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Link can get his grubby little hands on tons of things during his adventures, which he uses expertly mere seconds after finding them. None of that fancy schmancy ancient sword techniques past down by his ancestors only mastered by training his whole life. No way man. He just finds the stuff in a box. This is the kind of kid who learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. So yeah, here's the stuff. Again, no locations yet, those will come later.

Name Picture Which link? Purpose
Kokiri Sword Young Link The ancient treasure of the Kokiri turns out to be the single weakest sword in the whole game. Woo, yay, awesome. Has an attackpower of 1.
Master Sword Adult Link The legendary sword present in every Zelda game, also the last key to the Triforce. It's a pretty decent weapon, and you'll probably keep using it for the whole game, since the Biggoron's Sword and Giant Knife don't allow you to use a shield while wielding them. The attackpower of this baby is 2.
Giant's Knife Adult Link Medigoron is jealous of his brother Biggoron, so he pretends that he's as good a blacksmith as he is, and sells you these crappy weapons for 500 rupee a piece. Do NOT buy them. They're hella strong, but they require two hands, so no shield, AND they break after 8 hits or so. Yeah, awesome sword there. Woo. The attackpower of this waste of perfectly good rupees is 4.
Biggoron's Sword Adult Link The strongest sword of the game is made by the biggest Goron of all of them, Biggoron. Original name, there. After a long sidequest he'll finally start making it. This sword is so ungodly powerful that it takes 3 days until it's done. Which is stupid, since everything else seems to be stuck in some weird Groundhog Day scenario, constantly doing the smae thing over and over. Weird. Anyway, this thing is like the Giant's Knife, in that it requires 2 hands and has an attackpower of 4, but this one DOESN'T break. HA. Take that, you inferior blacksmith you.
Deku Shield Young Link You can buy this thing in the Kokiri Shop for 40 rupees. Since it's made out of wood it's light, easy to use, looks nice, and also has a habit of catching on fire. So err, when fighting fire enemies, don't use this thing.
Hylian Shield Both A pretty neat shield, this. It can be bought for 80 rupees in Hyrule Castle Town. If you talk to the guard in Kokiri's Village before buying it, you'll even get a 20 rupee discount. Woo. This baby is made out of metal, and is therefore a bit heavy, but fireproof. Adult Link has the manly muscles to use this thing properly, but Young Link is weak and sad and cries a lot, and isn't strong enough to carry it properly, so he just straps it on his back and crawls underneath it like a turtle.
Mirror Shield Adult Link You'll find this shield in the Spirit Temple. It works like the Master Shield, only it looks cooler, and can reflect light and the rays of the sun and probably be used to brush your teeth in. For some reason, Young Link can't equip this, even though it seems to be lighter than the Hylian Shield. Weird.
Kokiri Tunic Both Ah, the Kokiri Tunic. The clothes you grew up in. They've been with you since you were a mere lad. Nice, smooth leather... with crap stains in them, probably. Doesn't Link change his clothes at least once a week? Nope. Filthy boy. Nothing special here. I just wonder how he still fits in them when he becomes an adult...
Goron Tunic Adult link The Goron tunic. I think the Gorons are stalking Link. For some reason, they knew exactly what kind of clothes he wears, and what size they are, and all that. Creepy. The material is also highly endurable, since this makes you not burn up to cinders when walking around in extremely hot temperatures. I wonder how his face and other exposed parts survive, though.
Zora Tunic Adult Link Now the Zoras are stalking Link too! I guess that's the fate of ded secksay elf lads. Somehow, this tunic prevents you from drowning. Yay scubagear. I really wonder exactly how this works though. I mean, it doesn't look like there's an Oxygen tank on this...
Kokiri Boots Both Your standard issue footwear. Really doesn't do a thing besides protecting your feet from blisters.
Iron Boots Adult Link What kind of genius puts IRON on their BOOTS? That's just horribly stupid. It helps you sink faster and move slower. Smart, that.
Hover Boots Adult Link Link had better hope that Hermes' lawyers don't get wind of this. The Hover Boots allow you to walk over pits and everything for a short amount of time, after which you plummet to your death. Whee. Also, when normally walking it seems like you're walking on ice. Awesome traction.
Small Seed Bag Young Link Heheh, seed. *cough* Yeah. This is where you keep the ammo for your Slingshot. This small bag comes free with a Fairy Slingshot, but it only holds 30 seeds. So you'll either have to carry extra seed yourself, or find a bigger bag.
Medium Seed Bag Young Link This is the second bag o' seed you'll get. It can hold up to 40 seeds, so now you can put some of that extra seed of yours into this bag.
Big Seed Bag Young Link The biggest seed bag in the whole game. It can hold up to a whoppin' 50 seeds, so you won't have to fear running out of seed when you need it the most when you get this baby.
Small Bomb Bag Both You inconspiculously hide your bombs in here. I wonder how 20 bigass bombs fit into this small bag.
Medium Bomb Bag Both Now this is what we're talking about. This sack can hold up to 30 bombs, and noone will suspect that you are carrying explosives in it. I mean, it's a leather bag. Who would put explosives in that?
Big Bomb Bag Both The mother of all Bomb Bags. This thing can store up to 40 bombs. No self-respecting terrorist would leave home without it.
Small Quiver Adult Link This quiver comes standard with the Bow, and can hold up to 30 arrows. It's nice, but after a while you really want something better...
Medium Quiver Adult Link this! This quiver can hold up to 40 arrows, which is pretty nice, but still not exactly what we want...
Big Quiver Adult Link Now THIS is just beautiful. This baby can hold up to a grand total of 50 arrows, which is every little Legolas wannabe's dream. A pity you can't stab people with your arrows.
Goron's Bracelet Young Link A gift from the Gorons, this thing makes Link's frail little arms just a little bit stronger, so he can pick Bomb Flowers. Every girl has got to love Bomb Flowers. They're so nice and lethal and stuff.
Silver Gauntlets Adult Link When wearing this, Link gets super-duper strong, and is now able to lift boulders and push on large blocks to try and impress the opposite sex.
Gold Gauntlets Adult Link When Link dons this, he transforms into Strongy McStrong, who has even more power in his arms than Noah, and he becomes able to lift really heavy blocks and huge pillars. Rar.
Silver Scale Both This thing allows Link to dive a bit deeper than he could before. Why, I don't know. I'm just writing down what the man with the gun against my head is saying.
Gold Scale Both With this, link can dive EVEN deeper. Like, he's Scuba duba man or something. Pretty handy.

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