring the lost boy (in the swamp) back to his mother in Oak
Prison Key Open the locked door that's in the back in the fight against Gen. Kelbesque Talk to the imprisoned mayor of Leaf
Flute of Lime Cure petrification on other people than the hero 1 given by the queen of Porota , 1 found in the waterfall cave
Shield Ring +*number of levels you have* Shield defense Restore Akahana to normal with the flute of lime found in the waterfall CAve (he's in the Waterfall cave)
Shell Flute Summon the dolphin so he can carry you around in water Give the wounded dolphin behind the (Portoa)queen's room with a medical herb
Fog Lamp Give it to the owner of the boat in Porota so you can use the boat In a cave east of Portoa
Iron Necklass +*number of levels you have* armor defense Found in the Evil Spirit Island
Broken Statue Transforms into Gold Statue (use Glowing Lamp) Defeat Sabera for the first time
Glasses Reveal the hidden path in the shed next to the mayor's house in Joel Talk to Clark in the basement of a house in the Zombie Town after having defeated Sabera
Glowing Lamp Transforms the Broken Statue into the Gold Statue Awaken Kensu in the Joel windmill with an alarm flute
Gold Statue Open the path to Swan by removing the whirlpool blocking the way (use it in the temple thing on an island in the sea) Use the Glowing Lamp
Kirisa Plant Get the Bow of Moon from Arillys the amazon queen In a cave east where you get the Ball of Ice
Love Pendant Give it to Kensu (in Swan) for the Change spell Inside a cave in the Angry sea. Its the cave that's behind the Portoa Queen's room. That cave can be accessed by an entrance in a mountain in the sea
Key of Styx Open the locked door on top of Mt. Hydra Talk to Zebu in Shyron
Power Ring +*number of levels you have* to attack In the Oasis Cave
Leather Boots Walk on damaging ground unscathed Oasis Cave
Warrior Ring You make a level 1 attack with each hit (below level 2 of course) Use Change to turn into Akahana and talk to a man in a house in Goa
Bow of Moon Destroy the stone lion with a moon over his head in the back entrance of the pyramid Use Change to turn into a woman in Amazones and give Aryllis , the amazon queen , the kirisa plant
Bow of Sun Destroy the stone lion with a sun over his head in the back entrance of the pyramid Use Fly to float above the ravine separating you and an islset on top of Mt. Hydra
Bow of Truth Reveal Emperor Draygon's true form Azteca gives it to you after you've beaten Draygon for the first time in the Pyramid
Deo's Pendant Restores MP Transform into Stom and talk to the rabbits in the desert . One of them is Deo and he'll give it to you

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