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Ah, Fairy Fountains... what would a Zelda game be without them? Well, probably just like any other Zelda game since Fairy Fountains aren't horribly important, but meh. Fairy Fountains are just places where random Fairies fly around. You can catch them and put them in a bottle, or you can walk through them. Either way, they fully restore your health and MP. Which is pretty nice. If you catch them in a bottle, you can use them whenever you want. Just make some airholes, or they'll die. Poor Fairies.

Location Picture
In a gap behind some crates in Gerudo's Fortress. Play the Song of Storms to reveal the hole.
Play the Song of Storms near the dried up oasis in Desert Colossus
In a small square in the Sacred Forest Meadow
There's a wall you can blow up in the Graveyard underneath a marked grave. Guess where it is?
On top of a ledge in Zora's River. The hole is marked by rocks.
On the west side of Hyrule castle there's a boulder just past the stream. Move it, enter fountain.

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