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What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No mo'. Err, yeah. Sorry about that. *cough* Well, I bet you're wondering what a heart piece is, don't you? Well, as everyone should know, the heart pieces in this game were all taken from the dead bodies of small mammals, and processed with freaky voodoo magic so that they bestow longer life upon the owner. After that ancient process was completed, tiny little robot pirates stole the heart pieces, and scattered them over the land of Hyrule. Why? Because that's what tiny little robot pirates do, that's what! Anyway, you have to collect 4 pieces of a heart to increase your max HP by 1 heart. God knows how that works, but I don't question people who are proficient in various forms of armed combat. Anyway, here's the tresure map of one of those tiny little robot pirates. I stole it.

Location Picture Specifics on Heart Piece Prerequisites for Young Link Prerequisites for Adult Link
Death Mountain Crater
In a niche on the wall. The ability to run to the Heart VERY fast, before you burn up. The same as Young Link, or the Goron's Tunic.
Death Mountain Crater
On top of the left ash stack. Impossible A Bean Plant
Death Mountain Trail
On the top of the ledge above Dodongo's Cavern. Jump down from the Bomb Flower's area. It hurts. A Bean Plant or the same jumping skills you once had in days long past...
Desert Colossus
On top of the Stone Archway before the Spirit Temple It is not possible! Silly human! A Bean Plant
Gerudo Valley
On the North side of the river, there is a waterfall. In the waterfall, there is a hidden niche. In the hidden niche, there is certain DOOM. And a heart piece. Abusing a chicken to act as a floating device. A Bean Plant
Gerudo Valley
In a crate on the other side of the river. More chicken abusing! The Longshot
Gerudo's Fortress
In a chest on top of the forst. Stop trying, it is not meant to be. The Hookshot
Gerudo's Fortress
Make like Legolas, and score a 1000 on the horseback archery minigame. That means you should not shoot Epona, like I always do. There is no horsey for you to ride! Ahahahahahahahaha! Being able to ride Epona. And, of course, the bow.
Goron City
After visiting Darunia, set all of the torches on the bottom on fire. Then, somehow, the big pot starts spinning around. Weird. So then you get to toss a bomb in it, like a good little vandal. Voila. One heart piece. Goron's Bracelet or the Bombs. Fool! The pot is gone! It cannot be done!
Find the unmarked grave. Enter the hole. Kill all ReDead. Play the Sun's Song. Then afterwards, take a shower. that place is disgusting. The Ocarina, and the Sun's Song. The Ocarina of time!!!!!!!!1111````` as well as the Sun's Song.
It's a prize in the Grave Digging tour. You dig? *shot* Luck. C'est le impossible! Fear my crappy French!
In the Graveyard... there's a ledge. On top of the ledge... there's a chest. Inside the chest... is a certain vital organ. Can't get this. *doo doo de doo* A Magical Beanplant.
Graveyard (Man, loads of hearts in here. Yay for fresh corpses.)
It's a race! A race! With Dampe! Make like Sonic and finish the race in under 1 minute. And the object of your desires will be yours... no, I'm not talking about Zelda. Silly Link. Racing is for big kids! The Longshot
Hyrule Castle Town
It's a prize in the Bombchu Bowling minigame. The Bomb Bag. Good eyes. Old man Link needs his youth back again.

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